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General Gameplay Tips

General Scrapper Tips

Important: This build does not produce enough Might to keep 25 stacks on your subgroup. Make sure the other healer can cover this drop in Might.

and both give your subgroup Protection due to . If you use these two skills after you Weapon Swap you can get ~70% uptime on Protection. is also a blast finisher. Later in the guide you can see which of your skills provide water fields.

moves through your target to the full 900 range, then comes back towards you. This means that the returning hit can miss if you move away and your target is no longer in between you and the returning projectile. Be also careful that the projectile does not hit any Invulnerable targets on its way, or it will be destroyed and you’ll also miss the Daze on the returning hit.

The best way to use is to use the squad display to select the player you want to revive and press your interact key. You can then deselect your target and do anything else while the gyro revives that player.

can, like many retreat skills, be used as a forward leap. To do this make sure you’ve bound ‘about face’ in your control configuration and enabled free camera. Hold left click to lock the camera in place, then press the about face key to turn your character around, followed by . Right click afterwards to face your character back into the direction of your camera, or you’ll back to where you came from. Cast when moving away from the group, as you will share Might around you through .

Although strictly not a boon or healing, gives pulsing Barrier to your subgroup and redirects ~35% of incoming damage from your subgroup to you. This is assuming they are actually standing within its range.

is one of the strongest traits in your kit, allowing all healing that you cast on yourself to be shared with others. You need to take up one target of a healing skill, in order to be able to share it. This means that you cannot be at full health to share area healing, as the game will opt you out of it and you’ll receive nothing to share. Regeneration will also not tick for you to share at full health.

Scrapper Specific Mechanics

Tool Belt Skills

Tool belt skills are based on your currently equipped heal skill, utility skills and elite skill.

Tool belt skills do not share a cooldown with their parent utility skill. This means you can use a tool belt skill and then swap out the corrisponding utility for something else. You can do this with by using the tool belt skill and then swapping out for whichever utility you need.

Let's take a look at what tool belt skills you will come into contact with:

  1. is your Toolbelt skill from . This is a large self heal which will be shared to your allies due to .
  2. is your Toolbelt skill from . It's a Stun Break and gives Regeneration and Might to your subgroup. Use this skill off cooldown to keep up Regeneration.
  3. is your Toolbelt skill from . This skill will grant Stability to anyone inside of its range. This also will BLOCK projectiles so you will need to take care at Matthias. The trait will cause your turrets to spawn with a as well; these will REFLECT projectiles .
  4. is your Toolbelt skill from . It will revive allies by 17% per pulse for 12 pulses. This is a pretty sweet ranged resurrect if you need to carry. will only pulse 10 times if you don't have .
  5. is your Toolbelt skill from and can be used to blast inside water fields.


Gyros are like mobile wells that can provide a variety of resources. They can be offensive, defensive or simply provide utility.

Let's take a look at all the Gyros that Scrapper has available:

  • pulses healing to your subgroup. It will pulse once every five seconds for a maximum of five pulses.
  • is a delayed explosion that causes 232 Breakbar damage. explodes after three seconds leaving a fire field behind. This explosion will also blast the fire field causing you to provide Might to your subgroup.
  • spams a large amount of Barrier on your subgroup. It will pulse once every second for a maximum of six pulses. also redirects approximately 35% of the incoming damage from your subgroup to you.
  • pulses condition cleanses to your subgroup. It will pulse once every second for a maximum of five pulses.
  • deals damage using whirl combos. It lasts for six seconds and strikes an enemy every second.
  • applies Stealth to your subgroup. It will pulse three seconds of stealth every second for a maximum of six pulses.

Engineer Kits

Med Kit

is a pretty standard heal that you can spam. It will heal in a cone in front of you and can be used to make sure people keep their sixth bonus from .

is a fairly large burst heal that provides Regeneration. This skill is pretty annoying to use as you need to hit your target in order to heal. You can practically stand inside someone who needs healing and then use it to heal them up. If you hit someone with all five bandages you will heal them to full health.

offers no direct healing but it does cleanse a single condition each pulse for four pulses. This skill also produces a water field that you can blast in. If you do cleanse any conditions you will grant Regeneration to your allies due to .

is a large burst heal that will heal your subgroup. This skill heals around you so you will need to be standing close to as many people as possible.

offers Swiftness, Vigor and Regeneration and is a blast finisher. This skill alone can offer ~50% uptime on these three boons. Use this skill off cooldown to maintain a high amount of boons.

is your Toolbelt skill from . This is a large self heal which will be shared to your allies due to .

