Power Holosmith Gameplay Guide

Published Sep 25, 2022 Updated Mar 27, 2024
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What is Photon Forge?

is a mechanic unique to Holosmith. You will passively gain 2% heat per second while using and will gain increased heat when using a weapon skill.

Due to the trait , you have 150 heat available to you. At 150 heat, you will and take ~8000 damage. You can also manually whenever you want, as long as it's six seconds after you used .

If you , you will not be able to or any Tool belt skills until all of your heat has dissipated. You will dissipate heat at 5% per second, three seconds after you . This increases to 10% per second, 10 seconds after your .

So, let's take a look at the weapon skills that you gain when you :

  1. is your auto attack chain and each individual skill will generate 2% heat per use.
  2. generates 7% heat. This leap skill will leave behind an AoE that grants Swiftness to allies who touch it. It is also a Leap finisher. This can also be traited with to provide Superspeed.
  3. generates 10% heat. This skill grants you Might and inflicts Vulnerability.
  4. generates 2% heat. This skill applies one stack of Burning for each projectile that hits, for a maximum of eight stacks.
  5. generates 25% heat. This skill will Launch foes and is a Blast finisher. This skill is a great way to build up heat before an encounter.

There are also a variety of traits that affect your damage when you or . Check the trait section on "Utility Skills and Traits" for more information.****







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