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General Gameplay Tips

General Holosmith Tips

Feel free to precast stuff like and from . You can always start with as your gap closer.

You can disable your Rifle auto attack so it doesn’t randomly shoot when you swap between kits, as this can delay other attack animations.

Be careful with swapping weapons, as it can interrupt your skills. Equipping a kit or switching from one kit to another doesn’t interrupt your normal skills. However, it WILL interrupt your skills.

If your health is really low it might be better to instead of going into , as this will do about 4k damage to you.

Rotation Tips and Tricks

If your heat is 0 when you , start with so you get the 10% damage boost from .

Always try to use your toolbelt skills off cooldown - and . Only use when your heat level is above 51.

After you it takes 1.15 seconds for you to get the buff from , so try to use and as soon as possible so you get the modifier on the landing damage of and .

If is off cooldown, use it after so you get the buff from on the impact of this elite skill. Optional: As your rotation is delayed by casting this elite, feel free to prioritize over so you get the modifiers on this burst and not the starting damage of .

Try to not delay as this is your main source of DPS. It’s fine to if bosses are about to phase and you know your won’t hit and you will lose the uptime on the boss.

If you disable autocast on auto attack, it won’t get interrupted when using .

Use the rotation for fights/phases that takes longer than 1 minute (E.g. Matthias, Xera, Cairn, Mursaat Overseer, Soulless Horror and Dhuum). Feel free to use the old one, if you're not comfortable with swapping kits a lot.

Photon Forge Tips

Never interrupt your auto attack chain in but if you are doing the rotation, feel free to interrupt it.

If you need to use for CC, make sure you are still able to use and to . This is to make sure you have Stability for .

Before you engage a boss you can raise your heat level by , then deactivating it at a certain level. This will cause you to sooner, which can have several benefits:

  1. You will have the buff sooner, so you can finish the rest of your rotation sooner. This can be beneficial for encounters with short DPS phases. This is mostly for 75 heat.
  2. You will have the Stability from available sooner, allowing you to use to CC more quickly.

For bosses with DPS phases that last between 15 and 35 seconds you can precast your heat level to 75.

For bosses with phases that last 35 seconds or longer you can start with 0-40 heat.

If you do not precast, you can use and two times. If you precast to 40 heat, use twice and once. If you precast to 75, use and only once.

Healing Skill and Utility Variations

You should always use , as it has the best healing, which is AoE, and also cleanses conditions.

If you need CC, you can use for the toolbelt skill - .

If you need condition cleanse, you can use .

At some bosses it’s worth using instead of . This will turn your auto attack into a projectile attack.

For fights with lots of adds, use - Explosives grandmaster trait. For longer fights with no adds, use .

Trait Variations

Use if you have two or more condition DPS classes in your subgroup or if you are filling in for Vulnerability on bosses where condition based DPS classes shine.

Use if you are selfish.

Use for long fights without phases or adds.

Use if adds are available.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000

General Holosmith Tips

Precast heat to 75.

Use here if you are going to the Blue & Green Guardians during the split.

When Vale Guardian phases, go to the Blue Guardian. Use , and on the Blue Guardian. for the Green Guardian and use and . at ~40 heat or 75, again this depends on your squad’s DPS.

You can CC the guardians with , , , and if needed. However, you should try to avoid using unless it’s absolutely necessary.

During the first two phases Vale Guardian will summon three Seekers. Your Druid will cast to Immobilize them. During the third phase a fourth Seeker will spawn in the middle of the arena. You can use to knock this Seeker away. This is only relevant if your group kills Vale Guardian in the middle of the arena.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500

General Holosmith Tips

Preheat to 75.

If CC will be needed, delay and use for the extra CC from .

Use here.

Split Phase

If you just entered when Gorseval phases, try to on the first add as you will gain the buff which will speed up the split phase.

Don't save any skills during the split phase as all your skills will be back up by the time Gorseval is back.

You should use on the first add and on the second add. You can use and on this second add and then . This will allow you to start the next phase of Gorseval with ~50 heat. If the second group is about to finish killing their adds too, you do not need to before engaging Gorseval.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48

General Holosmith Tips

You can engage Sabetha by using Superspeed which you can get by using the toolbelt skills from . You can then switch back to your regular utility skills. You can also use to get in faster.

Use here. It will trigger on the bandit spawns, which helps with cleaving them down.

You can start with any heat level you want.

If, for whatever reason, you do need to do cannons try to save your for mobility. If you’re in , you can use . Keep in mind that you have to drop your target if you want to use this.

Try to time your so you don’t knock away Bandit spawns that were just pulled into Sabetha.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000

General Holosmith Tips

Use here. It will trigger on the Slubling spawns, which helps with cleaving them down.

Precast heat to lvl 75.

Use to help with CC by using the toolbelt skills - .

Use and after Slothasor clears his conditions for soft CC. After this you can use and .

Feel free to if Slothasor is about to phase so you don’t lose uptime.

Bandit Trio

General Holosmith Tips

There are no important Holosmith specific tips here, just run and kill stuff.

You can use to easily pre-burn the oil kegs.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Holosmith Tips

If CC will be needed, precast your heat to 40. If you do your normal rotation, you will when someone gets sacrificed. This will allow you to use and to CC without getting Knocked back.

Run for this encounter, as there are no adds to trigger on.

Either use for AoE condition cleanse or - for the toolbelt skill for self cleansing.

Keep in mind that your auto attack range is fairly big, so sometimes you can keep DPSing Matthias while you have to deal with a mechanic.

Feel free to use . If you do so, don’t use unless you need the CC, as you will be Knocked back as you won't have Stability.

