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Once Samarog has been defeated, you will be able to exit his area. You can then glide down towards the next arena, a circular platform.

Carefully glide down to this platform but ensure you stay on the edge of it. If you glide too far in, you will trigger Deimos and lead to an unhappy squad.

You will notice four statues around the arena, stay clear of them for now! They will inflict Fear if you get to close, which will force you to run to the center of the arena!

Deimos has a Toughness based aggro mechanic which means that you will need to discuss with your squad to work out who will be tanking. Typically, Deimos will be tanked by a Support Chronomancer.

You also need to dedicate two other players to specific roles. You will need a: Hand Kiter and a Black Kiter.

Both these roles will be explained later on through the guide, so keep on reading!

The Shackled Prisoner

In the middle of the arena, you will notice a Shackled Prisoner. This NPC is bound by four shackles, one from each of the four statues that surround the room.

Once the fight has begun, Prides and Greeds will spawn all around the outside of the arena and march towards the Shackled Prisoner. These enemies will deal damage to this NPC, with Prides dealing significantly more damage. Both of these enemies can be inflicted with soft CC and slowed down.

Focus your efforts on the Prides, they can be easily killed if enough of your squad focuses on them. If the Shackled Prisoner loses all of his health, due to too many Prides and Greeds arriving, your squad will wipe.

A few seconds after the encounter begins, a random player will receive a large green AoE around them that rapidly shrinks. Your squad will be notified by a message that will read: "The Eye of Janthir has chosen...".

Once this AoE has completely empied, all squad members inside of it will be teleported to the Demonic Realm. Here, you will find four statues. One in the North, South, East and West. There will also be an Invulnerable shadowly figure in the center of this area who uses a coned AoE attack which causes a Knockback.

The aim of this AoE is to Push you off the circular platform and instantly defeat you. Avoid it at all costs!

Your squad should split up, in the Demonic Realm, and kill the four statues. When one is killed, you will be ported back up to the main platform where the Shackled Prisoner is. You can kill multiple statues each time you are teleported to this Realm, as long as they are killed within seconds of each other. You will continuously be teleported to the Demonic Realm until all four statues have been destroyer or the Shackled Prisoner dies, which will wipe your squad.

Once all four statues have been defeated, Deimos will jump down onto the main platform and the Shackled Prisoner will reveal himself as Saul D'Alessio.

What is a Hand Kiter?

So, what the hell is a Hand Kiter? And why do you need one?

Demonic Hands will spawn on the squad member who is the furthest from Deimos. They will spawn in waves of five hands at a time. These hands will need to be kept far away from Deimos as they will grant him a buff, Devour, for each hand he consumes. Each stack of Devour will grant him a 2% damage increase!

Typically, hands are kited around the outside of the arena by a single player. This player normally takes a self-sustaining build with a little bit of Toughness.

Saul D'Alessio will throw down a banner on the hand kiter which will heal them for 5% of their total health every second. This will help you survive while you kite.

The most important thing as a hand kiter, is that you have a block. You need this to survive that will otherwise instantly Down you. Check out the builds for hand kiters on the main website!

A Wild Deimos has Appeared! 100% - 75%

Once Deimos has landed, he has three attacks that you need to know about:

  1. The first is , this is his auto attack that deals damage to any squad members in front of him.
  2. The second is , this attack causes "pizza slices" to appear around Deimos from front to back. These slices cause a Knockback, inflict Vulnerability and cause some heavy damage. Take care that this attack does not knock you off the platform, as it will instantly kill you. This attack can be blocked or Dodged.
  3. The final attack is , this attack causes you to be instantly Downed if you do not have a block or are hiding the central blue dome. Typically, all squad members, except the tank, will run and hide in this central dome.

The tank will face Deimos away from the main group, on the other side of the platform to the Hand Kiter. This means you do not need to worry so much about .

The two attacks you need to watch out for are and . Always assume that you will not block these attacks and try to deal with them correctly. You can Dodge and run to the center of the arena, to the blue dome, to survive .

will first occur when Deimos reaches 90%. This skill will channel for five seconds before triggering, you can see the channel by Deimos swinging his maces around in circles. During this mechanic, Saul D'Alessio will cast Form Up and Advance!. This will boost your movement speed so you can quickly get to the safe zone.

Once Deimos reaches 75%, a new phase will begin. Just as with the phase named "The Shackled Prisoner", the Eye of Janthir will choose a target. Unlike the begining of the encounter, this cannot be the Tank nor the Hand Kiter. All squad members, except for these two, should take this green AoE down to the Demonic Realm.

The Thief

There is one aspect of the Demonic Realm that was not explained earlier. You will constantly gain a debuff with a very strange name, "??". For technical purposes, it's been named - Demonic Realm Stacks.

Demonic Realm Stacks will decrease movement speed and apply a constant ticking damage. Both these negative effects increase per stack that you have.

Once in the Demonic Realm, you will encounter a shadowy version of Saul D'Alessio called "The Thief".

75% - 50%

The Gambler

50% - 25%

The Drunkard

25% - 10%

The Final Phase. 10% - 0%


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