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Utility Skills and Traits

Published Aug 19, 2022 Updated Nov 15, 2022
Authored by Snow Crows
Draft Guide
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Weapon Skills


1., , A simple auto attack chain that grants a small amount of barrier to nearby allies on the 3rd hit. Due to this also grants Alacrity, however this is not a necessity.

2. A short leap that grants allies Regeneration and Vigor. It is moderately important that this skill is kept on cooldown.

3. Fires a projectile that Stuns enemies for 1s. Additionally the mech will fire a similar projectile ().


4., Reflects and then Knockbacks enemies. Can be used as a tool to control enemies and blast combo-fields. Additionally grants Protection due to on first activation.

5., Blocks and Stuns enemies that hit you in melee for 1s (no ICD). Can be thrown like a boomerang to Daze enemies on both ways for 1s. Additionally grants Protection due to on first activation.


1. A simple auto attack that fires 2 peircing projectiles followed by a which Explodes on contact.

2. A cone shaped attack that applies Bleeding on hit. The damage and duration of the Bleeding increases the closer you are to the target. This skill also applies 5 stacks of Might for 8s to allies.

3. Fires a net that Immobilizes a target for 4s. This skill also triggers .

4. Launches a target 450 units away and deals 332 damage.

5. Lets you jump to the target location - a great mobility skill with high damage.

Mech Skills

Mech Command skills

With the Mechanist specialization, Toolbelt skills get replaced with Mech Command skills. Skills F1, F2 and F3 are determined by your trait selection, while F4 is reserved for and .

1. is a 600 range dash and is used mainly as a damage skill.

2. is a jack of all trades skill that grants a variety of important boons alongside other utility. It is most notable that this skill affects a large area of 600 Radius, which makes it excellent for rectifying chaotic situations in a fight.

3. is your main source of Might and Fury. With a Radius of 360 it is utmost important to control the position your mech via Attack My Target and Return to Me in order to properly grant those boons to your allies.

4. (Mech is on field) Recall your mech for repairs. The cooldown of is increased by 0.45s each 1% health the mech is missing.

5. Summons your jade mech at the target area. Foes in the area are damaged and Launched 200 units.

6.Attack My Target Commands your Mech start attacking or change to current target.

7.Return to Me Will cancel all mech actions (except for ) and cause you mech to walk towards your position.

It is adviced to keybind both Attack My Target and Return to Me in order to have excellent control over the position of the mech.

Heal Skills

Med Kit

is your main healing skill and the source of many boons and healing. You never want to swap this out, it's what defines Heal Engineer.

1. Your main ability to keep healing allies trough high pressue phases (does not heal yourself). Try only to use this when its needed, otherwise use auto attacks for damage and potential barrier.

2. Fires 5 medpacks in a cone shape in front of you. Not used in the regular rotation, as each medpack is single target. However you can "shotgun" specific targets that are low with this for a massive burst heal (not too easy to use). Additionally, this skill is able to heal downed allies, speeding up the process of getting them up again.

3. Creates a water combo-field that cleanses conditions over multiple seconds. Great for blasting heals or precasting cleanses on bosses like Slothasor or Dhuum. Often used after for the free blast.

4. A simple area burst heal.

5. A timed bomb that grants Swiftness, Vigor and Regeneration to allies and acts as a blast finisher. The boons are applied at the locaion of the mine, while the blast finisher happens on the players location. Use this skill on cooldown for maximum boon uptime.

Utility Skills

Elixir Gun

is your main utility kit and the source of many good things. Generally, this skill does not leave your bar.

3. Pulses 5 times and removes 1 condition each from up to 5 targets. This means that if 10 people have 2 conditions, you will be able to cleanse all of them. Make sure to aim this skill while holding the RMB. Visually it can look like you're turning towards a selected target, however this is just a roleplay animation - the fumigation is always aimed forward as long as the RMB is held.

4. Jump backwards and leave a high damaging puddle on your starting position. Besides the damage, this skill grants Might due to , is an excellent mobility skill and acts as a blast finisher. Should you not want to move with this skill, you can cancel the leap by using Weapon Swap (not kit swap!), however make sure to finish the initial cast or you will cancel the whole skill. It is adviced to practice this several times before utilizing it in a raid, as it can get you killed quickly.

5. Creates a healing field for several seconds that heals more and cleanses a condition on impact. This skill also grants Might due to . The light field can be used with blast such as to cleanse conditions from allies.

Skill Name


Shift Signet

Signet Passive: Increases movement speed (25%). Boons you gain are copied to your mech.

Signet Active: You and your mech shadowstep to the target location. Removes 2 conditions on you and your mech. This is also a Stun Break.


Skill Name




Using a heal skill triggers a cleansing pulse around you.

Shield skills gain reduced recharge and grant protection to nearby allies. Protection on you gains increased damage reduction.

Grant protection to nearby allies when you use a heal skill.

Heal nearby allies when using a tool belt skill. / Turrets. Turrets create a reflective barrier when built and grant boons to allies around them on a regular interval.

Your healing power is increased while you have regeneration.

Medical Dispersion Field


Drink a Lesser Elixir B when struck while below the health threshold.

Increase your incoming healing effectiveness. Gain increased healing to others while using a med kit.

Drink a Lesser Elixir C when you reach a threshold of conditions affecting you.

Recover health every second when using an Engineering Kit. / Grant regeneration when you remove a condition from an ally.

Heal yourself when you grant yourself a boon. Gain increased concentration.

Elixirs gain reduced recharge and increased durations, and grant might.


Become ranger, get mace, get signets.

Enables your mech to use when you activate Skill 3 on your equipped weapon.

Regeneration effects you apply are 20% stronger. When your mech is struck while under half health, it gains -50% Incoming Condition Damage, -50% Incoming Damage, and Regeneration (5s).

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