Shadow Courtiers [FAE]

A small guild looking for players to join them for weekly raids.
Casual North America Visit Discord MadSidhe.4168

We are a very small, relaxed, 18+ guild looking to recruit people who are interested in participating in raids, strikes and other end game content.

We are actively looking for potential static members, you do not need to be a veteran, but be flexible to fill a variety of roles, and join us for about 2 hours every Monday and/or Wednesday around 8:30/9:00pm EST for our raid nights. :) We are hoping to become more efficient in terms of clearing wings, and moving onto raid and strike CMs, etc. We do not check here often for messages, so if you are interested in joining us please go to our Discord!

Some deets:

  • Windswept Haven Guild Hall
  • Super relaxed, DEI environment

Just join the Discord and chat with us.

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