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Introduction to Heal Alacrity Druid

Published Jun 9, 2021 Updated Dec 4, 2022
Authored by Snow Crows

Introduction to Spirits

Spirits are taken on Heal Alacrity Druid as a source of Alacrity, Might, Protection, Vigor, Fury and Regeneration.

Your spirits will lose 7.5% health every time their passive effect is triggered. will lose 3% per interval but the active skill, , will cause it to lose 30% health per ally affected.

The trait will reduce the health sacrificed by 33% and cause their active skills to apply Alacrity. Pay attention to where your spirit is, use the active skill to teleport it to you if it's far away. Keeping your spirit ontop of the stack will mean that it gets some heals and will stay alive longer.

For nearly all encounters, you can summon your spirits on the outside of the arena before the encounter starts. You can then use the active of the spirit and teleport them to your squad.

What Spirits Should You Take?

Spirit variation is really important to help maximise how beneficial you are to your squad.

Although we recommend what spirits to take at which encounters, you still need to understand why you take each spirit.

provides Might. When don't you need Might? Exactly.

is taken to provide Vigor. You will take in the following circumstance:

  • If you need the Vigor for Mirages, Vindicators and Daredevils.
  • If you don't need or .

is used to provide Protection to your squad. You only need to take it on bosses where you need Protection.

is used to provide Fury. Do you need another source of Fury?


Pets are a unique mechanic to the Ranger class. Pets have their own set of stats and unique abilities, based on family.

You can have two pets equipped at once, which you can swap between on a 20 second Cooldown. If your pet dies, which it actually can in raids, the Cooldown will be extended to 60 seconds.

Regardless of what pet you have equipped, five out of your six skills will be the same:

  • Attack My Target - Gets your pet to attack your current target. This is your F1 skill.
  • Return to Me - Orders your pet to come back to you and stop attacking. This is your F3 skill.
  • Guard or Avoid Combat - Gets your pet to automatically attack your target or stay out of combat unless you use Attack My Target.
  • Stow Pet or Activate Pet - Allows you to completely remove your pet from the playing field. This will remove all pet skills until you use Activate Pet again.
  • Swap Pets - Allows you to swap pets. This comes with a 20 second Cooldown, assuming you're in combat. This is your F4 skill.

Your F2 skill depends on which pet you have equipped. The pet skills that you will come into contact with the most are:

  • from Iboga.
  • from Electric Wyvern.
  • from Rock Gazelle.
  • from Smokescale.
  • from Brown Bear.

You also have a variety of skills that affect your pets:

  • , your Downed skill #3, commands your pet to come and resurrect you.
  • causes your pet's next attack to cause Weakness.
  • grants your pet Protection.
  • heals you and your pet upon activation.
  • commands your pet to resurrect a Downed ally.
  • causes your pet to Taunt the next foe that attacks you.

You also have a variety of traits that affect your pets:

  • causes you and your pet to inflict Bleeding on critical hits.
  • causes you and your pet to deal 1% more damage per boon that you have on yourself.
  • causes your pet to gain boons whenever you do.
  • grants Fury and Vigor to your subgroup when you Swap Pets. This is extremely important when not running Warhorn.
  • grants you and your pet + 240 stat points of .

Even when Downed, you can still use all of your pet skills!

Celestial Avatar

As a Druid, you constantly use your to heal people and provide Might through the trait. You can find this trait in the .

To access form, you need to fully load up on Astral Force. You gain Astral Force with every healing and damage tick. They charge your Astral Force pool by 1.5% and 0.75%, respectively.

You cannot enter without being fully loaded on Astral Force and upon exiting you'll lose 50% of your remaining Astral Force.

To keep generating Astral Force, the easiest way is to apply Regeneration. This will make sure that all of your power DPS classes will benefit from the sixth bonus of and that your Astral Force is always filling up.

Celestial Avatar Skills

Here's a list of your skills when you enter :

  1. - This is a spammable skill that gives you access to ranged healing. Use it to help guide people back to the stack if they have to leave to do mechanics. This is a ground targeted skill.
  2. - This skill cleanses conditions, heals for a decent amount and has a low Cooldown. You can practically spam it while in . This is a ground targeted skill.
  3. - provides a strong ranged heal and 150 Breakbar damage. This is a ground targeted skill.
  4. - This channel skill with tick five heals on your allies. This is your main source of Might stacking.
  5. - This is a channel skill that ticks four times. It pulses , and some DPS. The final tick does the most damage and will five targets around you. The first tick will grant you with two stacks of .

Where Does Your Healing Come From?

is one of your most powerful traits on Druid, giving you up to 20% outgoing healing effectiveness. Adding up with the bonuses from , , and , it gives you a considerable amount of outgoing healing. If you're struggling to keep your group alive, try to keep track of your stacks and keep them high.

You have access to lots of direct healing with one of the main forms being Regeneration. If you're going solo Druid, you'll apply it on the whole squad through traited with . You can find in the Nature Magic Trait Line trait line.

If you have a secondary healer that can apply Regeneration on their subgroup, you can use a different healing skill that fits more to your squad and the encounter. Use traited with to give Regeneration to your own subgroup. You can find in the Nature Magic Trait Line trait line. On a full Harrier build your Regeneration can tick up to 500.

Whenever you switch to Staff make sure you use off Cooldown. is a blast finisher and can be used on top of to heal your surrounding allies. is also a blast finisher and can carry out the same action. and are both water fields that you can blast in.

The Staff Camping Addiction

There is literally no reason to camp staff, aside from <strong>maybe</strong> at Cairn.

Sometimes you need to help with Vulnerability uptime by using , which you clearly can't do if you're camping staff.

Sometimes you need to provide Fury by using , how are you going to do that if you're camping staff?

Sometimes you need to Pull adds in with . Last time I checked, Staff didn't have any skills that Pull.

Your DPS isn't terrible on Heal Alacrity Druid, ok fine your pet carries you a lot, but still! If you are feeling comfortable with your group and feel like you are overhealing then you can always take instead of .

General Druid Tips

Use for , which should top most of your squad off.

Flanking will greatly increase your DPS through , so remember to always position yourself well.

Feel free to take if you find that your party members are going down a lot, you can find this trait in the Nature Magic Trait Line.

Precast before every encounter because saving those precious extra seconds while running to bosses like Sabetha is extremely important (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)ง.

Gear Variations

Weapon Variations

At certain encounters you will want to run Axe offhand instead of Warhorn. You do this to help control adds, through , and to provide instant Vulnerability, through .

Breakbar Skills

= 150 Breakbar damage.

= 200 Breakbar damage.

= 150 Breakbar damage.

= 100 Breakbar damage.

= 150 Breakbar damage.

= 100 Breakbar damage.

= 232 Breakbar damage.

= 150 Breakbar damage.

= 232 Breakbar damage.

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