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We Buy Raids [oRly] is a NA based semi-hardcore raiding guild with a dedication aimed at fast/efficient clears and clean sells. We are currently looking for fill members for our statics and sell team.

We have scheduled raids on Monday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sundays at 8pm EST (Daily Reset), and anydays we have a sell booked.

We do not allow any downtime during our raids. This means no gear sharing during raids or afking between bosses. While we do understand that real life comes before any game, please be prepared to set aside the time for raids if you are asked to fill.

We heavily organize our raid nights and strategies with spreadsheets. You will be assigned to your role/class before any raid so you will know what you will be playing the entire night.

Join Requirements

A good candidate for the team will be someone looking to play at a high-level, consistently perform and improve with the group as a whole. What we’re looking for:

  1. Good communication skills (should have a working mic)
  2. Strive to always improve
  3. Dedication
  4. Patience and understanding that not every run will be the god run.
  5. No drama. We will not put up with any drama. We are all adults here.

No matter what role you are playing, you must be willing to take constructive criticism and want to put in time/effort to improve. We’re here to work and improve as a team while having fun.

It is important that you mesh well with the team and understand that, while the screening process may be long, you will be joining a hand-picked and well maintained team of players that are dedicated to playing at a high level. Join Requirements

We are primarily looking for multi class players who can play a variety of DPS and supports (with some exceptions for high quality DPS or Support mains). You're expected to be proficient and have proper gear and knowledge for any class you apply for.

Once you've applied and we've screened your logs, you'll go through a trial where we will check several of your classes and roles on various bosses.

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