Just Dont Panic [Elzo]

Raiding & Hanging out - generally just having fun
Social Europe Visit Discord Elzo.5972

Just Don't Panic [Elzo] originated from Elzonite's streaming community. It is a social community that enjoys playing together (raids with a friendly casual feel, hanging out playing variety games & more).

Things generally happen around 8pm CET. Raids: Monday training, Tuesday Clear, Thursday fun-train-clear. Hanging out - Sunday: guild missions OR variety games (Gartic phone, Pico Park, Cards against humanity, Red Flags, Among us, scribbl.io). We also sometimes have movie nights & members are free to organise their own thing in gw2 or outside of it. If you want us to organise something, you can also suggest it to us :)

  • No, you do not need to be in game in the guild, but you are welcome to.
  • No, you do not need to represent in order to stay in the guild.
  • No, we will not kick you if you are not active. People have irl stuff, we understand that. Do your own thing and join us whenever you feel up for it.
  • Yes, you have to NOT be a dick. Be respectful to others, let us know if you're running late or not coming for sth you signed up for, be open to learning or patient when we teach others. aaaaand that's mainly it.
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