(21/02/18) Vale Guardian - Weaver Arcane Staff + Lightning Hammer

(08/11/17) Gorseval - Weaver Arcane Staff + Icebow

(11/11/17) Gorseval - Weaver Arcane Staff + Lightning Hammer

(05/12/17) Slothasor - Weaver Arcane Staff

(24/11/17) Keep Construct - Weaver Air Staff

(06/11/17) Samarog - Weaver Arcane Staff

(05/12/17) Deimos - Weaver Air Staff

(26/03/18) Dhuum - Weaver Arcane Staff

Tips for each encounter - Click on each section below to expand

Rotation Tips and Tricks
  • Staff:
    • Pay attention to where you drop your Conjures as you will need to pick them up later. Dropping all of them on top of each other won’t benefit you nor any other Weaver.
    • Use
      inside the hitbox for extra damage ticks.
    • Use
      in the middle of hitbox for more average hits.
    • Point of
      is to have it in your hands during most of
      for extra ferocity on its hits so adjust your rotation accordingly to achieve that.
    • Starting in
      is quite handy at a few bosses if you have to run to them. Good example is Sabetha. Can precast
      before starting your rotation and gain Swiftness to reach boss faster.

  • Sword:
    • Count auto attacks and don’t interrupt them. The third hit of every chain is a big part of this build’s damage and delaying skills/attunement swaps to finish them is worth it.

Healing skill variations
  • : Long cast time burst heal. Not that great for your rotation but really useful for when you’ll take a lot of damage and can’t get heal from other sources. Good example is at Dhuum.
  • : The low cast time makes this heal easily usable during your rotation for when you wanna heal but not for too much. Good example is at VG when outhealing Greens.
  • : If you find yourself almost never actually pressing your healing skill in a fight then this heal will keep your Scholar up bit more. Good example is at Samarog.

Gear Variant
  • Spotterless:
  • Spotterless Keep Construct:
    instead of
  • Keep Construct:

Weaver Power
Regardless of Strategy

  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
  • At the start of split precast
    on blue guardian as it has to die asap.
  • Save your
    for Green Guardian and use it in
    to apply Vulnerability to it.
  • Don’t waste your Healing Skill too early during split, wait util Druid runs out of CA before using it.

Outhealing Green AoEs
  • If you trust your Druid then you can swap
  • If the group is tanking next to the edge then you can precast
    followed by
    until VG is next to the edge. After that start your usual rotation.
  • If you are tanking on the edge then you can use
    into the wall for a DPS increase.
  • If mid tanking then don’t
    a 2nd time per phase unless really low dps. The reason for this is that you want to have
    up for Blue Guardian after. Otherwise it’ll die way too slow. Instead of a 2nd
    you can pick up your
    , do 2
    Auto attack
    chains then
    . It should phase after. Another option is if you have Holosmith then they can pick up
    earlier and phase VG before you can use it a second time.
  • Time your
    cast based on blue spawns to avoid having to interrupt it.
  • Sidestep blues instead of dodging them for dps uptime.

Running to Green AoEs
  • Use
    to reach Greens while
    is on cooldown.
  • Do your best to do a decent rotation even though you’re doing greens.

Weaver Power
Fast CC

  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
  • If you trust your group’s CC then can take
  • Use
    right before retal to maintain perfect scholar.
  • Time your casts to avoid getting interrupted by stomps unless you know you’ll get Aegis.
  • Place your
    near the Spirit that you will go to during split or just place it at the edge of boss’ hitbox and take it after it phases.
  • If your group has high DPS then you should tell your Holosmiths to take
    since you won’t manage to get a 2nd
    in before phase ends.
  • Also, if your group has high DPS then don’t go to
    during the second
    and continue in
    until phase ends.
  • Don’t delay skills during the split for more damage afterwards on Gorseval as it won't result in higher dps. Use
    on both adds (assuming a 5 - 5 split) then precast
    followed by
    . This will make your second
    come off cooldown faster which gets you more DPS during the phase.

Slow CC

  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
  • Using
    will kill you. Also being mispositioned (too far from the healer) will get you killed.
  • Make sure you have 2 charges of
    ready for each retal. Use it instantly at the start of retal and then keep using it off-cd untill retal ends (3 times is possible).
  • Remember the most important rule - Dead DPS is no DPS.

Weaver Power
If doing Cannons
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • You can
    to the launch pads and destroy Cannons with
  • You can be mid
    cast while being launched up since it won’t interrupt cast and will get you more average hits too.

If not doing Cannons
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
  • Weaver Sword
  • Difference between Staff and Sword on this hitbox is none dps wise so play whichever you want.
Overall DPS tips
  • Make sure to max melee to avoid getting Red Bombs since they target closest person and then have to interrupt your rotation.
  • Due to hitbox size
    is better than

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • If you trust your Druid then you can swap
  • Place your
    where you can easily pick them up later.
  • Try your best to time your cooldowns based on cc and dps of your group.
  • In a high DPS group you will use
    3 times during the whole fight, so make sure you count your
    cooldown. This way, you won't delay your second
    , as delaying it might fuck up your third
    and then you might not skip last breakbar if it’s still on cooldown.
  • Swap food to
    if you’re aiming for a good kill.

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Cleave as much as possible since Elementalists are the main source of cleave damage for this encounter.
  • ,
    are your main cleave skills. Place them properly to make the most out of their cleave.
  • If you feel like tryharding a time gated event then get a
    and swap food to

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Ideally you should really relog to a different condi profession. See team comp.
  • Swap
    if trust issues. This can help with Poison dropping, Storm clouds, split bomb explosions etc.
  • If you get mechanics while on
    then remember
    gives Super Speed so use it to drop them faster.
  • Careful with your rotation to not waste important skills during invuln phases.

