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Introduction to Heal Alacrity Mechanist

Published Aug 19, 2022 Updated Nov 15, 2022
Authored by Snow Crows
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Mech and Mechanist

The mech is the Mechanist's companion / specialization mechanic and the source of a variety of skills, traits and other abilities. Some of which are passives, others have to be cast manually via Mech Commands by the Mechanist player. (see Skills and Traits)


Heal Alacrity Mechanist provides a large variety of boons at 100% duration.

Boons the default setup easily provides are:

  • 25 Might
  • Alacrity
  • Fury
  • Regeneration
  • Protection
  • Vigor

Boons the default setup temporarily provides are:

  • Aegis
  • Stability
  • Swiftness

Boons adapted setups situationally provide are:

  • Swiftness
  • Resolution

Heal and Damage Variants

There are two different variants of Heal Alacrity Mechanist, which represent two very different approaches to a healer:

Harrier: This variant is optimised for (outgoing) healing and deals low damage. Should you require Toughness for tanking, any amount of Harrier equipment can be changed to Giver as you always trade Power and Toughness 1:1 and the loss of power barely affects the group's DPS. Simply convert whichever pieces of equipment are convenient for you, until you think that you have sufficient Toughness.

Celestial: This variant is optimised for the basic needs of healing and sustain while dealing as much damage as possible. While your healing output is noticably lower, it still perfectly sufficient for many encounters. It is recommended to use this variant as a secondary healer or as the primary healer on low-pressure encounters. This variant offers natural high Toughness and is suited for tanking. More experienced players may default to this variant.

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