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Condition Boon Daredevil Gameplay Guide

Published Oct 25, 2022 Updated Feb 19, 2023
Authored by Iskarel

The Condition Boon Daredevil Gameplay Guide will aim to provide you with all the tips and tricks to maximise your gameplay with this build.

Encounter Overview

For typical groups, Condition Boon Daredevil can be used as a Quickness provider at the following encounters where Detonate Plasma is available:

  • Matthias
  • Mursaat Overseer
  • Broken King, Eater of Souls and both Eyes (with a different profession providing Quickness on Soulless Horror)
  • Cardinal Adina

You can't/shouldn't use Condition Boon Daredevil as a primary Quickness provider for:

  • McLeod the Silent
  • Keep Construct
  • Kenut
  • Qadim


You should always run both in the Trickery Trait Line and in the Deadly Arts Trait Line, even though they compete with valuable damage grandmaster traits.

Lower boon uptime on your subgroup is not worth the personal DPS increase these traits provide.

Casting Behavior

Clean, consistent usage of Detonate Plasma is more important than your personal DPS. The breakdown below exhaustively explains how this skill works and what pitfalls you should avoid.

is an instant-cast 1,200 Range Shadowstep. You can use it during the start of , or any time during other skills and even your Dodge.

DO NOT use ...

  • while casting Detonate Plasma! Wait for the Detonate Plasma icon to disappear first.
  • without the boss targeted
  • while the boss is Invulnerable
  • while Blinded

Doing any of the above will waste the Cooldown, resulting in no boons for your entire subgroup!

Detonate Plasma

  • You can't have more than 2 charges; use them all before using .
  • Has a short cast animation. If the cast is interrupted, you will waste a charge and not provide boons! (interrupting actions include: going into Down state, weapon swap, dodging, reviving an ally, using your Heal skill, getting Knocked down during Matthias Downpour, using or)
  • Has a very large 600 radius, so it should be easy to maintain boons on your subgroup. If someone has to leave the group for a mechanic at Matthias, wait for them to return.
  • There is a short delay between casting and receiving charges of Detonate Plasma. If you enter Down state during this time, will go on Cooldown without giving you any Detonate Plasma charges!
  • If you already have charges remaining when you Down, you won't lose them when revived.
  • If you die or /gg, you keep any remaining charges for the next attempt. Do not "pre-steal" from a boss and force a full squad /gg before a fight without your group's permission!

With these behaviors in mind, avoid delaying at all costs!

Salvation Pass


Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Resistance you provide helps mitigate the effects of Chill.

Be careful to not have your skills interrupted in the phase when Unbalanced reaches 10 stacks. The Stability from Detonate Plasma can be used to counteract this mechanic, but be extremely careful not to get Knocked down while casting the plasma itself!

Only use as a gap closer if you have zero charges of Detonate Plasma remaining.

Be careful to not get one-shot by mechanics like (projectiles launched all around Matthias), the running spirit, Zealous Benediction (timed AoE under players' feet), and the charged-up projectile (AKA "hadouken"). You have ample Evades so learn the animation tells.

If you notice yourself suffering from Chilled frequently, you may want to use as your Heal skill.

Blood Shield

You can when Blood Shield is active.

You can still apply conditions when Blood Shield is active but they will deal zero damage until the shield is removed; because the Condition Duration of your Venoms is only 6–8 seconds you should wait until Blood Shield is down. Also make sure you don’t waste your Venoms or when Matthias goes Invulunerable at 40%.

Breakbar Phase

Take for the sacrifice to help CC, as might be wasted on the boss. When targeting your ally, be careful not to reflexively if it comes off Cooldown. Re-target Matthias first!

Bastion of the Penitent

Mursaat Overseer

Skills Weaponset

General Daredevil Tips

The Resistance you provide helps mitigate the Slow from Jade Soldiers, but you shouldn't delay casting Detonate Plasma if it means losing uptime of your other boons.

Precast beneath Mursaat Overseer before the encounter starts.

Be careful when using while there are spikes up or unclaimed tiles, as you can land on them and kill yourself.

You can use the Jade Scouts to trigger more daggers from . Remember to Dodge from the outside of the hitbox towards the center of Mursaat Overseer.

Apart from that, just use it as rotation practice.

Hall of Chains

Statues of Grenth

None of these fights are a simple DPS race—if you burn any of the enemies too quickly, you can fail mechanics.

Don't stress about your personal DPS, and when appropriate feel free to withold Detonate Plasma from your allies so that they can't cause problems.

Broken King

  • Bring as a group heal.
  • Bring in case someone goes down.
  • Bring for emergency green coverage.

Eater of Souls

  • Bring and to quickly move between the Eater of Souls and the Twisted Spirit (spider).
  • Bring in case someone goes down in the Hungering Miasma (big AoE fields).


  • Bring your usual utilities. Be mindful not to outpace the DPS of the other side too much.

Remember to switch to another build to provide Quickness on Dhuum.

Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Adina

Skills Weaponset

If your squad has players with ample ranged DPS (e.g. Condition Specter,Virtuoso, Rifle Deadeye, or Rifle Mechanist), then try to avoid getting the pillar mechanic, as your ranged DPS is pitiful. Otherwise, go ahead and bait a pillar because your total DPS is less than any of the squad's DPS players anyway. The 5 players furthest from the group will be selected for this mechanic.

Position yourself so that 's trajectory is perpendicular to your tank. You do NOT want to move in front of Adina.

Be very careful not to or Dodge into platform holes, especially with the CM active.

Adina's special Radiant Blindness attack cannot be cleansed like normal Blind, is unaffected by Resistance, and it still prevents you from using to steal Detonate Plasma! After pillars are placed, this mechanic triggers 2 seconds after Adina gets Protection & Resolution, blinding any player still looking at Adina.

Split Phase

Precast beneath Adina at the end of the burn phase, or during the split phase. Don't be acrobatic when returning to group—walk on the platform whenever possible.

When Adina is about to phase at 75%/50%/25%, save at least one charge of Detonate Plasma for the split phase. With one charge remaining, use on a Hand to refill to two charges. If you have two charges of Detonate Plasma, use the first right before the hands are vulnerable, not during the run around Adina.

Your DPS on the Hands is terrible, don't bother trying to use or Dodge sideways (using these skills directly toward the Hands will dunk you into the sand!). Use your auto-attack and save your Initiative and Venoms for Adina herself. While running between hands, burn excess Initiative on to maintain stacks.

If your group is struggling to block the Knockback projectiles from the Hand of Eruption (which spawns in the Northeast and Southwest), you can swap to or .

If your group is seriously struggling, you can mitigate all Hands of Eruption yourself using only .

goes on cooldown immediately, not after you trigger ; this allows you to block both Hands of Eruption during the 2nd and 3rd split phases. Cast in the appropriate location during Adina's burn phase (a marker from the commander is helpful). During the split phase, activate to block the first Hand (e.g. at Southwest), then run ahead to in front of the 2nd Hand (Northeast), so that is ready to trigger by the time your group reaches that side of the platform. Be very careful not to get knocked off or fall off the platform when doing this!

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