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Condition Barrier Specter

Published Sep 10, 2022 Updated Mar 14, 2023 February 2023 Balance

Condition Barrier Specter is a strong Condition Damage DPS class that focuses on Torment and Poison whilst also providing approximately 4–5K healing and Barrier every 10 seconds via —if you take any damage while in your healing is reduced!

The rotation is identical to the standard Viper Condition Damage build.

This build slots comfortably into groups of all skill levels as an off-healer alongside one traditional healer for the whole squad, or to make a subgroup with a primary healer nearly damage-proof through large amounts of Barrier.

This setup uses Ritualist and Carrion gear to increase player Vitality, which in turn increases your Shadow Force pool for approximately 80-100% more healing/Barrier. There are two gearsets presented below. For convenience, the first is identical to Condition Alacrity Spectre, with DPS benchmark of 35.3K. The second has similar healing output and a 36K benchmark, but is distinct from either the Alacrity or Condition Damage gearsets.

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