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Updated Sep 16, 2022
In Numbers:

In order to get to you need to glide onto the platform or use a Mount with a jump or glide, like the Griffon or Raptor. Groups usually glide over so the tank can land first.

There are several CC bars that require moderately fast CC.

A and are recommended for handling the .


Two tanks are required for this fight. The tanks are whoever pick up the runes in front of the arena and gains (SAK) as their Special Action Key. The effect is applied to both tanks. These players also have a purple border around their icons in the squad view and the current fixation has a large purple icon above their head.

Using makes the tank the current fixation and start gaining stacks of (Stacks). This increases their damage taken by 10% per stack, beginning at 6 seconds into the fight and stacking one every 12 seconds. Swap tanks once the fixated player reaches 3-4 stacks (about 30-40 seconds into the fight) by having the other tank use . When fixate is swapped to the other tank, the stacks disappear after 30 seconds, at which point the player should take fixate from the other tank. Continue swapping fixate throughout the fight, as too many stacks can result in a fixated player going repeatedly.

Both tanks should have high as does a lot of damage. Usually or will tank. The tanks receive frequent conditions that need to be cleansed through either self-cleansing or from other players like the or .

Start tanking at the South side of the arena. Always keep facing away from the group. Tank halfway between the center and the edge. Too far out and people can fall off the sides or get hit by walls; too close in and the will be hard for the to push fully out of the arena.

There is no set tanking pattern, just stay away from the center and the edge and move out of the way of walls.

100% - 90% Health

Mechanics during the first 10%:

  • (SAK) - The tanking mechanic. Using the skill gives you
  • (Stacks) - Only affects the tanks. Damage modifier gained by having . Incoming damage is increased by 10% per stack.

(Wall) - A moving, rectangular AoE that instantly kills. Spawns as either two small walls or one large wall. Using Toggle Rotation on the mini map can help orient yourself to keep track of the walls. Always keep an eye out for these, as they dictate your movement. You can’t or block them, so always be aware of where they have spawned. They spawn 10 seconds after every phase. After the initial wall, walls spawn approximately every 18 seconds from 100% to 66%, 16 seconds from 66% to 33%, and 13 seconds thereafter. Every other [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza) will make all active disappear.

(Scythe) - A moving, circular AoE that damages and corrupts all boons. Appears 20 seconds into the fight and spawns every 30 seconds. There can be up to 4 scythes at a time. They move in a straight line and cannot be killed.

(Wurms) - Mobs on the edge of the arena. Does not respawn unless the challenge mote is active

- damaging Aura

- auto attack; inflicts and

(Auto) - A variation of the auto attack that spawns Fingers of the Dead outside of the range of Corrupt the Living; corrupts boons

[gw2:48363:skill] (Pizza) - A four part cone AoE that hits once, rotates 45 degrees, then hits again.

[gw2:48432:skill] (Donut) - A circular two part AoE, with an inner and outer "donut"/circle.

Let the tank land first and start on the South side of the arena. runs directly to them to begin the attack. She starts with an auto-attack, followed by a [gw2:48432:skill] (Donut). that attack, but stay inside the first circle, otherwise you might into the outer one that appears later. This attack can be blocked.

Either cleave down the (Wurms) while DPSing , or let a with [gw2:10606:skill] take care of it. They hurl towards players and deal a moderate to high amount of damage.

Every 12 seconds the person currently fixated gains a stack of (Stacks). It is recommended to swap tanks once the fixated person reaches 3 stacks and to continue swapping every time the off-tank’s stacks wear off.

[gw2:48363:skill] (Pizza) spawns 2 sets of 4 AoEs - you should avoid it by sidestepping the first set, then stepping back. The green residue does not damage you, but can visually overlap with (Wall) so be careful.

(Scythe) spawn on the edge of the arena and move in a straight line. Stepping into one converts all your boons into conditions.

At 90% the arena shrinks by one ring.

90% - 66% Health

Five new mechanics are added:

[gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza) - A bigger version of [gw2:48363:skill] with 8 cones

(TD) - An add that leaves behind a damaging AoE when killed.

[gw2:48662:skill] (Breakbar) - Defiance Bar unlocks. The squad wipes if the bar isn't broken in 6.75 seconds, as [gw2:48010:skill] defeats all players within seconds.

Once you reach 90% of health, every 20 seconds a spawns in the middle of the arena.

