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<sc-armory armory-id="104"></sc-armory> is a very fast paced build that relies on spamming your <armory armory-id="30851" armory-type="skill"></armory>.

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You can choose between the <sc-armory armory-id="548"></sc-armory> and the <sc-armory armory-id="550"></sc-armory> granting either <armory armory-id="1482" armory-type="trait"></armory> to your subgroup or a major personal DPS boost.

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A rough rule to follow is that if you have three power DPS classes in your subgroup, you should run <sc-armory armory-id="547"></sc-armory>. On bursty bosses, this rule might not hold true as you lose a huge amount of personal burst.

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This build requires <armory armory-id="1016" armory-type="trait"></armory>, if your subgroup does not have access to <armory armory-id="1016" armory-type="trait"></armory> you will need:


<item><armory armory-id="48129" armory-type="item"></armory></item> <item>Full Berserker Armor, Trinkets and Weapons.</item> <item><armory armory-id="24618" armory-type="item"></armory></item>

</list> </p>
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