The numbers below can be beaten if you get good RNG with your rotations; however, if you can reach these numbers, it means that you understand your class and the rotation that comes with it.

Some Benchmarks are done on huge hitbox to reduce RNG.

All benchmarks were done with stat infusions.

The compositions supplied in these sections are based on the current records and may require additional tweaking to suit your squad's own needs.

gorseval the multifarious

Group 1
Heal Tank

Group 2
Pwr Banner

Group 3


If you go against the stacking of Power Chronomancers, you will need to take two sources of Quickness. The easiest would be two Condition Quickness Firebrands. This will allow them to apply Aegis or Stability for each .

Power Holosmith, Power Dragonhunter, Power Soulbeast and Power Weaver also make suitable replacements as DPS classes. The same applies to Condition Renegade, Condition Weaver and Condition Firebrand.

If you are having problems with the Orbs that spawn during the later phases, you can swap out the for a .

Why This Setup?

Power Chronomancer can provide permanent Quickness through spreading out their use of . One Power Chronomancer can use it every ~10%.

You may need to delay the use of on some Power Chronomancers to ensure that you have permanently.

Alacrigade is taken here to provide Alacrity for the entire squad and for . If you find that you're struggling with Stability, you can drop for .

The Heal Druid will need to tank in this situation which might require you to take some Minstrel's pieces.

Numbers To Aim For