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General Gameplay Tips

General Tips

Important - Your base Toughness is 1250 due to .

You produce Fury from that pulses 1.5 seconds each pulse for four pulses.

You can use to pull adds ontop of a boss. This works extremely well at Slothasor as the adds also reset your . Take care when using at Vale Guardian as you wouldn't want to "accidentally" pull in Seekers to the group.

Don't use your combo off Cooldown. Make sure you wait for to trigger so you can use from the trait and then use the normal skill . This is to make sure and are always paired and doesn't trigger while you have your equipped.

Always prepare your before you start an encounter. Use your as soon as the ammo count recharges. Never use all three charges as you will have to prepare the Mantra again.

can be used to give yourself and your subgroup Aegis. will also give your subgroup Quickness due to which gives Quickness when you use your heal skill.

You have a two second Immobilize with when you are on your Scepter set.

Fireband Specific Mechanics

Tome of Justice

During some encounters the minor trait, in Radiance, can reset the Cooldown of . If this happens, you should place a or before going into your . This will happen on the following encounters:

Don't worry about waiting to swap to Scepter to use if it resets. Just use it while on your Axe set instead of delaying.

Tome of Resolve

While ideally you would not want to enter , it acts as a great safety net for higher pressure situations or topping off ally’s health pools before boss phases.

You have not only access to moderate group heals and condition cleanse, but access to the unique buff Epilogue Eternal Oasis which can increase your subgroup’s outgoing healing by 33%. If your group is struggling with survival, keeping your Firebrand and healer together can be a great combo for group sustain

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

Tome of Courage

Much like ideally you would not want to enter , but again it acts as a great safety net for high pressure situations where Aegis, Stability, Reflects, or Resistance may be needed.

Remember that Epilogue Unbroken Lines grants + 300 Toughness, stacked with you very well could become the accidental tank so use with caution!

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

is a self heal and it provides Aegis to you and your subgroup. will also give your subgroup Quickness due to which gives Quickness when you use your heal skill.

is an AoE skills that applies Burning. Use it off Cooldown but never use the final charge. Only use the final charge if the boss is about to die and you won't get off another use.

blasts a cone AoE in the direction you are facing. This AoE provides Quickness and Might.

is a flat + 180 Condition Damage. Never use the active of this skill as all it provides is Immobilize.

provides Quickness and Fury to your subgroup. Make sure to use as soon as you engage a boss, but after the boon strip.


The first utility you should drop is .

can be taken if you need to reflect any projectiles.

can be taken to provide Vulnerability.

can be a great option for providing Stability to your entire squad. If timed correctly, you can also line it up with to give your entire squad Quickness.

can be taken if you are slacking on CC.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Radiance Trait Line

causes you to gain 15% Critical Chance when wielding a one-handed weapon. This will also apply when you use your .

will cause your to be fully recharged when you kill an enemy. This will only trigger if that enemy rewards you with XP when it dies. Check the section above to see which enemies trigger this trait.

causes your Torch skills to gain a reduced recharge of 20% and for the conditions they apply to be increased in duration by 20%. You also have a chance to gain access to when you critically hit a foe. You should wait for this trait to trigger, i.e. get access to , before you use your own combo.

is a flat 10% increase in your Critical Chance when attacking a foe that suffers from Burning. This trait will always be in effect as you pump out so much Burning. and boost your Critical Chance by a lot and will ensure that you basically trigger off Cooldown.

causes your Burning to do an extra 15% damage. It also causes you to apply Burning to foes you have their attacks blocked by your Aegis.

Traits in the Firebrand Trait Line

will grant your subgroup Quickness whenever you use . This trait has a seven second Cooldown.

grants your subgroup Quickness whenever you apply Aegis or Stability. This trait has a seven second Cooldown.

grants you + 250 Condition Damage when under the effects of Quickness. It also, however, grants you + 250 Toughness. Make sure your Support Chronomancer has over 1250 Toughness.

reduces the recharged of your Tome skills by 33%. It also allows you to retain the passive effects of the Tomes when you use them. This means that your skills have a 33% reduced Cooldown and will continue to apply Burning to foes every three attacks even when on Cooldown.

Trait Variations

While on paper is going to be generating more Quickness uptime, creates more frequent, larger radius, Quickness applications at the cost of need ~12% more Boon Duration.

On more golem-like encounters where players remain stacked will probably be your go to trait, while on more hectic encounters where players may be leaving and coming back for mechanics frequently, such as Dhuum or Matthias, will greatly pull ahead in terms of uptimes.

Which Build do I choose?

With Viper's Virtues, Grieving Zeal, and Seraph's Honor builds listed it may be a bit confusing which build will be better in which situation. In general the Viper's Virtues build will be the best generalized build due to its high damage, safe amounts of Boon Duration, and great scaling with adds thanks to .

Viper's with Virtues

On a golem this build will be pulling the highest numbers as you will be able to enter more frequently as well as benefiting from . While it does fall off if your Aegis uptime is low and you get frequent resets from making the reduced Tome Cooldown irrelevant, it still remains the default build for most encounters with medium to long phases.

Also thanks to you get to run 40% Boon Duration, which is ~25% higher than the minimum needed, at almost no cost. This makes it a great option for less experienced Condition Quickness Firebrand players or fights where you might miss an occasional application.

Grieving with Zeal

Grieving Zeal acts as a nice middle ground between Power Quickness Firebrand and Viper Virtues. With a significantly higher amount of your damage put into Power you will excel on fast to medium phasing fights as well as low armor encounters such as Vale Guardian. Another benefit of using this build will be the high Vulnerability uptime thanks to .

The downside to this build is going to be the lower amounts of Boon Duration it has by default, as well as adding Boon Duration coming at the significant Power damage cost of putting in Seraph’s gear.

Seraph's with Honor

Probably being the most niche of the builds, Seraph's Honor serves as a great way to add a small safety net of boons and healing while still being able to dish out a moderate amount of damage. With Seraph’s you will be able to put out ~15 - 20 stacks of Might for your subgroup, ~30% Protection uptime, and ~220 passive heal per second via your symbols. Your symbols are also significantly larger and longer making your Might, Fury, and Protection applications much more consistent for more spread out encounters.

The downside to this build is going to be its lower damage than the other two variants, as well as having slightly more hitbox scaling thanks to the larger .


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