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Beginner Condition Untamed

Published Oct 8, 2022 Updated Oct 12, 2022 End of Dragons

This is a breakdown of the Condition Untamed rotation. This guide stays entirely in human unleashed to help make the rotation easier.To keep your spirit alive, you will need a Guardian or Elementalist to sit afk pulsing heals.

In order to trigger the knock down with , you need to hit with all spores. To guarantee this, you will need to stand in the hitbox of smaller bosses.

This build is NOT playable on some bosses that are immune to disables, the only example in raids being Qadim if he has Stability. You cannot get activations from this.

Item Stat







Item Stat







Primary Weapon Set

Viper'sMain Hand

Viper'sOff Hand

Other Items




Step 1

Your starting combo is -

  1. -> ->

Due to , your will reset your cooldowns by 4 seconds, reseting your immediately. Be careful not to cast too close to yourself or else it will not Pull and trigger your cooldown reset. Don't cast unless it is immediately after .

Step 2

From now on you will require a healer to keep your alive. The best way is to have a Guardian or Elementalist afk pulsing heals. Cast your before you start. Now your combo has change slightly. Since has a slight delay before the Daze triggers, you want to use it before your .

This now makes your combo -

  1. -> -> -> .

Continue as step one and make sure to use the combo when is off cooldown.

Step 3

This is the last reset introduced into your kit and is the core base to your rotation and will split your rotation into 2 parts -

  1. -> -> -> -> Auto x3
  2. -> -> -> -> Auto x3

Like , has a small delay so you should cast it before . Make sure to stand in the hitbox to guarentee all spores hit or else you will not trigger the Knockdown.

Step 4

Now we introduce the next ability that does real damage - . This takes very high priority and can interrupt your so be very careful when casting it. You should try to use this before every to guarentee the double reset on it.

Your new rotation is as follows -

  1. -> -> -> -> -> Auto x2
  2. -> -> -> -> -> Auto x2

Step 5

Lastly we will be adding the instant cast skill of . This is an extremely high damage utility, and due to the large amount of resets you get, it is very very valuable. You can cast instantly whenever it is up however you can hold it a bit if you are at a tricky point in the rotation as messing that up is a bigger dps loss.

To improve further, you should visit the Condition Untamed page.


Flanking provides you with bonus crit and strike damage.

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