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Bastion of the Penitent

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

General Scrapper Tips

The recommended gear for this provides you with no Toughness but this doesn't mean you can't swap out Harrier gear for Minstrel gear. Just always double check with your tank to see how much Toughness they have.

In order to survive the hands you will be cycling between using for and for the Barrier spam.

Your high Boon Duration will allow you to maintain a decent amount of Protection due to .

Use to help apply Chill to the first and third Sauls. This will give some soft CC to help break them.

How to Deal with the Hands

For the first stack of hands you can use as the third hand spawns. Once the fifth hand has spawned just dodge out from the hand stack.

For the second stack of hands you can use and precast . This will give you a large amount of Barrier due to and will also give you Protection due to .

How to Deal with the Mind Crush

To survive you can use . This will be up for every single , but take care as the block duration is rather short at only 2 seconds.

Healing Up

Spam your Tool Belt skills to gain Regeneration. Use to give yourself quite a large self heal if things start to get tricky.

Equipping any kit will give you Swiftness due to . Swiftness will cause you to rapidly heal due to . Equipping will give you Superspeed due to and will heal you even more than Swiftness.

If you need more healing you can always use in your to help heal you up. You can aim at your squad if they need healing, the same applies to .

also provides some decent healing with that can be used as a minor self heal.

You also gain passive healing from that will trigger when you critically hit Deimos with . This trait does have a two second internal cooldown.

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