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Condition Mirage is a heavy condition DPS class that focuses on applying Confusion, Torment and Bleeding.

Currently it's one of the top condition DPS classes out there due to how well Confusion and Torment work on certain bosses.

This class has a medium learning curve due to the need to always finish your auto attack chain when wanting to get really nice high numbers. You also will need to learn the encounters well to be able to determine when to use your skills that apply high amounts of Confusion.

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Raid Viability

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Gear & Food

Viper's Helm
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Shoulders
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Chest
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Gloves
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Leggings
Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Boots
Superior Rune of the Nightmare

Superior Rune of the Nightmare
Viper's Axe
Malice Sigil
Viper's Pistol
Energy Sigil

Viper's Torch
Energy Sigil

Food, Utility & Infusions
Red-Lentil Saobosa
Master Tuning Crystal
Spiteful Infusions

Traits & Skills



General Rotation

Priority Shatter List:

  1. and
  2. and
  3. and

Shatter Sequence Option 1:

  1. or
  2. Two Shatters during
  3. or

Shatter Sequence Option 2:

  1. or
  2. Two Shatters during

Shatter Sequence Option 3:

  1. Two Shatters during

Shatter Sequence Option 4:

  1. Two Shatters during

If you use a phantasm, or , for your shatter sequence, you may have time to fill before your with an or .

Make sure to shatter before the end of the animation of .

If your is up you will want to pair it with . If not, use and the next priority shatter combination.

Filler for when you can't use a Shatter Sequence:

  1. Full Endurance
  2. or
  3. Greater than 50% Endurance
  4. Weapon Swap
  5. Auto Attack


To know that you have this rotation locked down you will want to aim for ~ 24 stacks of Confusion.


The "Shatter Sequence" is meant to allow you to:

  • Shatter twice and then replenish your clones as quickly as possible. Phantasms turn into clones, so you shatter whenever you have a phantasm up.
  • Use to generate a clone.
  • Finally use a Deception skill to generate the third clone from .

Your Deception skills are:

You have Quickness, hopefully, but your clones don't. This means that you will complete your actions faster than they will and can interrupt their skill animations. For example:

  • You need to take care when Dodging after using as you will interrupt your clones.

Don't be inside the boss's hitbox when you use as you can very easily cancel the skill.

If you don't have a way to immediately generate three clones after shattering, you should not shatter!

Be sure to only Weapon Swap when below 50% endurance so you don't waste any of the endurance gained from . Dodge during the cast of skills so you lose as little DPS as possible.

Make sure to never Weapon Swap during the animation of as this will cancel the ambush attack.

Use off Cooldown and be sure to press auto attack immediately to remove your Stealth and continue attacking. Always try to be in melee whenever you use and for when the skill finishes to trigger the trait .

Use off Cooldown.

Be aware where you place a from each skill, as you will want to be able to access them later.