Boss Blitz 2023

Oct 2, 2023 - Nov 1, 2023
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Test your mettle and improve your skills in our Boss Blitz! Based on the Boss Rush event we ran last July, this is an opportunity to pull together a team and work on your DPS, transitions and overall strategy for speedrunning.

Groups will have one hour to accrue as many points as possible by completing raid encounters. Each raid encounter has been assigned a point value, with bonus points awarded if you complete an entire wing.

This is targeted for newer and intermediate raiders, so we’ve adjusted some point values, rules and reduced the time limit to one hour.

Who can enter?

While this competition is aimed at newer and intermediate players, participation is open to all raid statics and teams organised uniquely for this event. Participants will be required to have formed a full team before registering.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions you can ask over on the Raid League Discord server.

Spirit Vale (7 Total)

Vale Guardian - 2
Spirit Woods - 1
Gorseval - 1
Sabetha - 2
Completed Wing - 1

Salvation Pass (8 Total)

Slothasor - 1
Bandit Trio - 2
Matthias - 2
Completed Wing - 3

Stronghold of the Faithful (8.5 Total)

Escort - 2
Keep Construct - 2
Twisted Castle - 0.5
Xera - 2
Completed Wing - 2

Bastion of the Penitent (6 Total)

Cairn - 0.5
Mursaat Overseer - 0.5
Samarog - 2
Deimos - 2
Completed Wing - 1

Hall of Chains (9 Total)

Soulless Horror - 1
River of Souls - 0.5
Statues of Grenth - 2.5
Voice in the Void - 3
Completed Wing - 2

Mythwright Gambit (9 Total)

Conjured Amalgamate - 1
Twin Largos - 3
Qadim - 3
Completed Wing - 2

The Key of Ahdashim (9 Total)

Gate - 1
Cardinal Adina - 2
Cardinal Sabir - 2
Qadim the Peerless - 2
Completed Wing - 2

Are there any tournament restrictions?
  • Class related bugs/exploits are not allowed.
  • Encounter bugs are not allowed.
  • Out of bounds/map breaking is not allowed.
  • Racial skills are not allowed.
  • Emboldened is not allowed.
  • Normal mode only.
  • If at any point you participate in an encounter (anything aside from purely opening an instance) you must submit a recording of the entire hour.
How do we earn points?

Points are earnt for each raid encounter you clear.

  • You can receive points for an encounter once only.
  • Clearing all encounters in an individual wing earns you one extra point.

An encounter is any event listed on the provided point sheet

How do we begin?

For those unfamiliar with Raid League offline events, we have a bot that automates most of the submission process. When you’re ready to do your submission, a couple of simple bot commands will allow you to submit a fail log (simply hit the boss a few times and /gg). You’ll have 1 hour from the end time of this fail log to accumulate as many points as possible. You may not restart this timer.

You aren't allowed to start on a boss such as VG or Largos before submitting the fail log since you must do the respective pre-events before a log will be generated

How long do we have to clear encounters?

You have exactly one (1) hour from the end time of your fail log. The time limit is a hard cutoff - anything past this won’t count.

Will instance openers be provided?

We won’t be providing instances. Each group is responsible for opening their own encounters.

Start with whatever encounter you want Open wings at whatever encounter you want You may not pre-clear pre-events (such as the transition to Sabetha or Twin Largos) on alts before starting the log bot. You may use alts to open Sabetha for example, but you cannot clear Sabetha pre-event and hold the instance before starting the bot.

Do we need to submit POV videos?

Yes. At least one POV needs to be provided per encounter (if a team decides to split five and five for Cairn and MO, both must have a POV).

First Place

800 Gems For Each Player
1x Community Hero Title Scroll
1x Community Chest

Second Place

400 Gems For Each Player

Third Place

400 Gems For Each Player

Presented by
Raid League
Partnered Raid Tournament Organization - open to both regions.
Prize Pool
0 gold
Prize Pool
16,000 gems
Raid PvE