If you get any mechanics, you can use for extra mobility. If you’re in , you can use as well but remember to drop target first.

If Matthias uses his Blood Shield just after you , stop attacking so you don’t generate extra heat and just wait for his shield to go down.

Feel free to if Matthias is about to phase so you don’t lose uptime.

Stronghold of the Faithful


General Holosmith Tips

There are no important Holosmith specific tips here, just run and kill stuff.

You can use , , and to slow down Wargs.

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500

General Holosmith Tips

Use for the illusions that spawn.

For the burn phases try to precast your heat to lvl 75.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000

General Holosmith Tips

Use here. It will trigger on the White Mantle and Phantasm spawns.

Start with 0 heat. On the first island use and , then . Use and and at around 51 heat.

For the second island use and , then and use . If you're close to going into , make sure you do so on the this island. This way you’ll have available again when you get to Xera.

Feel free to precast heat on the last island. It doesn’t matter how much heat you start with, just do what you prefer, but 75 is recommended.

Try not to Knock back adds with .

If shard cleave is needed, keep in mind that your auto attack has a fairly big cleave range. If you can, try to position yourself between Xera and the shard you want to cleave.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Holosmith Tips

Use here, as there are no adds to cleave.

Feel free to start with any heat level.

If properly timed, you can use to avoid Cairn’s attack.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Holosmith Tips

Use here as there are no adds.

Feel free to start with any heat level but it’s recommended to start at 75.

You can use for an AoE condition cleanse when the Jade Knights come towards you.

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500

General Holosmith Tips

Use here, as will be wasted if it triggers during Samarog’s breakbar ().

Use for extra CC from .

Feel free to if Samarog is about to phase so you don’t lose uptime.

Precast heat at lvl 75 before the fight and after you kill Guldhelm during Samarog’s phases.

You can’t apply conditions to Samarog during , so don’t use , or .

When you engage Samarog, stay back a little bit so you don't get Fixated. After each breakbar, make sure to stay as close to Samarog as possible for the same reason. Getting targeted by will cause you to lose all heat and make you lose . Your CC is very strong and should always be available during breakbars. Feel free to save for CC instead of DPS.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

General Holosmith Tips

You have two ways of precasting your heat while you're killing the Demonic Chain statues:

  • Precast heat to 75 on pre event and delay your rotation a bit on Deimos so you have your highest DPS skills available when the Unnatural Signet debuff is up.
  • Precast heat to 40/51 heat so you can start your rotation right away on Deimos.

If you cleave Saul on top of Deimos you can use , otherwise you should take .

Keep in mind that your auto attack range is fairly big, so you can usually keep attacking Deimos during .

If your group is bad at managing Deimos’ Black AoEs, you can use . If you do this you should not use , unless you need to CC Saul, as you will be Knocked back.

When Deimos becomes Invulnerable at 10% you can precast heat to 75 again.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Holosmith Tips

Do not mount to start the encounter, you will lose all your heat by dismounting.

Start with 75 heat.

This boss is pretty much a DPS golem, just try to always stay behind it and sidestep its attacks. Avoid the Walls and Spinning Scythes.

Use to help with condition cleanse and to provide some AoE healing.

River of Souls

General Holosmith Tips

Use for extra CC from for the Hallowed Bombers and also to burst heal whenever you have to go outside of Desmina’s shield to kill Enervators. You can also use for CC.

You can take to be able to spam . You want to spam as it will give your allies Superspeed due to .

Statues of Grenth

Broken King

If you want you can go , , and . This allows you to just range him while standing on greens. If you want, you can switch to Tools - Firearms to be able to permanently spam toolbelt skills.

Use so you can range in .

You heal skill doesn’t matter but take either or .

Eater of Souls

If you do greens, feel free to use instead of .

Before all the torches are lit the Eater has to die on top of a fully charged platform to release orbs. Make sure the Eater is inside of a fully charged platform before you kill it.

Eye of Judgement and Fate

Start with 75 heat.

Do your normal rotation and follow your group. Keep in mind that both Eyes have to die at roughly the same time.

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Holosmith Tips

The pre-event doesn’t matter much but feel free to blast fields (mostly static + water) with and . If you jump at the end of your cast, it won’t cast the water field so you can blast the intended fields.

Try to start Dhuum with 75 heat.

Use for AoE condi cleanse during the mid attack - .

Your job at Dhuum is mostly to DPS the boss and provide buffs for the group. Your mobility is limited, so let other classes do mechanics.

Try to precast your heat to 75 as soon as happens. This attack always happens at 6:25, 5:05, 3:45, 2:25, 1:05. You don’t have to follow the rotation perfectly, feel free to use earlier if the timer is almost ending so you get the full damage from it.

You can camp while Dhuum is in the middle but keep in mind that he can have Retaliation. You can do the same when you get or . is the special action key bomb. It’s highly recommended that you enable the "Free Camera" option, this allows you to continue attacking Dhuum with as you run away.

The Final Phase

During the last 10%, if you have to do the panels, start with 0 heat and when everyone runs out. Use to get there faster and for barrier. You should at around 40%. You can use either or , depending on your heat, to get back to Dhuum quickly. Your starting rotation is pretty much the same with 40 heat, you just get an extra before going into (compared to 75 heat).

During the last 10% burst it's better to use and the moment you go over 50 heat (even while in Forge) so you get all the ticks on him before he dies or becomes Invulnerable again.

If you don’t have to do panels, precast heat to 75 and do your normal start.

When you cast , stand on the outer edge of his hitbox and do not move or else you will interrupt the skill.

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