The Gamer Haven

Congrats! You’ve found the last community you’ll ever need. All who wondered are no longer lost. We’re centered around a few core principles; learning, training & team building - whilst making lasting friendships as we go! Check us out here:
Training North America Visit Discord Sab.6409

What to expect in The Gamer Haven:

  • Camaraderie
  • Team Building
  • Training
  • Entertainment
  • Organization\Structure
  • Progress & Growth
  • Good vibes and happy memories!

We welcome you to explore our community a bit and you’ll discover it’s the perfect online-home for you. All aspects of PvE and PvP, with short term and long term goals.

We offer the following training:

  • Build\Class Mastery (get better)
  • Basic GW2 Economics (make gold)
  • Open World Content (METAs)
  • Fractals
  • Strikes
  • Raids
  • Challenge Modes (all content)

If you only join a new community once in a blue moon, next time - think of us.~


Would you like to join us:

  • Yes.
  • No’nt!?
  • No… but actually yes!

All that we ask for is that you have a positive mental attitude, a willingness to learn, and be open to the idea of making good friends.

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