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Remember to drop
    for the Mesmer at the entrace to the cave.
  • Open up before each ad group in
    . These skills are really solid soft CC’s to help you land your burst better.
  • Cleave as much as possible here and use
    when needed.

Weaver Power

  • Weaver Air Staff.
Mid tanking:

Wall tanking:

  • See gear variant section to know which setup to use.
  • Make sure you have
  • If using
    then use it outside burn phases to make the best use out of
    into wall. Aim to use both
    ’s during 1 phase. Can precast
    before last burn phase if it’s off cooldown but be careful with the passive
    s as they can interrupt Orb pushing.
  • Use
    only during burn phases. Reason for using it over
    is that you get perma
    for whole burn phase as well as double

KC Opener for Burst phases

Skills When? why?
While in green circle, when it’s close to dissapearing Swiftness for
for the buff(s), both last long enoug to be precasted.
When middle Orb spawns (assuming Chronos insta pull, otherwise delay it) Double attuning
for your opening skills
until close to phasing
If close to phasing

Video example : KC Opener for Burst phases

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Help with Orb pushing by using
    on one of them, call out which one to avoid confusion.
  • While on 1st Shard try to stand in Chrono’s Wells as you will need the Quickness for 2nd Shard. Save
    for 2nd Shard.
  • If you have fast pre event, then don’t use
    on the 1st shard.
  • You should apply Vulnerability with
    on the 1st shard while in
    and swap between

Not Moving Strategy - 1st Phase:

  • Focus on doing a good rotation as not much else to do here.

Not Moving Strategy - 2nd Phase:

  • Aim
    on edge of platform for more hits.
  • If you are ported, help with orb pushing by using
    . Don’t waste
    on the 1st Shard.
  • No matter on which side you tank you will have to clear a few shards, use
    for that.
  • Avoid Red Orbs at all costs, even if you have to interrupt

Moving Strategy - 1st Phase:

  • Tanking will go like Mid → 3 → Mid → 1 → either phase or go back to Mid.
  • Focus on dps but remember that Xera will move from Mid to 3, so drop your Conjures
  • Next Xera will be moved back to Mid after the Mechanic or with the Mechanic in Mid, after that you will have to clear 1. Use
    if needed but still assist with damage on Xera to cleave adds.

Moving Strategy - 2nd Phase:

  • Tanking will go like Mid → 5 → Mid → 1 → Mid → Dead or → 2 → Dead or Mid.
  • Drop your Conjures5.
  • If you are ported, help with orb pushing by using
    . Don’t waste
    on the 1st Shard.
  • Avoid Red Orbs at all costs, even if you have to interrupt
  • After 5 your Tank will go back to Mid and you’ll have to clear 1 again so use
    if needed.
  • After going Mid again, clear 2 if needed, otherwise it should die in mid.

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • A quite easy boss, basically all you have to do is avoid getting Shared Agony by standing under boss and do a good rotation while avoiding Displacement circles.
  • Use special action key for a much more reliable evade if you get blues during

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • If you find yourself taking a lot of damage then swap to
  • Pretty much a DPS golem so just do a good rotation.

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Do not waste big skills during the break bar unless you know it will be broken ASAP.
  • Take care of not damaging Guldhem too much until Rigom is under Samarog.
  • If your group is lacking pushes in the split phase then you can

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
Utilities if organized group:

  • Utility difference is mainly based on the fact that you can fully melee and time your skills better with proper tanking.
    does nothing if Deimos is too far away.
  • If your group DPS is high enough you won't manage to pick up
    a second time before going up. Tell your Holosmith to take it, if that's the case.
  • If your group has high dps then you won’t get
    off cd once you get back up so just use it in
    until last 10%. Aim to have it off cd in
    for then.
  • If you get the third Green and have to go up alone then run in a circle around the edge and spam
    into the ground to heal yourself. As long as you have Swiftness, Saul won’t be able to hit you.
  • If you are using
    , save your second
    for the last 10% and use it instead of
    for extra power during
    and to not have to go Melee.
  • The group is more important than your dps. If you have to interrupt your
    for getting out of a black AoE then do that.

Weaver Power
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • It’s advised to relog to a higher dps profession for this encounter. Weaver has the potential for good dps but the random nature of walls makes it not so great. See Team comp.

Tempest Power
  • Scepter/Warhorn Fresh Air Tempest.

  • Reason for Tempest is Vulnerability, low cd cleave and good single target burst.
  • Utilities are picked for cleave as well so use them to hit both Bombers.
  • is good for closing Rifts.
  • Help to CC the bombers with
    if needed.
  • If doing Portal strat then drop
    for Chronos.
  • Remember that Overloads stun break, useful if stunned by timed bombs.

Weaver Power
Statue of Ice
  • Weaver Air Staff with

  • Spam
    off cd.
  • Have Netflix on 2nd Screen.

Statue of Death
  • Weaver Arcane Staff.

  • Do damage and don’t fail at throwing Orbs.

Statue of Darkness
  • Weaver Arcane Staff if splitting into separate groups
  • Weaver Air Staff if not splitting

  • On Weaver Arcane Staff take
    as it can quite literally save your life.
  • On Weaver Air Staff have
    for better opening burst but be careful to not overdamage.
  • Turn Post Processing off to make the area bit brighter.

Weaver Power

  • Weaver Arcane Staff.
If not doing greens:

If doing Greens:

  • Be aware of the tank’s movement to know where to drop Conjures.
  • Precast
    before Soul split if you know that you’ll be out of the Druids cleanse range.
  • If you down before you can reunite with your soul then don’t panic and just
    to it then call out to get resed.
  • Before the last 10% burn phase face towards your spirit while in
    to it. Channel then instantly
    while running back. Make sure to interact while in
    as it’ll proc Protection from

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