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General Gameplay Tips

General Firebrand Tips

You can cancel the aftercast of two skills;

  • by auto attacking afterwards.
  • by weapon stowing or moving.

If there are multiple targets in range of the boss, you can use inside the boss's hitbox for extra hits.

Always use inside the boss's hitbox to maximize the number of hits.

Remember that on Focus you have which gives you access to three blocks. This might be a life saver. If you don't trigger all blocks, it will explode and deal a decent amount of DPS.

can be used to give yourself and your subgroup Aegis. will also give your subgroup Quickness due to which gives Quickness when you use your heal skill.

Firebrand Specific Mechanics

Tome of Justice

Your will be off cooldown for every loop. It is only worth using Epilogue Ashes of the Just and Chapter 4 Scorched Aftermath.

You can always jump into if you need a small Pull or CC with Chapter 3 Heated Rebuke.

Tome of Resolve

While ideally you would not want to enter , it acts as a great safety net for higher pressure situations or topping off ally’s health pools before boss phases.

You have not only access to moderate group heals and condition cleanse, but access to the unique buff Epilogue Eternal Oasis which can increase your subgroup’s outgoing healing by 33%. If your group is struggling with survival, keeping your Firebrand and healer together can be a great combo for group sustain

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

Tome of Courage

Much like ideally you would not want to enter , but again it acts as a great safety net for high pressure situations where Aegis, Stability, Reflects, or Resistance may be needed.

Remember that Epilogue Unbroken Lines grants + 300 Toughness, stacked with you very well could become the accidental tank so use with caution!

Here are some great examples of when you could use :

How can you get Retaliation?

When running you lose one of your most vital sources of Retaliation, , due to being forced to take . Depending on your composition achieving 100% Retaliation can range from extremely easy to extremely hard.

When taking Power Quickness Firebrand to a boss consider your options on how to achieve high Retaliation uptime, below are some possible options:

  • Try to be paired with a Renegade or Dragonhunter due to the high amount of Retaliation they produce in their rotations.
  • In hybrid compositions the Support Chronomancer can extend the duration of your Retaliation.
  • Attempt to drop below 75% health periodically to trigger . You aren't using so dropping health isn't a huge hindrance on your DPS, but make sure you are able to be healed up quickly!
  • Attempt to eat a tiny amount of tick damage while under the effect of Light Aura. Once again, be careful to not eat any amount of significant amount of damage, this is especially important if using a .

Below are options that come at the cost of damage if you cannot find any other way to get high Retaliation uptime. If you are having to take these options you may want to consider playing the bursty Condition Quickness Firebrand variant:

  • Drop for or . can also be used for 10 target Quickness if you time it with correctly.
  • Take a on your Scepter set and take . If you don't have you will also need to take Assassin's Weapons and .
  • Drop for . This will require much more Diviner gear requiring you to run up to ~55% Boon Duration.

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

is a self heal and it provides Aegis to you and your subgroup. will also give your subgroup Quickness due to which gives Quickness when you use your heal skill.

blasts a cone AoE in the direction you are facing. This AoE provides Quickness and Might.

can hold three charges and should always be used in combination with . This utility can also stack up Vulnerability very quickly.

provides 300 Breakbar damage but should only be used if you are running .

provides Quickness and Fury to your subgroup. Make sure to use as soon as you engage a boss, but after the boon strip.

Utility Skill Variations

The first utility you should drop is .

can be taken if you need to reflect any projectiles.

can be taken to provide Vulnerability.

can be a great option for providing Stability to your entire squad. If timed correctly, you can also line it up with to give your entire squad Quickness.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Radiance Trait Line

causes you to gain 15% Critical Chance when wielding a one-handed weapon. This will also apply when you use your .

causes you to do 10% more damage and gain + 300 Ferocity when under the effects of Retaliation.

causes you to gain 10% Critical Chance when attacking an enemy with Burning.

causes your to provide you with + 216 Power. It will also allow you to share the effects of to your subgroup if actively use it. This trait also gives a reduced Cooldown.

Traits in the Zeal Trait Line

causes you to deal 7% additional damage to enemies with Burning. Check the section below on "Boons & Conditions" to see which skills and traits apply Burning.

will cause your Symbols to apply two stacks of Vulnerability per pulse. This trait will help you maintain Vulnerability on a boss.

causes your Greatsword skills to deal 10% more damage and to have reduced recharge by 20%.

causes your Symbols to do 10% more damage and inflict Burning.

causes your skills to do 10% more damage to enemies that are standing in your Symbols. On this build you have two Symbols:

This trait is the reason for always timing your burst around having a Symbol down.

Traits in the Firebrand Trait Line

will grant your subgroup Quickness whenever you use . This trait has a seven second Cooldown.

grants your subgroup Quickness whenever you apply Aegis or Stability. This trait has a seven second Cooldown.

grants you + 250 Condition Damage when under the effects of Quickness. It also, however, grants you + 250 Toughness. Make sure your Support Chronomancer has over 1250 Toughness.

reduces the recharged of your Tome skills by 33%. It also allows you to retain the passive effects of the Tomes when you use them. This means that your skills have a 33% reduced Cooldown and will continue to apply Burning to foes every three attacks even when on Cooldown.

Trait Variations

While on paper is going to be generating more Quickness uptime, creates more frequent, larger radius, Quickness applications at the cost of need ~12% more Boon Duration.

On more golem-like encounters where players remain stacked will probably be your go to trait, while on more hectic encounters where players may be leaving and coming back for mechanics frequently, such as Dhuum or Matthias, will greatly pull ahead in terms of uptimes.


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