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Introduction to Condition Alacrity Mirage

Published Jul 30, 2022 Updated Dec 1, 2022
Authored by Snow Crows

Ambush Attacks

The unique mechanic of Mirage replaces your Dodge Roll with Mirage Cloak. Dodging in order to activate Mirage Cloak still consumes half of your Endurance. While Mirage Cloak is active, you gain access to ambush skills.

  • While equipping an Axe, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.
  • While equipping a Scepter, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.
  • While equipping a Greatsword, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.
  • While equipping a Staff, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.
  • While equipping a Spear, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.
  • While equipping a Trident, you gain access to while Mirage Cloak is active.

Phantasms and Clones

Keeping up your clones and managing them properly is a big and difficult part of Mirage gameplay that will heavily impact your dps. In order to maximise your dps output it is vital to always have 3 clones active.

Summoning Clones

You can summon clones using the skills and . Phantasms are summonable illusions that will cast a skill of the target. Once the phantasm is done casting the skill, it will then become a clone. Therefore, summoning phantasms will create clones after a short delay. The phantasms you have access to are and . summons two illusions to attack the boss, once they are done with their cast, both of them will become clones.

Furthermore, while having the trait , if you already have one clone summoned, using a deception skill will create another clone. The deception skills that are available to you are , and .

What Are My Clones Doing?

Your clones will always try to carry out the auto attack chain of the weapon they are wielding. The build is using the trait , whenever you gain Mirage Cloak and are able to execute an ambush skill, all of your clones will gain Mirage Cloak and try to execute the ambush skill of their respective weapon as well. The axe skill will cause you and all of your clones to teleport to a random place around the target and deliver an attack that does damage and inflicts Confusion.

What Weapon is my Clone Wielding?

Your clones will always wield the weapon you are wielding at the time they were summoned. Summoning clones through the or the skills and is pretty simple and straight forwards, the clones are created instantly and will always have the same weapon as you until they despawn. If you are creating a clones through summoning a phantasm, the weapon you used to summon the phantasm is not relevant. The clone that will be created will wield the weapon you are wielding at the time when the phantasm becomes a clone. For example, casting and Weapon Swapping to your axe weapon set, will cause two axe clones to be created.

The Staff Axe Alacrity Mirage build, is using this knowledge to squeeze out the most damage possible from always keeping axe clones active on the target while the player can use to cover a little over half of the Alacrity needed.

Interrupting the Actions of Your Clones

As mentioned above your clones can do a lot, as a deafult they will try to execute an auto attack chain. The actions of your clones can be easily interrupted by the player, causing a damage loss.

It is very important to keep in mind that while you as a player have quickness and alacrity your clones do not.

That means, when the Cooldown to cast your ambush skill is ready, your clone's ambush may skill be on Cooldown and when you are done casting an ambush skill your clones may still be casting it.

  • Your clones gain Mirage Cloak when you gain it as well because of the trait . When your clones get Mirage Cloak they will cancel their current cast in order to execute the ambush attack of their respective weapon. In this manner, you can can interrupt your clones auto hits or an ambush skill that they are currently casting.
  • The skill will interrupt the cast of any ability your clones are using, teleport them to a random point around the target and will also reset their auto attack chain progress.

Death of Clones

Players who are new to mirage often complain that they clones keep dying. Your clones may die for the following reasons:

  • Your clone may just simply take damage from being hit by something until it eventually dies.
  • Your clones will die and despawn after 6 seconds of not being in combat. When a clone spawns it is not in combat and must hit a target to enter combat. Additionally using ambush incorrectly as explained above can interrupt your clones and make them stop attacking, this can be done until they get out of combat and despawn.

Shatter Skills Sequences

To do the most dps possible you want to use the following shatter combo off cd: -> . In order for this principle to work with the pervious principle: Always keep three clones alive, you need to use Shatter Sequences. Using a Shatter Sequence allows you to use your shatter combo off cd and immediatly spawn three clones.

For the Alacrity Mirage build, you use the following sequence to shatter:

  1. ->
  2. or

For the Alacrity Mirage build, you could use the following sequence to shatter more than one shatter skill with 3 clones, when in need of breakbar damage:

  1. Let the Clones cast
  2. ->

For the Staff Axe Mirage build, you use the following sequence to shatter:

  1. -> ->
  2. ->

You can replace with for additional breakbar damage or for additional Regeneration through the trait and the situational distortion.

Generating Alacrity

You generate Alacrity through the skill . On the Alacrity Mirage build, you want to use whenever your clones are ready to use it again. The best way to tell when you can use another is to let your clones channel a full single auto attack, than you can use again.

On the Staff Axe Mirage build you need to use 4 times while on staff and keep weapon swapping off cd.

Importance of Regeneration

While under the effect of Regeneration you gain 250 concentration and expertise through the trait . Your build relies on Regeneration to get enough boon duration in order to generate Alacrity and to get enough expertise in order to cap on condition duration so it is VERY important that you make sure to always have Regeneration.

If your squad is not providing you with enough regeneration

You can get extra regeneration from through using and from proccing the trait . Those traits can help you if your squad is not giving perfect regeneration.

Another option is using the trait in mirage that allows you to permanently give regeneration to yourself while following the rotation.

Breakbar Skills

  • deals 100 Breakbar damage.
  • from the trait deals 100 Breakbar damage.
  • deals 100 to 400 Breakbar damage, 100 for each clone including self.
  • deals 300 Breakbar damage.
  • When playing the Staff Axe Alacrity Mirage build or the Alacrity Mirage build without the trait, you are able to slot in which deals 600 Breakbar damage.
  • When playing the Staff Axe Alacrity Mirage build, you also gain access to . The first trarget hit by your will suffer 240 Breakbar damage from the Stun, if the bullet bounces to a second target, it will suffer 200 Breakbar damage from the Daze.
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