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Updated Mar 16, 2022
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is Wing 2's first boss. He has 1 pre-event before his arena. He has 3 phases, with every 20% (and an extra at 10%) and different mechanics being introduced or changing as his health lowers.

You use the following Masteries and mounts:

  • Masteries: None.
  • mounts: N/A (released before Path of Fire).

All players must be able to quickly use their SAK (special action key) during the fight, for placing .

uses tanking, where tanks are randomly chosen () throughout the fight.

1 special role:

  • mushroom-eater: 4 players (normally banners and DPS) are assigned 1 of 4 Imbued Mushrooms throughout the arena. They eat Poison Mushrooms, making a safe area for fighting.
  • If the squad is inexperienced, add a backup mushroom-eater, to replace someone if they die.

Before fighting, ask your commander for the mushroom-eating strategy. 2 common strategies:

  • wall: For lower squad DPS and inexperienced squads. Mushroom-eaters remove mushrooms near the arena walls. Placing is safer. The bigger safe area gives you more time to DPS.
  • center: For higher squad DPS. Mushroom-eaters remove mushrooms to the arena's center + 1 more to the next Imbued Mushroom. Placing and eating Imbued Mushrooms is more dangerous, due to poison floor.

Bring reflects, (such as ), and .

  • Bring for 10-man . Normally the , but if you don't have a , have another class swap one of their skills.

Bring to easily kill and .

(Envoy I) drops , used for making .

Pre-Event: Reaching the Arena

Between the entrance and arena, you need to kill 4 groups of enemies. Each group has 4 enemies.

Kill one group before killing the next. Use to group them together, and then quickly burst them down.

  • If you're experienced, ignore the first 2 groups and kill the last 2 groups.

Each group has , , or both.

  • : They cause conditions, and their projectile attacks corrupt boons into conditions. Reflects work against them.
  • : They cause conditions and corrupt boons, but also do more damage. Reflects do not work against their attacks!

Boss: Slothasor

Phase 1 (100% to 50%)

You start outside a small cave covered in red-purple Poison Mushrooms and a damaging bright green floor.

The fight begins when the first mushroom-eater uses the Imbued Mushroom.

  • Make sure to stand near the light blue Imbued Mushroom! When the fight begins, a wall blocks the cave entrance!
  • You have 7 minutes to kill , or he enrages (+200% outgoing damage). Imbued Mushrooms also stop spawning.

Mushroom-eaters transform into enemy , and then make a safe area for fighting before de-transforming.

(mushroom-eater) When your Imbued Mushroom spawns, use it to transform into an enemy .

  • Imbued Mushrooms: Light blue mushrooms that spawn in 4 locations. 1 spawns every 60 seconds. Use to transform into an enemy for 45 seconds ( buff). While transformed, the poison floor and enemy attacks don't affect you. Use to remove Poison Mushrooms and their poison floor. Use to de-transform. Cannot transform again for 4 minutes ().
  • Remove lingering skills (like banners) before transforming! Your skills buff and hurt players!
  • If there's poison floor near the Imbued Mushrooms, (if needed) in, and then use it.
  • When you transform, twice to quickly get away from your squad's attacks!
  • Your transformed health is based on your pre-transformation health, which then affects your health when you de-transform. Losing all health also de-transforms you in a state. If you're in poison floor, you die quickly!

While transformed, Poison Mushrooms to remove the damaging bright green floor.

  • Poison Mushrooms: Red-purple mushrooms that make bright green floor around them. Touching the "poison floor" causes moderate damage and ().

For wall strategy, the basic path to eat is:

  1. the mushroom(s) between your Imbued Mushroom and next mushroom-eater's marker
  2. the mushroom at next mushroom-eater's marker

For center strategy, the basic path to eat is:

  1. at your Imbued Mushroom
  2. the mushroom(s) between your Imbued Mushroom and your marker
  3. the mushroom at your marker
  4. 1 mushroom toward the next Imbued Mushroom's spawn location

De-transform and return to the squad.

While there's a mushroom-eater making a safe area, non-transformed players carefully DPS until the mushroom-eater de-transforms.

  • Be careful to not , cleave, or attack the transformed player!
  • Don't use !
  • If the transformed player dies before creating a safe area, you'll have nowhere safe to fight, wiping the squad!

In Phase 1, has:

  • : Auto-attack. Low damage.
  • : Damaging aura.
  • : Every 30 seconds, a purple star appears over a random player's head. follows and attacks that player until a new target is selected. The new target can be the same player. You lose by , , or transforming into a .
  • : Every ~45 seconds, pounds his fists on the ground. 3 sets of AoE circles spawn under players. They cause 5-second and significant damage.
  • : locks in place and breathes a large cone of fire, damaging and stacking every tick.
  • : Starting at 6:35, every 25 seconds, a random player gets a green skull over their head and a SAK. Use the SAK to place a slowly-expanding AoE that causes very high damage. The AoE is automatically placed after 6 seconds, you , or transform into a .
  • : Every 30 seconds, 5 spawn. They cause conditions and corrupt boons. them to for easy cleaving.