Elixir Gun

is fairly useless and won't see any use in this build.

provides Swiftness and Cripple. Again, this skill won't see much use apart from providing a unique condition.

is a condition cleanse and can be used after if you still need more cleanses. As with , this will also grant Regeneration if conditions are cleansed.

is a blast finisher that will also grant Might due to . Take care as this skill will cause you to leap backwards. You can cancel the leap by dropping .

is a BIG heal. It's a ground targeted skill that will pulse 13 times over 12 seconds. It also grants Might thanks to . This is one of your strongest heals!

is your Toolbelt skill from . It's a Stun Break and gives Regeneration and Might to your subgroup. Use this skill off cooldown to keep up Regeneration.

Elite Mortar Kit

is useless for this build and you won't see any use from it.

is, again, useless.

can be used to supply some soft CC or slow down adds through Chill.

can be used to Blind adds.

is what makes worth taking. This skill is a ground targeted skill which provides healing for your subgroup, a water field to blast in and Might due to .

is your Toolbelt skill from and can be used to blast inside water fields.

Traits - What Gives Boons and Healing?

gives Protection when you use a Shield skill. gives Protection when you use a heal skill.

can be used to provide Fury, Might or Protection from , and respectively.

and are direct healing modifiers.

will help heal your subgroup when you use and when you apply a boon to yourself thanks to . Of course, any other form of healing will also trigger .

will grant Regeneration to allies when you cleanse conditions. You can cleanse with , , and .

grants Might whenever you use an Elixir. Your Elixirs are: , , , and .

Utility Variations

You should always run with , as it provides a very strong source of healing, condition cleanse and even a leap. is a strong contender for the second slot. The Barrier spam is extremely strong but you will recieve 35% of the incoming damage that your subgroup recieves.

is your go to skill to slot in extra CC, giving you 564 extra Breakbar damage over four seconds for one slot, every 50 seconds. If you need to use this skill for the Knockback, or simply for the lower cooldown, consider traiting Tools for . This does not increase the CC applied.

is a delayed but very strong CC skill dealing 332 Breakbar damage in one hit. The Breakbar damage comes after a three second delay. The Superspeed from can provide some extra healing through , but can also help speed up phases or help the squad split up during bomb-like mechanics, such as (the bombs) on Keep Construct. You can always precast , then swap out the utility skill, when running towards a boss.

is usually taken to pulse Protection through , but it also deals 464 Breakbar damage over three seconds when placed. Additionally, it gives you access to , which is a blast finisher and personal Stun Break. You give up 24 seconds of turret uptime, however, if you decide to pick it up to CC with at a later time.

You can take to help top up on Might, assuming that you have .

can be used if you really need more condition cleanses. You already have a lot of condition cleanses in this build so you shouldn't need it.

gives you access to , allowing you to instantly strip five boons in melee by double tapping it. itself is also a Knockback dealing 150 Breakbar damage, besides stripping a boon, by double tapping it. Both skills detonate on proximity, so they can’t be precast for an upcoming boonstrip such as the at Dhuum. Traiting will give another mine in melee range, doubling the CC from it.

can be used for the Toolbelt skill. will revive allies by 17% per pulse for 12 pulses. This is a pretty sweet ranged resurrect if you need to carry. will only pulse 10 times if you don't have .

can be used to give yourself Might, Quickness, Stability and Vigor. can be used to provide Superspeed, Might and a Stun Break for your subgroup. is also a personal Stun Break.

should only be taken to either help keep up Might or give your subgroup Stability. Activating the skill for healing will heal your subgroup less per cast time than a cast.

Trait Lines

Alchemy Trait Line

This specialisation is mostly taken for the 20% healing modifier from and the improved healing from , making it hard to drop. gives you some extra Concentration and can keep up Regeneration in fights with conditions.

Inventions Trait Line

This specialisation is mostly taken for , improving all your area healing on allies by 30% and giving you additional area healing through , Regeneration and . With bonus Healing Power from and bonus healing from , this specialisation can simply not be dropped.

