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Like Cairn before it, Mursaat Overseer, the second encounter of Bastion of the Penitent, is a very simple fight that most groups should have little issue with. The main sources of damage here are the arena itself and adds, but if correctly managed there will actually be very little damage pressure here.

There is slightly more personal responsibility placed on the three players assigned to handling the Special Action Keys, picked up by interacting with the three lights you will see upon entering the arena, as they are will be tasked with dealing with most of the fight’s mechanics.

Mursaat Overseer also has an instant kill mechanic, but it is very well telegraphed and should be easy enough for every player to avoid. For many groups, this fight is little more than a glorified damage golem, as most of the squad will simply be attacking the boss with minimal movements.

Be aware that picking up all three Special Action Keys will start the fight, so usually the player who plans to take Dispel will wait by it until the squad is ready so they can take theirs last.

The Arena

As you enter the arena, you will most likely notice that it is a 4 x 4 grid, and that the Western two rows are lit up yellow, while the Eastern half is brown. Standing within the yellow sections will cause you to take pulses of damage, as they are considered the enemies’ territory. The brown tiles are your own squad’s territory and are safe to stand in.

The player holding Claim will be responsible for taking lit up tiles for your team using their Special Action Key. As much as possible, you will want to be positioned within your team’s tiles to avoid taking unnecessary damage.

The arena itself is also the source of this fight’s instant kill mechanic. Periodically, certain tiles will glow with small green spikes. After a short delay, these spikes will shoot up, defeating, not Downing, any player stood in that tile unless Protect was also used. When players see the spikes, they should move to a safe tile unless it was agreed beforehand that Protect would be used.

These spikes also follow a set pattern, changing every 25%, so it is very predictable. Just remember that for 75% of the fight, the center North-Eastern and South-Western tiles will be safe.

Scouts and Soldiers

At the beginning of the fight, you will see four adds called Jade Scouts, one in each of the four Western tiles. These enemies do nothing but move slowly East across the arena in a straight horizontal line, although each tile they enter will be Claimed for the enemy team. They cannot be killed, but reducing their health to 1% will prevent them from moving while they regenerate their health.

When a Scout reaches the East side of the arena, they will transform into a different enemy called a Jade Soldier. These Jade Soldiers are far more dangerous. They will head directly for your group, Claiming tiles as they go, and will have an aura around them that will increase the damage caused by other fight mechanics by 25%, which will stack if multiple Jade Soldiers approach at once.

As such, it is important to cleave it down fast and for the player managing Claim to regain the tile you are standing on for your team as fast as possible to minimize damage taken. However, be aware that when the Jade Soldier reaches 1% of its health, it will curl up and then explode, dealing a large amount of damage to your team. Your healer should try to make sure you are at high health as this happens, or you can attempt to block the damage with Aegis or personal blocks. After the Jade Soldier dies, another Jade Scout will be spawned to replace it, which will begin to move after a short delay.

There are a few methods used to prevent too many Jade Soldiers approaching the team. A very popular strategy is to take at least one Necromancer, and use to ensure that the Jade Scouts reach the end of the arena in a staggered pattern so you will only have to deal with one at a time.

Another is to have any ranged DPS, or even better, players with ranged cleave, kill the Jade Scouts as they approach to stagger them. It is also possible to simply allow the Jade Scouts to pass you and use Protect to negate the damage as you kill all the Jade Soldiers at the same time. Which strategy you use will depend on your team, but using is most likely the easiest for beginners and unorganized groups.

It is also important to know that every 20 seconds or so, one Jade Scout or Jade Soldier will gain a yellow dome shield, Mursaat Overseer’s Shield, that will prevent them from taking damage. This is removed by the player using Dispel, and it is very important that they are using it consistently, as shields left alone can prevent you from staggering the Jade Scouts or leave you with a Jade Soldier on the group for far longer than necessary.


The first of the Special Action Keys available in the fight, Claim, allows one player to both play tank, as the Mursaat Overseer will fixate on the player with this, and determine which areas of the field are safe to stand in.

Like most controllable tanking mechanics, usually one of the Chronomancers will take Claim. They should require no extra Toughness.

Claim has a very short Cooldown, so it can be used frequently. Just ground target the enemy tile you want to Claim, taking care to not hit the edges, as it may cause your Claim to miss. With Alacrity, it should be off Cooldown again within five seconds.

When taking Claim, your first priority should be to ensure that your team always has places to stand safely. This may be overwhelming at first, but there is a very easy rule of thumb to it; above 25% of the Mursaat Overseer’s health, one of the four center tiles will always be safe to stand in, so by keeping those four Claimed as much as possible, you will always have somewhere to stand for most of the fight.

