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Heal Renegade provides permanent Alacrity for your squad and some Might for your subgroup. This build should always be used as a secondary healer with a Druid carrying out the traditional main healer role to produce Fury and offensive squad buffs.

Don't tell anyone but this build does have . Wait...another build with offensive buffs? This can't be real. It must be an oversight by Arenanet so probably don't fixate on it too much.

This build also has good team support through , and . It produces Protection whenever you use a ability and some Regeneration and Retaliation when you evade an attack. These boons are thanks to the traits and .

Heal Renegade is a very easy build to pick up and can help support your subgroup.

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Raid Viability

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Gear & Food

Harrier's Helm
Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Shoulders
Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Chest
Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Gloves
Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Leggings
Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Boots
Superior Rune of the Monk

Superior Rune of the Monk
Harrier's Sword
Concentration Sigil
Harrier's Sword
Transference Sigil
Harrier's Staff
Concentration Sigil

Transference Sigil

Food, Utility & Infusions
Delicious Rice Ball
Bountiful Maintenance Oil
Mystical Infusions
Healing Infusions

Traits & Skills



General Rotation

Use and off cooldown. These take priority over weapon skills.

On you will want to spam as much as possible. and take priority over . Use if your subgroup is suffering from conditions.

As soon as you swap into you will want to use and .

There will be times when is on cooldown for the entire time that you are in and sometimes when you can use it half way through your time in this stance. Use it whenever you can. will always be ready.

Try not to use any other utility skills when you're in as it will hurt your uptime. Only use them if you absolutely have to.

is extremely strong which means that you won't want to be wasting any energy by using weapon skills. If for some reason you see that you have some energy left and your is about to come off cooldown you can use .

Never, ever, ever delay your Legend swap. Always swap off cooldown. Just do it.

In you will definitely have a bit of energy left over. Feel free to use , and to drain that excess energy.


Just in case you missed it...Legend swap off cooldown!

can be used to ignore certain mechanics and will act as a strong heal on classes that hit quickly. This skill might allow your DPS classes to continue DPS on Gorseval during .

If you have taken the build above, you don't have any Berserker pieces which means that your damage will be pretty low. This means there is no reason to shy away from swapping to Staff for more CC. If you do swap to Staff you can use for the heal and condition cleanse.

Always take care when using as it will cause you to pass straight through a boss's hitbox.