Scrapper Trait Line

The Scrapper Trait Line is taken for , and access to the .

Despite being somewhat useful at times, nothing else in this specialisation really matters. This means that despite this being the defining specialization for the healing build of Heal Scrapper, it’s simply just the most supportive of the specialisations that are left. Consider swapping this out for any of the specializations below on an encounter by encounter basis.

Trait Line Variations

Tools Trait Line

The Tools Trait Line can be swapped in instead of the Scrapper Trait Line.

Tools is usually taken to augment with . Besides that it gives you a personal Stun Break through , which synergizes great against Fear as you can quickly cleanse the Fear off your allies with afterwards. cannot be used as such as it should be used off cooldown.

It also gives you an extra 15% reduction on your tool belt cooldowns through and utility with .

Explosives Trait Line

The Explosives Trait Line can be swapped in instead of the Scrapper Trait Line.

Disguised as an offensive specialization, is a decent trait to help you keep up Might and helps keep up Vulnerability. As those are usually covered by the Druid, this specialization should only be used when you are split up from the Druid and find yourself without any Might or Vulnerability generation.

allows you to apply more Vulnerability by Dodging. These mines only trigger at small hitbox range, regardless of the actual hitbox. If the boss doesn’t move, make sure that you’re standing on the edge of that range and Dodge directly through the centre, to be able to trigger two of the three mines you land. If this is not possible, take for more blast finishers. will still give you one explosion per Dodge.

Firearms Trait Line

The Firearms Trait Line can be swapped in instead of the Scrapper Trait Line.

This specialization should only be considered if you want to bring to the group or do extra damage. When you’re considering to do so, ask yourself whether your group really needs a Heal Scrapper at that point. If you bring a Pistol offhand, also gives you a slightly longer Immobilize through .

Individual Trait Variations

You can run instead of if you need to supply a specific boon from a turret.

You can run instead of if you are in a condition heavy fight that has corruptions or high amounts of Chill. This will mean that you have some reduced healing due to the reduced duration of . allows any of your elixirs to instantly max out your buff, on top of the increased healing from longer durations at lower cooldowns; making this a very hard trait to drop.

Support Classes can do Damage Too!

When you have nothing to do, auto attacks in while casting off cooldown will provide you with the highest DPS. You can bring a Pistol offhand if your CC is not required, which is a heavy DPS increase. In that case, your rotation will be until is at 1.5 seconds.

This rotation will give you 5k DPS on normal support gear. The Firearms trait line will give you 2k extra DPS and the Explosives trait line ~ 600 extra DPS. When you go this route, consider bringing Marshal's gear instead.

Since forfeiting the Scrapper Trait Line takes away , you can opt for to push your DPS without any offensive gear to 8.5k without Explosives or 10k with Explosives.

You can replace your with , as your build in this case is no longer focused on boons. Your rotation with is:

  • (if available) (if available) (if available) until is available 2 x .
This will keep up almost 25 Vulnerability with Explosives when in , however this will quickly drop when you swap away.

Water Fields and Blast Finishers

Water Fields:

  • .
  • .

Blast Finishers:

  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .
  • .


Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000

General Scrapper Tips

Cast before a green explodes to prevent anyone in your squad from being Downed. Then precast into (for the water field) and so they hit after the mechanic. Follow it with and to heal your squad back up.

Your primary objective is to prevent Downstates from any damage they take afterwards such as Holosmiths overheating, then try to get their buff back ASAP.

Passive healing ticks from Regeneration and the lingering should be enough to maintain on your squad afterwards.

If coincides with or bad Seeker control, cast when the circle appears to prevent Downstates.


When doing greens, make sure you’re part of the green group to Knockback Seekers out of the green circles with .

If you’re not doing greens and standing at the border between two sectors, wait for the Seekers to approach and use to knock them both away. The Seekers will despawn before they reach the squad a second time. You can use to Cripple both for good measure.

Split Phase

Cast on green circles to make sure your squad stays in it for the majority of the duration. If the players at Red Guardian are struggling with health, save your for them, as it’s the only skill that can reach far enough.

Make sure you do this after coincides with this phase, as the squad might split before you get a chance to heal everyone.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500

General Scrapper Tips

You can provide Stability for your subgroup against with and . Make sure you cast first as it has a lower cooldown, so you can provide Stability for three slams in a row.

