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Beginner Condition Virtuoso

Published Nov 19, 2022 Updated Nov 19, 2022 End of Dragons

Condition Virtuoso offers a high amount of sustained damage after a relatively short ramp-up time. Most of its damage output comes from applying massive amounts of Bleeding by critically striking the enemy, which triggers the traits and .

Condition Virtuoso maintains 25 stacks of Vulnerability on the enemy and can inflict a good amount of CC. It also has great utility with or a selection of Mesmer utility skills.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Viper'sOff Hand

Secondary Weapon Set

Viper'sOff Hand

Other Items





Jade Bot Core

Step 1

This first step introduces the class mechanic: Blades. Whenever you have 5 blades stocked, you can use or .

These skills are among the strongest actions you can take. Applying Bleeding to an enemy (and thanks to your traits and nearly everything you do applies Bleeding) will refill your blades by the trait .

Since uses an ammo system, you can always give priority to and use your F1 only when it is convenient.

Step 2

The second step introduces the skill , your Dagger 2 skill. It applies 6 stacks of bleeding and immediately stocks an additional blade. Starting from here, the Blade generation of this build is essentially unlimited.

Now that you are pressing more buttons, you run the risk of interrupting more and more individual . To get the highest damage values, it's important to wait for a completed autoattack (flashing yellow cast bar) before pressing skills. Since this can become cumbersome to do consistently, it can help to directly queue skills into each other, for example going into by pressing F1 during the cast of - this eliminates the chance of interrupting an autohit in between.

As the first step has taught, uses an ammo system, so it can be easily delayed to set up this combo. In this step, the effect of such queuing is still small, but it becomes more and more important, once we start adding more skills.

Step 3

The third step introduces . This skill applies 12 stacks of Bleeding through the trait . When the phantasm dies it automatically turns into a blade, but also triggers , which launches another blade attack, triggering for a 13th stack of Bleeding. In total, a single cast of this skill will stock anything between 3 and 4 blades, on a very low cast time, making this one of the most efficient skills in the game.

Unfortunately, there are many raid bosses where some of the hits can be lost to additional enemies (e.g. at Xera), or simply invisible and invulnerable hitboxes (the center crystal at Matthias Gabrel, even when there is no sacrifice). There is no good solution for this. The phantasm spawns next to you, so by positioning yourself as close to the boss as possible, you can hope that the does hit the intended target more often than not. In any case, it is always going to be worth casting, it is just not as strong sometimes.

In this step we press off cooldown. However, for the final step this skill will drop in priority, allowing you to queue it together with and as outlined in the previous step.

Step 4

The fourth and final step adds . The way you should use it is to think of the skill to open and close a bracket. It is the first thing you press on the Sword weapon set, and it is the last thing you press there as well. Everything else must be used in between those two casts.

By using it perfectly, you will get two uses of and one use of within a loop that takes roughly 22 seconds to execute. Every second of delay in your Weapon Swap timings adds a second to that loop with no way of getting it back.

The rotation is started on the sword set with a . To keep the loop as short as possible, the Weapon Swap must be immediate. Next you use all the skills from the previous steps. Making use of queuing avoids cancelled autohits and thus reduces idle time. Since you are only getting in one per loop, you are free to delay it for that purpose. Once Weapon Swap is ready, swap back to Sword, and immediately follow up with a (opening the bracket). Once again use the skills from the previous steps. Close the bracket with another , followed by Weapon Swap.

We can organize this into the following outline of a loop:

  1. Weapon Swap
  2. ...
  3. ...
  4. Weapon Swap
  5. ...
  6. Repeat at point 1.

The way forward

This has taught you how to play the basic rotation loop of Condition Virtuoso. You can slightly increase your Actions per Minute by utilizing (Dagger 3) and (Elite Skill). These are just free damage.

What separates you from the full rotation is making use of the two reset buttons and . Be warned that using these in a bad way (e.g. using them when the skills you reset would be available anyway) might even result in a DPS loss since they have long cast times. Nevertheless, they are very potent tools, especially to improve the burst of the build and make it useful in fights with short phases. To find guidance on the optimal use of these, alongside with more information on the class, visit the Condition Virtuoso page.

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