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Updated Mar 16, 2022
This is an event style encounter.


is Wing 1's first encounter, consisting of 3 events.

You use the following Masteries and mounts:

  • Masteries: (everyone). Also (if making portals). For 2 of the 3 hidden chests after , .
  • mounts: N/A (released before Path of Fire).

Have and for enemies' frequent .

Have condi-cleanses for the constant .

(optional, but common) portals for Event 1.

  • Non- portals also help (like and ), but no means more cooldowns.

(optional) (usually ) is useful after Event 2, on the way to Event 3.

Event 1: Closing Spectral Rifts

Players start on a platform overlooking the arena. The event begins when all enemies in the arena die.

To finish the event, close 20 rifts (Spectral Rifts) within 4 minutes while being attacked by enemies.

Rifts appear around the arena. After they appear, close them within 20 seconds, or they explode, causing massive squad-wide damage.

Stand in rifts to close them. The red ring turns blue when a rift is being closed. More players in a rift close them more quickly.

Enemies spawn while the event is happening. They use and . Focus on closing rifts and staying alive, but make sure to kill the nearby champions!

  • Kill the champions to keep their numbers low, or you'll be overwhelmed.

For faster movement between rifts:

  • Place portals between distant rifts, using to reset cooldowns.
  • Glide instead of running to lower rifts.

The event finishes after closing 20 rifts.

Go through the opened gate and across the bridge. LoS the enemies behind a pillar before killing them.

Event 2: Escaping the Spirits

The torch in the brazier (before the start of this event) is used for 3 achievements. If it's needed, have a support player carry it.

  • The torch disables weapon skills. It's destroyed if the player carrying it downs, dies, weapon-swaps, changes bundles (e.g., kits), or transforms (e.g., ).
  • (Envoy I) For getting from the brazier and from the revealed chest.
  • (Keep the Lights On) Light the brazier after Event 3.
  • (Loot Finder) Loot 3/4 chests after Event 3.

Players start on a platform overlooking the path.

(commander) Before starting, make sure that everyone knows what strategy you're using.

  • If you don't know what strategy to use, have 4 support/DPS players close rifts, while 6 DPS players run through rifts and kill barriers.
  • In most strategies, support players close rifts, while DPS players run through rifts (to help close them) and kills barriers.
  • Different strategies use more DPS players to close rifts or have DPS close specific rifts.
  • Bring condi-cleanses for and for .

The event begins when players jump down. Use Ready Check first!

  • Use Ready Check, to make sure everyone's ready to start together. When the commander jumps and glides, everyone follows.
  • Some players prefer starting from the narrow ledge to the left of the starting platform. Like the platform, the event only begins when players jump down.

When starting the event, glide to put further distance between you and an insta-kill AoE of spirits.

To finish the event, destroy 4 barriers (Ethereal Barriers) and close nearby rifts (Spectral Rifts). While doing so, you're being attacked by enemies and fleeing from an insta-kill wall of spirits.

Kill barriers, and close their rifts.

  • The barriers have very large hitboxes, so you can often use ranged or even melee attacks while closing rifts.
  • Barrier 1 has 1 rift.
  • Barrier 2 has 1 rift.
  • Barrier 3 has 2 rifts. After the barrier, glide over the gap. If you don't have Mastery, use a portal instead.
  • Barrier 4 has 3 rifts. Portals are often used so rift-closers don't have to run to the next rift.

The event finishes after destroying the fourth barrier.

Event 3: Opening the Gate

Before the event starts, run straight, left, and then up the stairs, ignoring the enemies. The event is in a graveyard.

  • Using lets players run past enemies easily before starting the event. Nearby reset cooldowns.
  • If you just joined the instance or /gged, run from the beginning to the end of Event 2.

To complete the event, players must stand on 5 pressure plates spread throughout the room at the same time, while enemies attack them. and dead players don't count.

The pressure plates are in 5 locations. There are multiple ways to get to them; however, from the top of the stairs:

  • jumping puzzle: Jump onto the tree branch, and then run across it until mushrooms appear. Jump on the mushrooms to reach the pressure plate.
  • gazebo: Jump onto the tree branch, and then run across it until mushrooms appear. Jump down onto the nearby platform, and then run into the small building.
  • across the branch: Jump across the tree branch to the other side. Continuing straight, jump down onto the nearby platform.
  • mausoleum: Jump across the tree branch to the other side. Continuing straight, jump down onto the nearby platform. Jump down to the next platform, and then run through the vine-covered doorway. Turn left to reach the pressure plate in a nearby alcove.
  • under the stairs: Jump down. The pressure plate is below the stairs.

The event finishes when all 5 pressure plates are activated at the same time.

Go through the opened gate.

If someone is carrying the torch, run to the right of the gap leading to . Put it in the nearby brazier, revealing a hidden chest.

  • (Envoy I) Interact with the lit brazier with a to turn it into an .

Accessing 2/3 of the hidden chests requires the and Masteries, or a portal.

3/4 of Wing 1's hidden chests (which contain for Envoy I) are found nearby:

  • (needs lit brazier) To the left of the brazier, go to a nearby pedestal.
  • Past the brazier near the first hidden chest, use the to land on a ledge, and then glide to the top of the nearby pillar.
  • From the second hidden chest, drop down to the ground. Go to the platform where Event 2 began and jump down. Turn back toward the platform.

After looting the third hidden chest, move away and /gg to respawn before .


Event 1: Closing Spectral Rifts

Close 20 rifts (Spectral Rifts) before time runs out.

  • Rifts are closed when 1+ player(s) stand in the rings.
  • More players in a rift close the rift more quickly.
  • Rifts explode for heavy squad-wide damage when not closed within 20 seconds of appearance.
  • Close older rifts first.
  • After the event, LoS enemies behind a pillar before killing them.

Event 2: Escaping the Spirits

Break barriers (Ethereal Barriers) and close rifts while fleeing from an instant-kill wall.

  • (for Envoy I, Keep the Lights On, and Loot Finder achievements) Before starting the event, have a support character carry the torch from the brazier. Don't weapon-swap, change bundles, transform, down, or die.
  • To get further ahead of the insta-kill wall, glide when starting the event.
  • Glide after the third barrier.

Event 3: Opening the Gate

Stand on 5 pressure plates at the same time.

  • For pressure plates, players can't be or dead.
  • The 5 pressure plates are located after the jumping puzzle, gazebo, across the branch, in the mausoleum, and under the stairs.
  • After completing Event 3, place the torch in the brazier.
  • (for Envoy I) With a in your inventory, interact with the lit brazier for the .
  • For Envoy I () and Loot Finder, loot the 3 hidden chests before /gging to respawn.

Common Mistakes

  • In all events, not having , , or condition-cleanses, causing constant and .
  • (Event 2) Not gliding at the same time as everyone else, dying to the instant-kill AoE of spirits.
  • (Event 2) Forgetting to glide after the third barrier.

Common Names

  • = Spirit Run
  • closing Spectral Rifts = capturing rifts
  • pre-Event 2 torch in the brazier = brazier
  • Ethereal Barriers = walls
  • pressure plates = buttons

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