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Introduction to Power Mechanist

Updated Aug 17, 2022

What is a Mech?

Mech Command skills

With the Mechanist specialization, Toolbelt skills get replaced with Mech Command skills. Skills F1 F2 and F3 are determined by your trait selection, while F4 is reserved for and .

1. is a 1200 range strait line multi shot damage skill.

2. is high damage projectile that travels in a straight line, explodes on contact and Launches foes 250 units.

3. is similar to except that it travels in an arc and Dazes for 1s on impact.

4. (Mech is on field) Recall your mech for repairs. The cooldown of is increased by 1% each 2.5% health the Mech is missing.

5. Summons your jade mech at the target area. Foes in the area are damaged and Launched 200 units.

6.Attack My Target Commands your Mech start attacking or change to current target.

7.Return to Me Will cancel all mech actions (except for ) and cause you mech to walk towards your position.

General Mechanist Tips

Stun Break Skills

Movement Skills

Breakbar Skills

  • 250 unit Launch = 232 damage.
  • 1s Daze = 100 damage.
  • 200 unit Launch = 232 damage.
  • () = 100 damage.
  • 450 unit Launch = 332 damage.
  • 240 unit Knockback = 150 damage.
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