Condition Chronomancer Gameplay Guide

Published Sep 30, 2022 Updated Mar 21, 2023
Authored by FrenchNico

The Condition Quickness Chronomancer Gameplay Guide will aim to provide you with all the tips and tricks to maximise your gameplay with this build.

General Chronomancer Tips

The difference between Power Quickness Chronomancer and Condition Quickness Chronomancer is that the latter pulls ahead on Soulless Horror and Twin Largos due to Confusion and Torment.

Use to block incoming attacks, this will also summon two clones when you successfully block an attack. This can be really useful on certain encounters as it allows you to use with two clones instead of one.

deals one stack of Confusion for each clone. This is further increased by which increases the stacks and duration of Confusion.

Your damage is increased further due to and . These two traits grant you even more Confusion!

Introduction to Tanking

The most important thing to note is that you should try to Dodge or move as little as possible when not necessary so the boss stays in place. This will help keep the boss within any AoEs that your team currently has down.

You can always take more Toughness if you feel the need for it. Taking additional Toughness is always better than being forced to Dodge and therefore moving the boss. It is also very easy to swap your Vipers gear to Trailblazers for a massive gain in Toughness and a tiny drop in DPS

Twin Largos have Toughness based aggro mechanics which causes them to always focus the player with the highest Toughness.

Salvation Pass

Matthias Gabrel

Skills Weaponset

General Chronomancer Tips

At 40% when phases, you should wait until the bombs have exploded before shattering to share Quickness.

You will need a form of reflect for when Matthias uses his attack. Typically, you will want a to take to deal with this. If you do not have a Condition Mirage, you can take instead of .

Breakbar Phase

This is what you need to do to contribute to the Breakbar Phase:

  • Use but ideally with 3 clones up.
  • .

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable

Skills Weaponset

General Chronomancer Tips

You can instantly get two clones at the start of this encounter by using to block .

You will need to take a . Typically, you will take the second one that spawns at 7:17. One of the healers usually takes the first one at 7:37.

If you are going to run to , make sure you delay your shatters to avoid wasting Quickness.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror

Skills Weaponset

General Chronomancer Tips

Feel free to take as much Toughness as you need to survive. Trailblazer is a great stat and don't be afraid to take a lot of pieces.

You can use to block an attack at the start of the fight so you can use with two clones.

At the beginning of the encounter, you should first swap the aggro when the current tank reaches three stacks. After this point, you should swap agro whenever your current stacks run out. Be sure to move Soulless Horror towards the wurms at the start of the fight, so your squad can cleave them down.

Avoid moving through Soulless Horror, as her attacks hit very hard on the rest of your party. For example, her attack deals less damage to the tanks but will hit for a lot on your DPS classes.

Try to keep Soulless Horror near the centre of the platform, this will make it easier for your squad to push the Tormented Dead out and away from the centre. This will keep it clean of the explosions from the Tormented Dead, , and make it easier for your squad to move around.

Mythwright Gambit

Twin Largos

Skills Weaponset

General Chronomancer Tips

Twin Largos has Toughness based aggro. Take as much Toughness as you need to avoid ever doing Down.

You can trigger at the start of the encounter to allow you to use with two clones instead of one.

You can use or to block . This mechanic will only spawn at Nikare.

You can also do the same for at Kenut.

Split Phase

Even if you didn't tank Nikare for the first 50%, you will tank Kenut or Nikare sub 50%. It just depends which island you go to at the 50% phase change.

With decent DPS you will get one CC bar per island sub 50%. The islands will swap at 25%, this means you will always get two CC bars.

Always ensure that you can use for every Breakbar Phase.

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