The numbers below can be beaten if you get good RNG with your rotations; however, if you can reach these numbers, it means that you understand your class and the rotation that comes with it.

Some Benchmarks are done on huge hitbox to reduce RNG.

All benchmarks were done with stat infusions.

The compositions supplied in these sections are based on the current records and may require additional tweaking to suit your squad's own needs.

soulless horror

Group 1
Cnd Boon

Group 2
Cnd Boon
Cnd Banner
Cnd Alacrity


If you struggle to survive, you can take a second Healing Druid. With a second Healing Druid, one can be responsible for pushing and the other for healing the group.

Power classes are generally very weak on this boss due to the high constant damage which will cause you to have low scholar uptime. Any condition classes work well here, specifically Condition Renegade.

You can drop the Condition Scourge for another Condition Mirage. This will force you to Push the Tormented Dead through the group to allow it to take damage, before finally Pushing it a second time away.

Why This Setup?

Your will need to take to provide Vulnerability as you have no other source.

We recommend Condition Mirage due to the insanely high boss DPS it provides.

Condition Boon Chronomancers gain more DPS due to the fast attack rate of Soulless Horror which is why they are brought over the traditional power Power Boon Chronomancers.

Condition Renegade is brought to allow the Condition Boon Chronomancers to drop Shield for higher personal DPS. This requires the Condition Renegade to use off Cooldown.

Numbers To Aim For