Even easier, if your team’s DPS is at least average, you should almost always be able to stand safely in the North-East or South-West tiles. For the final 25%, the safe tiles begin at the North-East center, then rotate counter-clockwise. If DPS is low at this point and you do not have Protect available, you may need to Claim the outermost South-Eastern tile, but that is the only time you should need to leave the center tiles of the arena.

Though keeping all four center tiles Claimed is ideal, if a Jade Scout is nearing the East side of the arena you should hold off on Claiming until that Jade Scout becomes a Jade Soldier and approaches you. If that Jade Soldier steps into the tile your team is in, or needs to move to, you should then Claim it back immediately to reduce the damage you take.

Other than necessary movements to avoid spikes, try to hold as still as possible. If your team is using to control Jade Scouts, begin the fight in the middle of the North-Eastern center tile so that three Jade Scouts will be in range. Once they have been stopped, the ideal place to keep Mursaat Overseer in as close to the center of the arena as possible to minimize team movement when avoiding spikes and to try to prevent Jade Soldiers from entering the tile you are standing on.

Though Claim may seem like a stressful role, it is actually not too hard to learn. As long as you have situational awareness you should do fine!


The second of this fight’s Special Action Keys, , is also crucial to the fight’s success but is very simple to use. Whenever a Jade Scout or Jade Soldier gains the Mursaat Overseer’s Shield effect, the player holding Dispel must target that enemy and use their Special Action Key. Done correctly, this will remove the shield, allowing that enemy to continue taking damage. Dispel’s Cooldown is just slightly faster than new shields will be applied, so a missed Dispel can be difficult to recover from.

Always be sure you are correctly targeting the enemy with the shield before using it. Note that Dispel is not a projectile despite its graphical look, so it cannot be body blocked by the Mursaat Overseer itself. As long as you are watching the Jade Scouts and Jade Soldiers whenever Dispel comes off Cooldown, handling Dispel is relatively easy, especially toward the later parts of the fight when there are less to deal with.


The final Special Action Key, Protect, is arguably the easiest to manage of the three, but the correct time to use it, if you end up using it at all, is somewhat dependent on the team’s strategy and communication. Protect is a Ground Targeted skill that will create a small dome that pulses Invulnerability to everyone within it for five seconds, as long as they are not Downed. This will protect from everything, including the spikes. However, it has a very long 180 second Cooldown, so even with perfect Alacrity it is almost certain that you will only be able to use it once in the fight, and because of this it is important to have an awareness of when Protect is best used.

The first strategy for Protect use, and the one most commonly seen in unorganized groups, is to simply wait until an emergency where it is needed. Common examples of this would be reaching 25% and Protecting to avoid leaving the center tiles when there is no space left, or if too many Jade Soldiers spawn at once, Protect may be used to kill them without the damage pressure. If you use Protect in one of these cases, it’s a good idea to communicate with the squad that you have so no one will assume you can Protect later.

Another strategy is to intentionally Protect to avoid moving for one set of spikes. This helps to improve DPS, but if you do this strategy make sure the entire group understands which set of spikes you plan to Protect beforehand so they do not leave and waste it. It is also very important when doing this that you do not use Protect too early; if it wears off before the spikes pop up, you will wipe your team!

Finally, some groups that are not using or ranged damage to control Jade Scouts will allow all four to reach the East side of the arena at once. In this case, when the Jade Soldiers reach you, you will drop Protect on the group so everyone can safely cleave them down without taking damage.


Lit up yellow tiles will cause you to take damage, brown tiles are safe.

When you see spikes, move to another tile to avoid being instantly killed.

The North-Eastern and South-Western center tiles will almost always be safe, except below 25% when your safespot will move counterclockwise starting from North-East.

Jade Scouts will cross the field and become the much more dangerous Jade Soldiers. Stagger their movement by lowering their health to 1%, and then kill Jade Solders as fast as possible when they reach you.

Mursaat Overseer will focus on the player with Claim, they should move the boss to allow others to deal with Jade Scouts and remain in safe spots.

With Claim, try to keep the center four tiles clear and hold the skill for when a Jade Soldier approaches so that you may immediately reclaim the tile you are standing in.

Dispel should be aware of the adds at all times and Dispel off Cooldown, always targeting the correct Jade Scout or Jade Soldier first.

Protect may either save their skill for an emergency, or decide when to tactically Protect beforehand.

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