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Utility Skills and Traits

Published Aug 7, 2022 Updated Nov 15, 2022
Authored by Snow Crows

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

improves your Condition Damage. Never use the active form of unless there is an immediate need for CC.

improves your Condition Duration. You can activate this skill when the boss is very low (2-3%) to apply Confusion due to the trait .

is a ground-targeted AoE skill that grants a wherever it is cast. Always make sure that you hit with all the projectiles. You have to collect the at some point so don't use too far away.

can be used for mobility when collecting or simply to inflict more Confusion and will remove a condition when used.

Utility Skill Variations

If there is a need to reflect, can be taken instead of .

If there is a need of a portal, can be taken instead of .

If your subgroup has three staff axe players you can use for higher burst damage.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Chaos Trait Line

grants you Regeneration while below 75% Health.

creates a chaos storm at your location when using a heal skill, this chaos storm is useful for ethereal Combo Field combined to the whirl finisher of .

increases the Condition Damage you deal by 10% and reduce the Condition Damage you take by 10% under the effect of Regeneration.

gives 120 Condition Damage.

grants 250 Expertise and 250 Concentration under the effect of Regeneration.

reduces one of your weapon skills Cooldown at random by 5s when you interrupt a foe.

Traits in the Dueling Trait Line

causes you and your phantasms to cause Bleeding whenever you hit with a Pistol skill. It also causes your Pistol skills to rechage by 25% whenever you interrupt an enemy.

causes your illusions to cause Bleeding on critical hits.

causes you to Blind five enemies whenever you use . This synergizes well with .

causes you to apply Blind to an enemy when you interrupt them. This trait also causes any Blind you cause to also apply Confusion.

Traits in the Mirage Trait Line

causes you to gain a clone whenever you use a Deception skill. The following skills are your Deception skills:

grans you + 150 Condition Damage whenever you have Vigor.

causes you to have a reduced recharge on your Axe skills. Axe skills also produce an additional that applies Torment.

causes your clones to gain whenever you do. This allows them to use their Ambush skills.

Individual Trait Variations

should be equipped instead of if you are following the rotation. Each time you shatter the next ambush will inflicts Confusion.

should be equipped instead of if you lack a source of Regeneration in your squad considering all the benefits of having this boon in the Chaos trait line. This is explained in more detailed in the Introduction to Alacrity Mirage page.

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