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Throughout your Salvation Pass adventures you might have noticed a shift in weather every now and then. This is caused by the final boss: Matthias Gabrel. Weather also defines the three phases within the fight. Each phase will influence the playing field around you with mechanics on top of mechanics and attacks throughout the entirety of the fight done by Matthias himself. Each phase lasts 20% of his health, and every 30 seconds in Abomination from starting at 40%.

Snowstorm Phase 100 - 80% Health

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Worth nothing that each of these phases will apply a condition every 10 seconds, it is advised to bring condition cleansing skills such as Healing Spring for this reason. During Snowstorm this condition will be Chill. Right away the most prominent mechanic in this phase are the Icy Patches scattered throughout the entire room. These cannot be damaged with physical damage and can only be cleared by applying a stack of Burning. Walking over these icy patches will cause you to get Slowed and will knock you down for a couple of seconds. Be advised the AoE indicator around these icy patches are often a bit smaller than the actual hitbox, so make plenty of room in between them and you. Matthias will also charge up an attack called Oppressive Gaze, he will fire a ball of energy at the end of this. This attack only occurs during Snowstorm when Matthias is above 40% health. You can spot him charging this up by him rapidly spinning around his staff. This attack hits for 50% of your maximum health but has the tendency to pass through you multiple times, resulting in an instant downstate if you get hit. This ability is often referred to as ‘Hadouken’. Dodging is the name of the game here. Additionally, Movement Speed is reduced. But this is rather insignificant.

Heat Wave Phase 80% - 60% Health

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During Heat Wave, the condition applied will be 3 stacks of Burning. This however is not applied every 10 seconds but is applied through the player standing still. So try to keep moving at all costs. Occasionally, a player will get Unstable Blood Magic. This attack is often called ‘Corruption’. Make sure you have your Special Action Key bound for this as you will have to drop it through this key. When you get this mechanic run away from the group as fast as possible and drop it off, usually done at the edge of the Arena at the wall. The reason you have to run away from the group is because when you drop Unstable Blood Magic it’ll leave behind a heavy hitting ticking AoE field. It’ll remain there for a while so avoid the field at all costs. Next to this active mechanic, the Arena will also start spawning Tornadoes. These tornadoes move freely around the arena. Stepping in these tornadoes will cause you to get sucked in and thrown around inside of it, taking damage in the meantime and getting knocked down once you get out of it. Again, avoid these at all costs.

Downpour Phase 60% - 40% Health

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During Downpour, the condition applied will be 5 stacks of Poison. Cleanse this as fast as possible as this significantly affects the Healing of the group. Contrary to Heat Wave, moving here will apply stacks of Downpour on yourself. At 10 stacks this will give you the Unbalanced debuff. When you move while you are Unbalanced you will get knocked down. Stacks of Downpour can not be cleansed, however standing still while Unbalanced will cause the debuff to go away after a while. Additionally, Stability works against this. So a Spirit of Nature or a Chaos Chrono is advised. This will allow you to move freely as you’ll have a high uptime of Stability. If you do not have this in your squad, avoid moving at all costs in this phase. Matthias will pick out 5 players at random for the Zealous Benediction attack. This will apply an expanding red AoE field on the player. When the AoE reaches the edge, it will explode for some damage. However, when players are on top of each other with their AoEs, it will down both of them. Find your own space in the arena and avoid touching teammates when targeted with this attack. AoE fields can overlap, players cannot. Much like the Tornadoes during Heat Wave, the Arena will have Storm Clouds. These however do not move freely, and will follow a circle pattern around the arena. Stepping in these will cause you to get zapped for a significant amount of damage. Avoid these at all costs. When in normal form Matthias will only spawn 1 Storm Cloud that will circle the inner edge of the arena.

Matthias Gabriel 100% - 60% Health

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Now that we’ve tackled the weather phases it’s time to focus more on Matthias’s attacks. Matthias has 4 significant mechanics/attacks that have to be dealt with throughout his normal phase. When Matthias starts raising his hand, he will spawn a bubble around him. This means he’ll get the Blood Shield buff and will start shooting projectiles at a targeted player. This player will remain targeted for the rest of the fight unless defeated. Matthias is invulnerable to physical damage and condition damage during Blood Shield, however Conditions can still be applied. You get rid of Blood Shield by reflecting Matthias’s projectiles back at him, often done by Feedback or Wall of Reflection. If you fail to reflect all of the projectiles the first time around, he will start walking around with the bubble for a bit and start the attack again after. Make sure to reflect the rest of the projectiles on that one as you do not want to lose significant amount of time on this attack. Another very important mechanic is the Sacrifice. Every 45 seconds a random player will be chosen by Matthias and will be sacrificed. This causes the player to get teleported to the middle of the arena, become hostile and gain a breakbar. This breakbar has a size of 2500. Break the sacrificed person as fast as possible, as you’ve only got 10 seconds to save him. If not broken by 10 seconds or if he’s killed by the party (often done by conditions as power doesn’t do much damage to the sacrificed person), he dies. Next to that there is the Poison to keep track of. Every 30 seconds a random player will get an AoE field around him with a green skull on his head. This is a Poison AoE field and will damage each friendly standing in it. Avoid hitting your squad with this AoE and go to one of the designated wells at the edge of the arena. After walking in the Well with your poison it will turn red instead of blue. This means another poison cannot be dropped in this well. So make sure you move to a well that is not corrupted. When you do not have the Forsaken Thicket Waters mastery you will be stunned when dropping the poison in the well and take heavy damage. Therefore it is recommended to get this mastery before starting the Matthias encounter. The final attack we have to deal with is called ‘Shards of Rage’, or the Jump. Matthias will launch himself in the air and upon landing on the ground shoot 15 blood shards out of his hitbox. When hit by these blood shards the player will take damage but also gain a buff called Blood Fueled. This will increase damage done by 10%. Luckily for us, this attack can be easily avoided by a Druid dropping Sublime Conversion under Matthias causing all the projectiles to be absorbed. Alternatively these shards can also be blocked. However, when reflected Matthias will be the one gaining the Blood Fueled buff. Do not reflect this attack back at Matthias under any circumstances as the damage will often be too much to deal with.

Matthias Gabriel 40% - 0% Health

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At 40% Matthias will enter his Abomination form. This will rapidly increase the pace of the fight and will cause his phases to not be percentage based anymore but rather time based. Matthias will switch the weather every 30 seconds. When reaching Abomination form, the Sacrifice mechanic will no longer have to be dealt with. The rest of the mechanics from his normal form persist however. Upon entering his Abomination form Matthias will become invulnerable for a short duration. Shortly after he will scream and fear each player, this attack however can be dodged. When in Abomination form Matthias empowers some of his attacks. An overview: - Zealous Benediction will now target all players alive and no longer limits itself to the Downpour phase. - More Tornadoes will be traversing the arena during the Heat Wave phase. - An extra Storm Cloud on the outer edge of the Arena will be present during the Downpour phase. - Oppressive Gaze will no longer limit itself to the Snowstorm phase, this attack is now indicated by Matthias pulling back his hands over his shoulder. Additionally, a new mechanic gets introduced. Spirits will be traversing the arena in a straight line from edge to edge. These spirits have an AoE around them, do not step in this AoE as it does a massive amount of damage and often one shots you. If you cannot see the spirits for some reason, try putting your Character Model Limit higher until you can.


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