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Introduction to Virtuoso

Updated Apr 9, 2022 | Authored by REMagic42

Blades and Bladesongs

As a Virtuoso, we instead of clones have blades as a resource and the typical cap of three is increased to five.

In this build, you have only two skills that directly stock blades:

Blades, if unused, will stay around indefinitely as long as you don't swap instances or swap elite specializations.

Out of combat you gain one blade every ten seconds, upon entering combat with a raid boss and most strike mission bosses you immediately get five blades.

Additionally, our profession skills are now Bladesongs instead of Shatters.

Bladesongs are unique to Virtuoso, they inherit all traits that affect Shatters. Bladesongs unlike Shatters have a small cast time. Our Bladesongs are...

  1. shoots up to five blades, deals increasing damage per blade and pierces. This is our typical power-focused F1. In this build, it does substantial condition damage as well.
  2. shoots up to five blades, inflicting one stack of and per blade and pierces. This is our typical condition-focused F2 while still dealing notable power damage.
  3. combines all your blades into one, dealing increased damage per blade spent. This is our typical crowd control F3, we will only use it sparingly for damage when we know we don't need the CC.
  4. blocks incoming attacks for two seconds, its damage scales per blade. This is our typical defensive F4, but with 5 blades its damage is high enough to be a part of our damage rotation.

All Bladesongs are blade attacks, and as such, will apply 1 stack of and 1 stack of per blade fired (that is usually 5 for each Bladesong except , which only ever throws 1 blade), due to the traits and .

Phantasms and Blades

You have two skills that summon phantasms:

Phantasms carry out an attack and then will transform into blades. The attack can be completed or interrupted, either will cause the phantasm to become a blade. Phantasms play an integral part in our rotation as they deal a good amount of damage and are responsible for a large part of our blade generation. Most notable is the interaction between and , converting the 9 (or 12) stacks of from a single Phantasm into 2 to 3 blades. This leads to a near constant stream of available blades. traitline reducing cooldowns helps us be able to spend all the blades we generate.

Situational Weapon Skills

In our offhand weapons, we have two very powerful but situational skills:

, our Sword 4 skill, can be used at any time to block an incoming attack. After the block, you get a short evade frame, allowing you to effectively block large attacks that technically hit multiple times (where might fail to protect you). Proper use of this skill allows us to conserve our dodges and keep great DPS uptime even in dangerous situations.

, our Focus 4 skill, gives to allies, cripples enemies, and can be reactivated to up to five enemies within 600 range. This skill can be put to great use in many raid encounters with smaller enemies that need to be cleaved down.

The reactivation of both skills does a sizeable amount of CC (200 and 150, respectively), although can only ever be used either as a block or as a CC skill, but not both.

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