Breakbar Phase

Slow CC

Save your for the first hit of .

Make sure you keep cleansing Vulnerability from your squad by alternating , and the first two ticks of (one per subgroup).

Fast CC

You can bring if CC is lacking in your group. If you do, cast it first so you can cast it again after the short cooldown.

Afterwards you can double tap your shield skills and use . Make sure to precast to guarantee some Chill.

If your squad has Power Dragonhunters and Sword Weavers, precast and to help heal through their suicide attempts, as both healers will be busy with their CC rotation.

Instant CC

Stand at a distance and precast followed by and one second before the Breakbar begins. Then Dodge in and cast once it starts.

Try to place the maximum range of on the edge of the hitbox, making it hit twice in quick succession.

Split Phase

The Charged Souls approaching Gorseval pulse Weakness. Make sure you keep cleansing this off your squad to help the phase move along.

You could bring to help Immobilize the final Charged Souls.

You can stack Cripple by bouncing between them with Chill from to at least heavily slow them down.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48

General Scrapper Tips

Heal Scrapper’s ranged healing capabilities combined with make it one of the best healers to kite while staying effective. If you do, try not to stay too far to keep effective or swap it out for something else.

If your second healer is a Druid, focus on dealing damage at the start of the fight, only using burst heal skills when your squad takes damage. Otherwise you will be depriving your Druid from their Astral Force which prevents them from keeping up Might using .

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000

General Scrapper Tips

The high corruption rate at Slothasor makes it viable to bring over . When you do, make sure you’re converting boons back as soon as they may become corrupted.

Hold off on your and until the Slublings spawn and start attacking your group. For better results, try and recognize the projectiles that corrupt boons.

Poison is the dominant condition in this fight, of which the conversion to Regeneration is rather useless, as already provides Regeneration upon cleanse. If Slublings are handled well, consider bringing anyway.

If your squad is suffering from a non-stop barrage from the Slublings, because the Support Chronomancers are dysfunctional, you can consider bringing . This should normally not be necessary, because you already have access to a high amount of cleanses. Using extends the large window in which you can cleanse to a permanent one.

After the Breakbar Phase, you can use your to reliably provide Stability for your subgroup against the Fear the comes after.

If you need to Stun Break the whole squad, use to first counter the Fear for your subgroup, then use to break the Fear on the remaining five players.

Bandit Trio

General Scrapper Tips

This event is a meme benchmark. For bonus memes, swap out the Scrapper Trait Line for the Holosmith Trait Line to gain access to in order to pull bandits together.

Prestack heat before the fight for an enhanced pull. Try to do all the mechanics available so your squad can AFK. It will still not make you feel as if life has any meaning.

You can provide Stability with to help combat the tornados when killing Narella.


Saboteurs can be broken at any time at 1500 range by launching an at them.

You can quickly break them at 900 range as well with .


You can use to start breaking the first bandit. The next two can both be broken with , just target the furthest bandit away and stand in front of the closest one.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Scrapper Tips

Conditions are applied frequently during this fight. Save your cleanses and rotate through them for whenever a condition application hits you, to instantly cleanse your squad afterwards.

Shards of Rage

You can block this entire attack by casting in his hitbox. You give up a bit of CC on the sacrifice target to do so.

After 40%, the shards launch straight up, allowing you to block them with for anyone who is not directly on top of him.

Reflecting Blood Shards

You can do the reflection during his Blood Shield on your own by traiting and taking . Replace with .

Place down as soon as his shield comes up, so the reflective shield from the turret activates soon after he starts shooting shards, then follow up with as soon as the shield from your turret drops.

Pick up the turret afterwards for the reduced cooldown to have it up again for the next Blood Shield.

Doing this forces you to be on the boss when the Blood Shield comes up and to stay on the boss shortly after for a few seconds, making this one of the more dangerous and unreliable ways to reflect. If done successfully however, it allows one more Condition Mirage to bring for extra DPS instead of .

also gives you access to , which is another personal Stun Break and blast finisher.

Stronghold of the Faithful


General Scrapper Tips

Make good use of to Blind groups of White Mantle and prevent your group from being knocked around. You can cast or on top of that for Stability.