At 66% casts [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza). To avoid it, step back from and in between the slices of the attack. Once it is cast move back in. The attack can be ; time your as soon as it is about to be cast.

channels [gw2:48662:skill] (Breakbar) for 6.75 seconds, gaining a of 3,000 that needs to be broken. If it is not broken in time, everyone is afflicted by [gw2:48010:skill], causing a wipe. When the break bar unlocks, all active (Wall) disappear, and no new ones spawn until the channel has finished.

A can spawn during the channel of [gw2:48662:skill], making it very easy to interrupt the .

You have to deal with the (TD), [gw2:48363:skill] (Pizza), [gw2:48432:skill] (Donut), and (Wall) until reaches 66%.

At 66% the arena shrinks by one ring.

Tormented Dead

Someone needs to be assigned to the out of the arena and prevent it from dying anywhere near the group. This is usually done by a working with a . Other classes can push and immobilize the , but this is the most typical combination.

Take a equipped with a longbow for [gw2:12511:skill], and [gw2:30448:skill] to push the . This skill does not pierce without traits so itself can bodyblock the attack. Trait with and [gw2:1698:trait] to avoid this.

The uses [gw2:30448:skill] for an initial push near the group, the uses [gw2:10606:skill] immediately after the push, then the uses [gw2:12511:skill] to fully push the out of the arena.

If the is fast at pushing, the should use [gw2:10606:skill] immediately after the spawns. For extra safety, the can place [gw2:43148:skill] in front of the after it is pushed out and use [gw2:44428:skill] to it away from the platform.

The dies very quickly and focuses on the tank that does NOT have fixation. Once it spawns you should get behind the and push it towards the main group, then use your second to push it through or alongside the group. The normally walks towards the main stack due to the off-tank standing there.

While the is close to the group do not use any HARD CC on it, as it can interrupt pushes, resulting in an AoE spawning on top of the group.

If the seems to continually be every time it spawns, check if the is using the active of [gw2:12495:skill] which is an .

When the dies, it leaves behind a large AoE that causes , , , , and .

66% - 0%

No new mechanics are added.

Every second [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza), channels [gw2:48662:skill] (Breakbar).

At 33% the platform shrinks by one final ring.


100% - 90% Health

Tanks must activate the runes on the cliff above the arena before the fight. First tanking spot is to the South. When the first tank has 3 stacks of (Stacks), the off-tank should use their SAK (Taking). Keep halfway between the middle and the edge of the arena and face her toward the edge of the arena, away from the group.

Stay away from (Wall). They spawn 10 seconds after every phase. After the initial wall, walls spawn approximately every 18 seconds from 100% to 66%, 16 seconds from 66% to 33%, and 13 seconds thereafter. Every other [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza) will make all active disappear.

Sidestep [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza), [gw2:48363:skill] (Pizza), and (Scythe). within the inner ring of [gw2:48432:skill] (Donut) when the circle is almost full.

90% - 66% Health

The spawns every 20 seconds after 90% in the middle of the arena. Push off the platform and stop it from running back. A and a are almost always the classes responsible for this.

66% - 0% Health

Every second [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza), channels [gw2:48662:skill] (Breakbar).

Common Mistakes and Tips

[gw2:48363:skill] (Pizza) and [gw2:48500:skill] (Big Pizza/Pizza) should be sidestepped, not . This allows you greater control over your positioning, keeps up DPS, and makes it easier to avoid (Wall) if it is close to you.

(Wall) should always be avoided as a group. Due to the immense damage pressure in this fight, stacking in a group makes it easier to keep you alive while running away from it. Going while being away from the group is often guaranteed death.

Never stand in front of (except for the current tank). The auto attack hits like a truck and can you, resulting in people getting when they try to revive you.

Be prepared to interrupt your rotation while the (CC) is close to the group. Never CC when it is near the group.

Always keep an eye out on the (CC), the dying animation is distinct, and the AoE spawns after a sizable delay. Getting hit by the AoE can instantly you and make it impossible for people to revive you.

Avoid applying . It can be corrupted into , potentially causing a player to walk off the edge or into (Wall).

The may fail the push. If you have another skill that can the out of the arena, use it.

Common Names for Mechanics

  • = Wall/Flame Wall
  • [gw2:48363:skill] = Pizza
  • [gw2:48500:skill] = 8 slice/Big Pizza/Pizza
  • = Golem/TD
  • [gw2:48662:skill] = CC
  • = Scythes
  • = Stacks
  • = Take/Taking
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