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River of Souls

This is an event style encounter.


The goal is to protect - if she dies, the squad wipes.

Typically one and either a or will babysit while the rest of the group goes ahead to clear mobs.


- the river deals constant damage to players unprotected by dome. can block the damage tick.

- These mobs disable protective bubble if she comes close. The easiest way to deal with these is to split the squad into two teams. One moves ahead to kill , while the other team (typically one and either a or ) will babysit .

- rifts that spawn next to the river on either side; these pull players towards them. The rifts have 10 stacks of , which can be removed by hitting them. Each hit counts for 1 stack, so multihits can quickly remove stacks. Once all stacks are removed, the stop pulling. also spawn . These ghostly skeletons can easily be dealt with by using the mechanic.

- small expanding AoEs will appear on players near . These can be dropped behind her to kill the . Move out of the circle as it deals moderate damage and for 2 seconds.

- ghosts that run towards and channel a huge explosion. Breaking the defiance bar cancels the explosion, if they explode they will also die. can block the explosion.

Wall - Green flame walls will appear and will players that touch them. Players can teleport through them.

If players get during this fight, they have a chance to gather orbs along the river to revive. However, this can only be done once.

Recommended Comp

Having a lot of access to and or will help greatly for both groups. The staying with is for healing and to protect her from and the / gives her .


Split the group into two: 8 or 9 DPS/healers go ahead on the path to kill adds, a and/or giver stays with .

Keep safe by giving her and until she reaches the end.

Common Mistakes/Tips

  • Not blocking explosions from .
  • Dying to wall.
  • Not healing / blocking enough while trying to kill .
  • Falling off the river.
  • Stunning a teammate with the AoE circle.
  • Common Names for Mechanics

  • = Rifts
  • = Bombers
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