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Gates of Ahdashim

Updated Apr 10, 2022
This is an event style encounter.

Escorting Glenna

Gate is an encounter that requires the players to escort Glenna through a courtyard so she can open a door. Surprisingly, this is a different encounter from Escort. The encounter so nice, they did it twice.

Capture Points

You must escort Glenna through 4 capture points in the courtyard. These are captured by having no enemies and at least 1 player in the capture area.

There are various Branded adds wandering around and a few Champion Branded Djinn. The Champions do a lot of damage and require a lot of DPS to kill. They do not need to be killed as part of the event so someone can kite them while the rest of the squad focuses on killing adds and capping points.

Adds will periodically spawn within the capture points and need to be either killed or pushed out.

After all 4 points have been captured, Glenna and the Key of Ahdashim will begin opening the door.

Protecting Glenna

There are two options for completing Gate: either protect Glenna for 5 minutes or kill 3 Champions around the courtyard. Groups will always opt to kill the Champions rather than wait.

The group should split into 2 with a healer and a DPS remaining near the door with Glenna and the rest of the squad going a bit to the West.

A Champion will spawn at the NW corner of the courtyard. Kill it and then move to the Champion in the NE corner. Someone can either pull the Champion in the SE corner or wait until the NE corner has been killed first.

Once all 3 Champions are dead, the door will open.

Common Mistakes/Tips

If you die, you can leave instance, respawn at the waypoint, then reenter instance.

If Glenna is in danger, immediately send some DPS players over to help.

The Champions do a lot of damage so it is useful to have a healer with the group.

Try not to die from boredom.

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