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Condition Scourge is a relatively easy build to learn but can be tricky to master due to a heavy requirement of management and placement. The key to mastery is understanding the prioritization of your skills and why they are ordered as such.

This build will underperform in situations where skills like or supportive effects like Barrier and condition cleanse cannot be utilized but shines in situations where ranged damage is needed. This is very clear when playing as a kiter at Sabetha.

The Breakbar damage that Condition Scourge offers is 400, most coming from Fear, but can be increased to 600 in a pinch by taking a Warhorn.

Condition Scourge is a beginner friendly build but can only reach its true potential at a few encounters. Learning the order of skill priority is very important to mastering this class.

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Gear & Food

Viper's Helm
Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Shoulders
Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Chest
Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Gloves
Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Leggings
Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Boots
Superior Rune of the Elementalist

Superior Rune of the Elementalist
Viper's Scepter
Earth Sigil
Viper's Torch
Bursting Sigil

Viper's Torch
Torment Sigil

Food, Utility & Infusions
Plate of Beef Rendang
Toxic Focusing Crystal
Malign Infusions

Traits & Skills




Condition Scourge doesn’t have to worry about keeping track of cooldowns due to them all being visible at all times. As such, you want to use your abilities with the following prioritization in mind.

  • Use any weapon skill that is off cooldown with the following priority:
    • Instantly Exploding Minions
  • Weapon Swap off cooldown.
  • Complete your Scepter auto attack chain, this mainly applies to the final chain attack - .
  • Use as a filler skill and ensure you maintain three of them!
  • Use the combination of into if both skills are off cooldown.
  • Begin a new Scepter auto attack chain if you can't complete any of the above steps.

Full credit goes to Majestic Flaps for this video.

"Rotation" Explanation

There are two key parts of your arsenal that you need to keep in mind whilst in a fight:

  1. Maintaining three of permanently.
  2. The skill combination.

Never allow your Life Force to build up too much. You should use your shade skills with the following priority if you are using :

If you are running you should use your shade skills with the following priority:

Remember that has an internal Cooldown of one second!

If you continue to maintain these, you can use the rest of your abilities off Cooldown with the above skill prioritization in mind.

Furthermore, without a formal rotation you are "punished" less for retaining skills that are needed for a given situation, like saving for CC.