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Twisted Castle

Updated Apr 10, 2022
This is an event style encounter.


Twisted Castle is a maze-type encounter of floating platforms that are connected by portals. The goal is to reach and open the door at the end of the maze.

There are 7 buttons in the maze and at least 5 of them need to be activated in order to open the final door.

The enemies have a lot of CC and can players off platforms so bring and CC.


Each platform in the encounter has at least one portal in the shape of the door. On most of the platforms with White Mantle adds present need to be killed in order to activate the portals.

Each portal always leads to a fixed location. Some platforms are close enough that they can be reached through specific movement skills, allowing players to skip the regular way of reaching that platform.


Stacking Madness

  • Each time you gain a stack of , a shadow of a demon head with red eyes appears above your head.
  • is gained passively at a rate of 1 stack every 5 seconds
  • Facing the rotating spire in the middle of the encounter increases at a rate of 1 stack every second. In some locations the rate is doubled.
  • Many of the portals face you towards the spire when you take them.
  • While facing the rotating spire, the stacks increase so fast that the demon head shadow is permanently visible. This is the most obvious indicator to tell that you are looking at the rotating spire.
  • Effects

  • 10 stacks: (5 seconds).
  • 20 stacks: (10 seconds).
  • 30 stacks: 5,000 damage if looking at the spire; a gray eye icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 40 stacks: (5 stacks for 10 seconds).
  • 50 stacks: (10 stacks for 20 seconds).
  • 60 stacks: 10,000 damage if looking at the spire; a yellow eye icon appears over the player’s head.
  • 70 stacks: (20 stacks for 20 seconds).
  • 80 stacks: (3 seconds).
  • 90 stacks: (5 seconds); a red eye icon will appear over the player’s head.
  • 99 stacks: instant death.
  • Removing and Preventing Madness

  • There are several fountains spread across the labyrinth. In order to interact with a fountain, the Forsaken Magic mastery is required.
  • Dipping your hands will remove 10 stacks of . You must click “Leave” or it will not apply.
  • Drinking the water will prevent the passive stacking of for 30 seconds. It won’t prevent stacking from having your character face the rotating spire. You must click “Leave” or it will not apply.
  • Using a fountain will apply the effect to the player, preventing them from using another fountain for one minute. After this time limit, any may be used again.
  • Unless is 6 or below, dipping is always the better option.
  • Buttons and Physical Doors

    Buttons are small white objects on the ground that will light up and cause a bell sound to play when a player steps on them for the first time.

    There are 7 physical doors in the maze that can prevent the group’s advance on a platform. Each of these doors is opened by pressing one specific button.

    2 physical doors bar the path towards the final door, making two buttons mandatory to press for regular clears. One of these buttons is located behind another physical door making a total of 3 buttons mandatory to press.

    Haunting Statues

  • can and do damaging attacks. They have very high movement speed. The red circle around their hitbox returns players to the entrance.
  • cannot move or attack while being looked at by a player character.
  • Gazes from players that are jumping get ignored.
  • Gazes from players that are dodging sometimes get ignored.
  • Fake Floor

    There is one platform with square shaped segments of fake floor that you will fall through when trying to walk on them, resulting in your untimely death.

    Fake floors have a distortion effect. As fake floor does not qualify as ground, trying to cast ground targeted skills on it won’t work meaning that players can use the target indicator of their skills to scout ahead.

    Damage Traps

    On some platforms, there are pulsing pink cubes applying which deals damage to the player over a duration


    There are 3 named buttons: Skip, Fountain, and Triple. Often, the will do all 3 of these but they can be divided amongst any number of players.

    Kill the adds and then take the first door to the left.

    Go through the door straight ahead.

    Use and kill the mobs to open the portals. Try to avoid facing the rotating spire while fighting.

    Skip happens here

    Fountain happens here

    Use and kill the mobs to open the portals. Triple happens here. If someone has a portal, have them drop it at the corner of the left door and then onto the arch below and drop the exit. If there are no portals, everyone will have to onto the arch below.

    Jump off the stairs to the left and activate the button.

    Kill mobs while one or two people go through the open door behind the stairs. Activate the button on the platform across the debris.

    Run back up the stairs (might have to give a a bit of a shove), take the portal, and run to the finish while trying to not die.


    A class with some sort of leap ability needs to jump the gap to the button off to the right. Typically an with , an with , or a with . After activating it, walk into the directly ahead to return to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.


    From the platform before Skip, take the portal that puts the Skip button on your right side. Step on the button and then take the only other portal on the platform to return to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.


    Take the portal on the left. The door ahead will likely be locked. Wait for the main group to activate their two buttons and the door will open.

    Use any leaps / blinks / extra speed you can give yourself to get past the 3 to the right (hence the name Triple). If you have nothing to help, walk slowly to the side and backwards while facing them.

    Activate the button and take the portal back to the beginning. Follow the previous steps to return to the group.

    Common Mistakes/Tips

  • If you find yourself somewhere unfamiliar, either enter portal doors until one brings you back to the start or find a to run into.
  • To look around you while keeping your character facing towards a , use your left mouse button. If this option is not enabled, go into Options and disable “Use either mouse button to change direction”.
  • Heal, Utility and Elite skills can be swapped to options that provide (in rough order of priority) , , , other hard CC, , mobility, , Condi removal, or in order to easily deal with trash mobs and .
  • If you get split from the group, avoid looking at the rotating spire. If you do not gain stacks quickly, you have plenty of time to return to the group or have them guide you through the path.
  • Many of the fountains are located where stopping to interact with them is more harmful than ignoring them. Unless it is clearly safe, fountains should generally be ignored.
  • When placing portals, place them far enough away from doors. Otherwise, players will go through the door when trying to interact.
  • The three chests in the encounter drop Ectoplasmic Residue for the Envoy Armor I collection and can safely be looted after the encounter is finished.
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