Qadim Lamp Cleaning Competition

Nov 12, 2023 - Dec 10, 2023

Qadim likes to collect creatures, however he does not like cleaning up after them. Your task will be to decimate his collection and swoop right through his Lamp to get it nice and cleaned out.

You will gain Points for each Unique room you clear, however gain a penalty scaling with the amount of player that help with the room or use it.

However unlike the last time there will be an additional restriction explained in the rules.

Each room cleared for the first time provides 10 points, however every player that participated in clearing the room for the first time or used it for pathing deducts 1 Point (as at least one person has to kite Qadim rooms will always give at least 1 Point) as example: a single Person clearing the entire lamp on his own generates 126 points (140-14) and a group of 3 people clearing 13 rooms would generate something between 91 points (130-39) and 117 (130-13) points depending on how they chose to split up inside.

The score of each of the three lamps will be added up for the final score.

In a case of tie in points, the group that spent less time in all lamps combined pulls ahead.

  • Emboldened Mode has to be disabled.
  • No Racial skills.
  • No Beta Character.
  • Every Player that enters a Lamp also has to leave the same lamp successfully bringing back your Ally.
  • You need to complete at least 8 rooms each lamp to Qualify.
  • Any Bugs that would allow you to stay longer in the Lamp than intended are not allowed.
  • There needs to be either a PoV of enough people clearly showing who clears which rooms or simply a PoV of everyone who splits up (it needs to be understandable who tags which room.
  • You may Clear a room 2 rooms ahead on range without contributing to the room infront of you to avoid deduction from pathing.
  • You may teleport over a room to avoid point deduction for pathing (example: teleport over a corner in a new room, or have other Portals transport Squad member through the Lamp).
Additional Alteration This Time

Only one of each Core class can enter the lamp at the same time (example: only one Mesmer includes all the elite specializations).


Your submission must include the required PoVs explained in the rules as well as the corresponding log and can be done anytime before the deadline.

If you wish to contribute to the Prize pool please DM me to sort things out. (preferably Material prizes due to weekly gold limitations. Contributions wont increase the current Prize pool but will be used to lift pressure of myself, so i can offer the same / similar prize pool for future contests.)

Current Total Prize Pool

4000 gold worth of stuff in gold/Materials

Prize Pool Distribution

Prize pool will be distributed among the top 5.

  • First Place 40%
  • Second Place 25%
  • Third Place 17%
  • Fourth Place 11%
  • Fifth Place 7%

If less than 5 Teams are eligible for a share, the share of the vacant slots will be kept for future Purposes and not split up among the other rankings.

If far more than 5 Teams with a decent submission participate, the prizepool may be shared among more Teams, or additional minor rewards may be given out.

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Prize Pool
4,000 gold
Prize Pool
0 gems
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