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General Gameplay Tips

Important Important Important!

Important - If you only read one paragraph from this guide pleaseeeeeeee make it this one!

The first thing to recognize with Heal Firebrand is that you need to look at your Toughness and compare it with your tank. will give you + 250 Toughness whenever you have Quickness. Additionally, Epilogue Unbroken Lines from your will grant your closest five allies + 300 Toughness. Always double check with your tank that you won't screw up with aggro.

You do cover permanent Fury, Quickness Stability, Regeneration and Vigor for your subgroup. You do not, however, produce enough Might. This means another support class will have to cover Might for your squad. You offer no offensive buffs for your subgroup unless you run the Radiance trait line.

Weapon Skills - What Gives Boons and Healing?

This build provides consistent healing through your Mace. The third strike of your auto attack chain, , heals five allies around you. This is your bread and butter heal, you should always try to keep auto attacking when in Mace.

Your provides Regeneration and healing. All your Symbols provide healing due to the trait , which you can find in the Honor trait line. You want to be using off cooldown.

is a block that will also grant Aegis and Protection when triggered. This will also grant your allies Quickness due to , a trait in the Firebrand Trait Line. Additionally, whenever you block an attack you will gain a buff from . Aegis spam is useful, not only for the Quickness, as it allows your subgroup to make mistakes or avoid dodging specific mechanics.

is important as it will increase the amount you can spam Aegis, through , and it will increase your uptime of . This will keep up better ticking healing due to and give more Regeneration.

is extremely strong and the majority of your healing will come from providing Aegis to block incoming attacks. This will be further improved by the trait .

It is Important to note that has an internal cooldown of seven seconds. This trait will provide Quickness whenever you give Stability or Aegis.

Your off hand set, Shield, provides Aegis and Protection through . This will also grant even more Quickness due to . Your other skill on Shield, , can be detonated to give a burst of healing. This also does moderate CC but take care to not push away adds that need to be cleaved.

You can provide Fury through . Swap to Axe to give Fury and then go back to your Mace set.

Utility Skills - What Gives Boons and Healing?

is a self heal that will also grant Aegis and more Quickness due to . Use and to provides blocks for when you know an attack is coming.

provides even more Quickness! It also provides five stacks of Might on a 9.6 second cooldown, assuming you have Alacrity.

Your Elite Mantra, , provides Stability and more Quickness due to . This has a 20 second cooldown, assuming you have Alacrity.

For all of your Mantras you should never use the last charge unless the encounter is about to end.

can be used off cooldown to maintain Protection and Regeneration on your subgroup.

Your final utility, , is a burst heal that will shadowstep you to your target. You need to successfully target a squad member in order for this skill to port you but the heal will still go off without a target. You can also use to teleport to a Downed squad member and heal them up by 20%. This 20% resurrect is affected by outgoing heal mods and will be increased.

Traits - What Gives Boons and Healing?

Your final forms of healing come from dodging and from . Dodging will heal nearby allies at the end of your dodge thanks to the trait . The passive heal from your will heal your allies, as well as yourself, due to which is a trait in the Virtues trait line. This will heal your nearby allies every second.

Blocks will heal your allies due to the trait , you can find this trait in the Honor trait line.

provides Quickness whenever you give Stability or Aegis.

Whenever you enter a Tome you give boons due to . This can be used to top up Might, Regeneration or Protection.

Firebrand Tomes

Tome of Justice

is primarily used for the DPS builds of Firebrand. It plays no role in this build.

You do have access to Chapter 3 Heated Rebuke that can be used to pull mobs together.

Tome of Resolve

is one of your emergency buttons when you need to burst heal your squad. This will be your primary "oh shit" action.

You will always want to open with Epilogue Eternal Oasis, your fifth skill. This skill increases incoming healing on your allies by 33% and also cleanses five conditions.

Your fourth skill, Chapter 4 Shining River, will pulse healing on your allies and grant swiftness. You will want to use this after Epilogue Eternal Oasis.

Chapter 3 Azure Sun will provide your allies with Vigor, Regeneration and Swiftness.

Chapter 2 Radiant Recovery is a heal based on how many conditions you cleanse. This skill shouldn't be used when you enter unless you know you will be cleansing conditions.

Chapter 1 Desert Bloom can be spammed to finish off your excess pages when in . Each time the skill is used it will heal five allies for a fair amount.

Typically, you will want to follow this skill order when you need a burst heal:

  1. Epilogue Eternal Oasis.
  2. Chapter 4 Shining River.
  3. Chapter 1 Desert Bloom x 3.

Tome of Courage

is full of utility and normally you will only enter it to provide the needed skill and quickly exit.

Your fifth skill, Epilogue Unbroken Lines, can be used to top up on Protection, Stability and grant Aegis. You need to be slighly careful as this skill also grants + 300 Toughness which may cause aggro issues.

Your fourth skill, Chapter 4 Stalwart Stand, can be used to pulse Resistance if you know there are incoming conditions. This can be useful at Slothasor when it uses .

Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark is a reflect and can be used on encounters such as Matthias. This can also be used at Slothasor to reflect corruption from the Slublings. Remember that this is a ground target skill so watch out where you place it.

Chapter 2 Daring Challenge provides Aegis. This skill also causes Taunt for a small amount of soft CC.

Chapter 1 Unflinching Charge is not amazingly useful as you have abundant Stability due to .

Utility Variations

When you are going to swap any utilities, you should always drop first.

can be used if you need some form of ranged healing. All of your healing, except this skill, is close ranged. This is a very good replacement for as it offers more healing but it lacks the mobility.

can be used as a condition cleanse and to provide Regeneration. This can be useful on fights like Matthias or Slothasor.

can be used as a reflect instead of entering for Chapter 3 Valiant Bulwark.

can be used to provide a 200 Breakbar damage skill with two charges.

also offers 300 Breakbar damage. If you do take you should consider taking Radiance instead of Virtues. This will provide your squad with some offensive buffs. Check out the section below on "Trait Variations" to get an explanation.

can be used as a minor healing power increase and as a ranged resurrect.

can be taken to guarantee that you will have abundant Quickness and Fury.

Trait Variations

You can swap out for if you know that Quickness will be completely covered and you think you will need the extra utility from , and .

If you take you can also swap out for . This will allow you to stay in your and for longer.

You need to take if you are dropping .

If you are taking you should take in the Virtues trait line.

If you are taking Staff you should run instead of . This gives you an extra + 200 Concentration so consider taking some Magi pieces instead of Harrier.

Radiance Trait Line

If you decide to go more offensive and take some offensive subgroup buffs you can run Radiance instead of Virtues.

When doing this you will have a lower amount of passive healing due to not having and . You will also have slighly less Might, Regeneration and Protection due to not having .

By taking Radiance you will gain access to . This will give your allies the passive buffs of your signets when you activate them. You can use off cooldown to buff your subgroup if they are power based. You can use off cooldown to buff your subgroup if they are condition based.

will trigger whenever you use a skill inside of . This trait will cause you to cast which will, in turn, affect your entire subgroup due to . will help you keep a better uptime of .

Gear Variations

You can take a Hammer instead of Axe if your Fury is covered. This will give you access to some additional CC.

If you need another source of Might you can swap out Hammer for Staff. This means you should take instead of .


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