Bringing and offhand Pistol or Rifle allows you to be more aggressive with Glenna by Immobilizing any Wargs that get close to her for very long durations. Just be careful with the turret, as it might lock on to White Mantle instead. Use the short range of it to your advantage.

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500

General Scrapper Tips

If you’re doing a single orb, you can bring for . Stand behind a rift, in the pulsing damage, and use to instantly pull the orb through the rift and out of the arena. You can cast on top of yourself to stay healthy during the channel.


If you’re pushing through multiple rifts, bring for a fast hitting auto attack that makes pushing more reliable.

This also gives you access to , which is another short Knockback. You can also consider bringing for two more Knockbacks. Besides giving you more CC, it also allows your Support Chronomancers to bring offhand Sword for extra damage as they no longer need Focus to pull.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000

General Scrapper Tips

Use to directly knock an orb into its rift on the first island.

Save your and for when the adds spawn, to consistently cleanse your squad. This way you can keep Blinds off your squad members, to increase their DPS and prevent pulls from missing. Once the adds are pulled or grouped up, use to keep them Blinded.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Scrapper Tips

is incredibly strong here, because it can block all shards in a huge radius. Cast it at the start to allow your squad to safely approach the first green. You can save it later on to provide Stability if you are skipping greens.

Feel free to take Minstrel's gear, if you need the extra Toughness, as there is no Toughness based aggro.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Scrapper Tips

Browsing Reddit during this fight is very viable, just make sure that you do not end up standing in any spears.

Cast when Jade Knights are approaching and stack healing fields to keep your squad alive. When done right, you should be able to heal your squad through yellow tiles for a considerable amount of time, just remember to keep cleansing the Poison from it.

If you want to take this fight more seriously, consider traiting Firearms and perhaps Explosives, going full Marshal’s and bringing instead of .

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500

General Scrapper Tips

Try to keep high cooldown healing skills like and especially available. Use these to keep the Fixated player alive for obscene amounts of time during .

If the Fixated player is not in your subgroup, try to stay out of the group to allow to buff him instead, but be careful if you don’t want to get Fixated.

Pay attention to the Stability on your buff bar during every . You can provide it for your subgroup with on shockwaves where you do not have it.

Split Phase

Besides fulfilling the high need for CC during this encounter, is also very useful to manipulate Rigom’s positioning. Feel free to spend all the charges on the last Breakbar at the end of the phase, as the animations should give you enough time to regain at least one charge before Rigom is in a position to be pushed.

can also be used to put Rigom in his place, but because it’s delayed, it’s also one of the strongest CC skills available to use when you are the Fixated player. Remember that you can also use the returning hit of when you are Fixated to help CC yourself.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Scrapper Tips

Make sure that your healing fields are always overlapping with the tank, as the tank is taking constant heavy damage in this fight.

Make sure to look for the red outline around the boss, as that attack will apply Poison on the group, which you can cleanse instantly with .

Tormented Dead Pushing

If you’re playing Heal Scrapper on Soulless Horror, you have to be the one pushing. There is simply no other class that can provide Knockbacks at the same level as you can.

To push, replace the Scrapper Trait Line with Tools and bring .

Use as your first push outwards, then follow it up with to knock the Tormented Dead off the arena. You can bring for a third push, to knock the Tormented Dead further off and fully prevent the AoE from overlapping with the arena.

has two charges, recharging a little over one charge every Tormented Dead, allowing you to occasionally use the second charge to redo a bad push.

Do not bring Rifle instead of Shield to push, as the Knockback on you from can be lethal and the attack doesn’t pierce.

River of Souls

General Scrapper Tips

A second encounter where Heal Scrapper shines and one where it can be considered somewhat meta. Your personal goal is to keep up Superspeed on Desmina for as long as possible to make this meme of an event be over as quickly as possible.

Ideally the group is split up in two groups with a class to share Aegis against the bombers on Desmina with a healer (you) for when that inevitably fails and a group that goes forward, dealing with all the enervators.

You will want to bring a Hammer on this encounter for the additional lightning field from . You can utilise and for survival outside of the bubble. without a target is a massive leap, evading for nearly the full duration.

Using the trait gives you three sources for Superspeed: and blasting the field from both and . You can always blast one field with , alternating between and for the second blast if you cast the fields off cooldown. has an eight second internal cooldown, so always space the blasts from the two fields out with if you’re casting them off cooldown.

