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General Gameplay Tips

General Chronomancer Tips

The difference between the Power and Condition builds is that Condition Chronomancer pulls ahead on Twin Largos due to Confusion and Torment.

Use to block incoming attacks, this will also summon two clones when you successfully block an attack. This can be really useful on certain encounters as it allows you to use with two clones instead of one.

Well Placement

Make sure you place your wells within range of your team. Make sure that you cover both yourself and your team when placing your wells.

What is Continuum Split?

How Continuum Split Works

Ok so, where do we begin? is a unique mechanic that is associated with the Chronomancer Trait Line. Any skills that are used inside the time frame of will be recharged when you leave via . The same applies to your health, endurance and physical location.

has a base time of 1.5 seconds and can be extended per clone. This means you can have a maximum of six seconds with all clones present at the time that you enter . When you are playing Condition Chronomancer you can use to get two clones up instantly. This will make your last longer and be a lot less stressful.

You can use during the aftercast of skills. For example, has a nasty aftercast. You can use just as the skill channel is about to end.

This also applies for when skills will count as used within the time frame of . The aftercast of the skill must have finished before you leave via .

One final note, you can manually end early by simply using .

Tanking & Toughness

The most important thing to note is that you should try to Dodge or move as little as possible when not necessary so the boss stays in place. This will help keep the boss within any AoEs that your team currently has down. You can always take more Toughness if you feel the need for it. Taking additional Toughness is always better than being forced to Dodge and therefore moving the boss.

Twin Largos have Toughness based aggro mechanics which causes them to always focus the player with the highest Toughness. This doesn’t mean that you should always have as much Toughness as possible, just that you need to have slightly more than your other squad members.

As explained earlier, you don't ever need to take a large amount of Toughness but just make sure that you have the most out of your squad members during these encounters. Most importantly, you need to take enough Toughness to survive. A dead Condition Chronomancer is useless, so take as much as you need.

When tanking, don’t turn to your party and move the boss only when absolutely required.

How much Toughness do I need?

Certain classes have traits that give them Toughness. You need to be aware of these, especially if you plan on running low Toughness builds.

Let's take a look at what has Toughness:

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

is a personal DPS increase, since it allows you to recast a . This means that on bosses without group pressure is the best choice.

will extend the boons that your subgroup has by five seconds. This skill is not affected by Boon Duration.

grants Alacrity to allies when it ends after three seconds. This will be your second source of Alacrity, along with .

grants Quickness to allies when it ends after three seconds. This might be your only source of Quickness.


is the strongest group heal Condition Chronomancer can offer. This utility choice might be useful on encounters with high group pressure.

should always be taken by at least one Support Chronomancer to apply initial Quickness. This skill applies Quickness to all 10 squad members.

is your largest Breakbar skill. This will do 600 Breakbar damage and will also grant you due to .

has a much lower cooldown than . This skill does pulsing Breakbar damage and finishes by doing direct damage to five enemies that are inside its AoE.

Trait Lines, Explanations & Variations

Traits in the Illusions Trait Line

causes your to apply more Confusion.

causes your Torch skills to gain a 20% reduced cooldown and increased Burning.

causes all of your shatters to apply Torment.

allows you to shatter more by reducing their recharge by 15%.

reduces the recharge on your Scepter skills by 20% and increases your attack speed on Scepter by 20%. This means you can spam more frequently and generate clones faster with your auto attack chain.

Traits in the Chaos Trait Line

causes you to take 5% reduced incoming damage for five seconds whenever you summon a phantasm. This buff can stack up to five times and will result in a significant improvement in your survivability.

gives you Condition Damage based on a percentage of your Toughness. It also gives you Condition Duration based on a percentage of your Boon Duration.

gives you outgoing Boon Duration and Condition Duration based on the amount of boons on you. This will probably be between a 16 - 20% gain in both stats.

is the trait that allows you to maintain so many boons on yourself. You gain Stability from any shatter used, Might from , Vigor from , Fury from and Regeneration from .