While the first mushroom-eater is making a safe area, moves toward the player. After ~1 auto-attack, he uses .

  • To easily avoid , count 1, 2, 3, and then .
  • Wait 3 seconds before returning! The AoEs don't immediately despawn!
  • If you move while the AoEs are appearing, you're more likely to into another AoE.

If you have , move forward, to the "front" of the safe area.

  • moves slowly, so it's better to move too fast than too slow.
  • By moving forward, to the most recently cleared safe area, it's far away from respawned poison floor and growing AoEs. It's also near the next Imbued Mushroom's spawn location, so the mushroom-eater is away from the squad for less time.
  • When someone is , "[character name] is currently fixated." appears in the middle of the screen for all players.

When uses , even if you're , move behind him to avoid the attack. He doesn't move until after finishes.

If you have , put it behind your squad, near the wall.

  • Your screen edges turn yellow, there's a noise, and "Volatile Poison" appears in the middle of your screen and chat box. You also have a green skull above your head and a SAK.
  • The AoE grows for a long time. Placing it behind the squad (not the direction that the squad's moving) keeps you from moving into it.
  • If there's poison floor near the wall, (if needed) in, place the AoE, and out.

Make sure to kill the , to avoid being overwhelmed by conditions and corrupted boons!

  • Be careful not to or kill transformed mushroom-eaters! The spawn around the same time mushroom-eaters transform into !

Every 20% (80%/60%/40%, and so on), gains , making him stop moving and become .

Break , and then stop its attack.

During , gains a 4,000 . CC him quickly, before the Poison Mushrooms respawn, removing the safe area.

After CCing , he wakes up and uses a 10-second on the squad. To stop it, use , , a , or a condition-cleanse.

stops being , and then starts moving again.

DPS to 50%, CCing his at 80% and 60%.

Phase 2 (50% to 30%)

Phase 2 is like Phase 1, but with .

  • : stops and shakes violently, sending 2 waves of projectiles outward. The projectiles cause , , , and .

To avoid , twice toward .

DPS to 30%, CCing his at 40%.

Phase 3 (30% to 0%)

Phase 3 is like Phase 2, but spawn instead of regular . There's also an extra at 10%.

cause more damage and use unblockable projectiles.

Make sure to kill the ! Reflects don't work against their projectiles!

DPS , CCing his at 20% and 10%. When he dies, the fight ends.


Phase 1 (100% to 50%)

Mushroom-eater starts the fight and clears a safe area. moves forward. Dodge , avoid , put behind the squad. and kill adds. DPS to 50%, CCing him at 80% and 60%.

  • Mushroom-eater turns into a hostile Slubling. twice to avoid being killed by your squad.
  • Be careful to not or cleave your mushroom-eater!
  • For , count “1, 2, 3” and then .
  • If , move forward along the cleared area. He moves slowly, so better to be too fast than too slow.
  • Even if , to avoid , move behind .
  • Use your SAK to put behind the squad, next to a wall.
  • and kill adds to avoid corrupted boons.
  • Every 20%, falls asleep and becomes .
  • Quickly CC before the damaging green floor respawns.
  • After CCing , stop the with , , a , or a condition-cleanse.

Phase 2 (50% to 30%)

Like Phase 1, but starts using . DPS to 30%, CCing him at 40%.

  • When uses , twice toward him.

Phase 3 (30% to 0%)

Like Phase 2, but spawn instead of regular , and there's an extra at 10%. DPS until he dies, CCing him at 20% and 10%.

  • use unblockable projectiles.

Common Mistakes

  • (mushroom-eater) Forgetting to eat your Imbued Mushroom when it spawns.
  • When , not moving to the front of the safe area, making players CC and DPS in respawned poison floor and growing AoEs.
  • Putting near the squad, removing safe areas to fight in.
  • your transformed mushroom-eater, killing them with cleave. No cleared Poison Mushrooms = no safe area to fight in.
  • (mushroom-eater) Eating too few Poison Mushrooms, so there's no safe area before the next Imbued Mushroom spawns.
  • (mushroom-eater) Eating too many Poison Mushrooms, as the nearby poison floor respawns before the next Imbued Mushroom respawns.
  • Not fighting in a safe area, because the next mushroom-eater is dead, the player didn't move quickly, or there's nearby.
  • Face-tanking , , and , instead of avoiding them.
  • Not having some way to stop the after CCing every .

Common Names

  • mushroom-eater (special role) = mushrooms, shrooms, friendly slub, friendly slubling
  • / = slubs
  • = fire breath
  • = poison
  • = coconuts, shake

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