Hold on to your Superspeed when a bomber approaches as it will force Desmina to to pause until its death. Use these moments to allow your cooldowns to catch up as your Superspeed has only 52% uptime without Alacrity.

is an incredibly strong source of healing, as you can hit Desmina with all five bandages. Save and for when a bomber approaches, as those are the only moments when she stands still and these skills are only effective as long as she remains in their field.

Going forward with the group is much harder for Heal Scrapper to heal, as the group tends to spread out, reducing the effectivity of the skills that heal around you. Being on the move constantly also means that and are almost useless, leaving you with very few healing skills to keep them alive.

Statues of Grenth

Statues of Darkness

Try not use any gyros here or untrait . The lightning fields will cause leap finishers to Daze their targets, removing the Stun from the Eyes of Darkness.

Since you’re a healer, you should bring instead of , so you can Stun the eyes with increased duration.

As the squad is split up and you can’t rely on the the Druid for Might, it’s your job to keep up Might for your subgroup. This can be done by traiting Explosives, for , and bringing which shares Might through the trait .

Try to use all your elixirs and blast finishers off cooldown. Try to also align with your blast finishers for more Might.

Elixirs provide constant healing and there’s little incoming damage, so try to spend most of your time auto attacking in to apply extra Vulnerability through .

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Scrapper Tips

Bring Rifle instead of Pistol / Shield, as there is no CC required in this encounter, unless your subgroup needs the Protection from . If you’re doing the challenge mode, the ranged CC from will be more useful than that from Shield anyway.

Precast a moment before the hits, allowing you to cleanse everyone right away as they’re being Knocked Back. You can vomit over your squad afterwards with for good measure.

You should always keep an eye out for the Reaper at star, as you can always reach it with to heal it up without effort, or when you’re fighting close to it. If your squad is incapable of clearing it, consider putting a behind it to cleave down the Spiders.

gives you access to which can be used to strip boons. This is, however, a melee skill that you can’t precast, which makes it nearly impossible to strip boons with at the . Bring this only if players in your squad keep being hit by the or .

The Superspeed orbs are unique in the way that the Superspeed they grant stacks in duration as normally it does not stack. Be careful that you do not overwrite anyone’s long duration Superspeed with a pulse of the 2s one from . This is especially important if you’re kiting, as gyros might spawn the field on top of you.


Kiting should be fairly easy with rifle. Your attacks are targeted and pierce, allowing you to always hit messengers when they spawn.

also gives you more mobility, together with , allowing you to never be caught by any messengers. You should not need any additional skills to kite.

Remember to cast on yourself off cooldown to keep up Swiftness, especially if you’re leaving the Superspeed orbs for your squad. This will both make kiting a lot easier and keep you healthy due to .

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate

General Scrapper Tips

Use your Shield skills off cooldown to break the bar on the Shields. can break all Shields in a line and can break Shields around you, if you combine it with .

Save for attacks that need to be blocked by using the Shields. on top of Protection will allow your squad to get away with a lack of Shields during the Conjured Amalgamate’s attacks. If your squad does not have Protection during these attacks, don’t forget to use a Shield skill to provide Protection through .

Pay attention to the number of Shield stacks being in effect on you during and . If this number seems too low to survive, try to precast on your squad before it hits to save the day.

Twin Largos

General Scrapper Tips

If you’re in the group that will fight Kenut later on, bring , in order to boon strip whenever she manages to steal boons.

If you will be fighting Nikare, you can bring .

As this fight splits the squad up and you can't rely on the the Druid for Might after 50%, it’s your job to keep up Might for your subgroup. This can be done by traiting Explosives, for , and bringing which shares Might through the trait .

Try to use all your elixirs and blast finishers off cooldown. Try to also align with your blast finishers for more Might.

Don’t forget to pick up your when moving on to the next platform.

Qadim 19,268,760 1,374 240

General Scrapper Tips

The CC windows are too small for to do enough work, however is a great alternative, especially as you can precast it and finally cast your Shield skills when the Breakbar appears.

is also great to knock the Greater Magma Elementals away from the Lava Elementals from range, as the Lava Elementals are not just Invulnerable, but also untargetable and will not intercept the dart.

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