Traits in the Chronomancer Trait Line

is a basic DPS increase for your shatters, assuming the targets are movement-impaired.

grants you Alacrity whenever you shatter. The duration of Alacrity increases for each clone that you shatter.

causes you to gain improved benefits from Alacrity but with a reduced duration.

will cause your phantasms to be resummoned when they would become a clone. This is a fairly large DPS increase as your phantasms will use their skills again. Each phantasm can only be resummoned once.

Individual Trait Variations

can be taken instead of . You can find these traits in the Chronomancer Trait Line. This trait will help carry your team through some additional healing. Making this swap will impact your personal DPS.

Gear Variation

Which Gear Variant Do I Play?

The "Regular Variant" of Condition Chronomancer can be easily used at Matthias, and Twin Largos. You have very little Toughness with this build. Make sure you have the most Toughness at Twin Largos as there is Toughness based aggro.

The "Toughness Variant" can be used if you feel that you need the extra Toughness. This might come in a handy at Soulless Horror or Twin Largos.

Whatever you decide to do, you need to take enough Toughness to survive. All four of the encounters where we recommend Condition Chronomancer can be very punishing if a squad member goes down.

Offhand Weapon Variation

Swapping your weapons is not really an option with this build. You are restricted to using Shield and Torch exclusively. If you are forced to swap weapons, then it might be worthwhile to play the Power variant, Support Chronomancer, instead.


So, let's take a look at the CC we have:

  • = 100 Breakbar damage per tick, two ticks max.
  • = 100 Breakbar damage per illusion.
  • = 600 Breakbar damage.
  • = 300 Breakbar damage for the first tick, 100 for the second and 150 for the third.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Chronomancer Tips

One Condition Chronomancer should take . This will ensure that you have initial Quickness for your first . You should run Chaos - Inspiration here so you can provide Aegis to your subgroup and extend boons to all 10 squad members with .

You can use to block an attack at the start of the fight so you can use with two clones.

Take care when using as it can cause the Tormented Dead to be CC'd when the Heal Druid is attempting to push them away.

This fight can be create a lot of pressure on your Heal Druid, so feel free to take as much Toughness as you need to survive. There are no Toughness based aggro mechanics in this encounter.

At the beginning of the encounter, you should first swap the aggro when the current tank reaches 3 stacks. After this point, you should swap agro whenever your current stacks run out. Be sure to move Soulless Horror towards the wurms at the start of the fight, so your Condition Scourge can use .

Avoid moving through Soulless Horror, as her attacks hit very hard on the rest of your party. For example, her attack deals less damage to the tanks but will hit for a lot on your DPS classes.

Try to Aegis the AoE attack, , for your team. You are Inspiration which means you can use , or to share Aegis.

Try to keep Soulless Horror near the centre of the platform, this will make it easier for your Heal Druid to push the Tormented Dead out and away from the centre. This will keep it clean of the explosions from the Tormented Dead, , and make it easier for your squad to move around. By staying in the middle, it will also cause the big walls not to spawn or will it??

We recommend so you can easily CC Soulless Horror during her attack. Make sure to also have available and .

Mythwright Gambit

Twin Largos

General Chronomancer Tips

You will need to help CC Nikare and Kenut. You can trigger at the start of the encounter to allow you to use with two clones instead of one.

The downfall with playing Illusions is that you are unable to provide Aegis to your subgroup. If your subgroup is tanking a lot of mechanics then feel free to swap to Chaos - Inspiration to help give some damage mitigation.

You don't need high Toughness for this encounter, just take enough to make you feel comfortable.

During the first two islands there is a Toughness based aggro mechanic. One Condition Chronomancer will tank here. When you split at 50%, there is also Toughness based aggro. Each Condition Chronomancer will tank their respective bosses.

You can use Aegis, , or to block . This mechanic will only spawn at Nikare.

You can Aegis the mechanic, assuming you are running Inspiration.

Split Phase

Even if you didn't tank Nikare for the first 50%, you will tank Kenut or Nikare sub 50%. It just depends which island you go to at the 50% phase change.

With decent DPS you will get one CC bar per island sub 50%. The islands will swap at 25%, this means you will always get two CC bars.

Always ensure that you can use and per Breakbar. Make sure your Condition Mirages use on every single Breakbar. Remember that a faster break results in higher DPS uptime!

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