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General Gameplay Tips

Gear Variation

The "Optimal Variant" will end up doing more DPS than the "Regular Variant" however the optimal gear setup only works with full s. The "Regular Variant" is a better basis for doing fractals.

So, which set should you make?

  • If you don't want to get stat infusions, then you should go for the regular variant.
  • If you don’t plan on doing fractals and want to minmax then go for the optimal variant.

The "Tank Variant" is never required in an organized group. If you are pugging and you want to carry with high healing output and very high toughness, then this build will definitely help. This is very true if you feel like you can't trust your Druid and will also help to carry with a very hard hitting .

The Chaos Variants (Regular & Optimal) are not focused on damage, but rather keeping up as many boons as possible. The end game for Chaos - Inspiration is basically to keep up as many boons as possible to help buff your Weavers or Deadeyes via and .

So, what do you need to know about Chaos?

  • Both variants do not show 67% Boon Duration on the hero panel, this is due to having which gives you the additional Boon Duration that you need to cap.
  • In a pug group it is perfectly fine to play as a group support heal since you don’t lose that much damage by swapping out .

Offhand Weapon Variation

Shield is mainly used for CC but it also helps with personal survivability via and . Alacrity uptime will also be improved due to . You absolutely have to take shield when playing Dueling - Illusions otherwise you will drop Alacrity.

Sword has the highest DPS of all the offhands. It offers some survivability and damage with the block on , which can also help as a small CC if you double use it without triggering the block.

Focus is used for pulling in adds during certain encounters and provides the second highest DPS out of the offhands available.

Pistol is only taken for CC and is only second to Shield in the amount of CC it provides.

Healing Skill Variation

is the strongest group heal Chronomancer can offer.

is a personal DPS increase, since it allows you to recast a . This means that on bosses without group pressure is the better choice. On bosses where you tank or high pressure attacks/aura happen will be better for the whole group.

Keep in mind that is only a ~500-1000 personal DPS increase and that being only for Inspiration builds. These numbers are based on the golem so infact the personal DPS gain will be even lower during an actual bossfight. , on average, will give your party higher scholar uptime.

Traitline Variation & Explanation

Domination - Inspiration

This build easily keeps up Quickness and Alacrity and gives you the ability to share Aegis via . also triggers on your signet active casts. This build has the second lowest personal DPS when compared with the other Chronomancer build options.

Illusions - Inspiration

This build is the easiest for keeping up Quickness and it has more DPS than all the other Inspiration builds. Aside from the increased personal DPS, this build offers nothing. Typically, if you are aiming for increased personal DPS then you would run Dueling - Illusions. This has resulted in the Illusions - Inspiration being rarely used.

Chaos - Inspiration

This build can keep up Quickness and Alacrity but also keep up ~11 boons on average in real raid encounters. That is why it synergises well with Weavers and Deadeyes due to and . This build also allows you to share Aegis to your party with & a high chance on which triggers when using your heal skill due to . This build has the lowest personal DPS of all the Chronomancer builds. If you feel like your team needs more support take instead of to get the additional heal whenever an ally is inside a well.

Dueling - Illusions

This build has the highest personal DPS on support Chronomancer. It can keep permanent Alacrity and Quickness however only with , which is why you always take this skill when running Dueling - Illusions. You can use this build on bosses where you don’t need to CC, as you can't take or due to the previously explained reason. You need to take Shield offhand on this build to keep permanent Alacrity via since you don’t have . You can always pick up if your party lacks fury since you don’t have .

How to CC and What You Can Do To Improve It

When playing Domination - Inspiration you can take , which is a Major Adept trait in Domination. This increases the Stun and Daze duration of and however, it doesn’t affect . Take if you are actively using .

When using , walk out away from the boss before using to get more hits on large hitboxes.

Try to coordinate your CC skills: for example on Slothasor you want always one Chronomancer to use per breakbar. This means that for each breakbar you will have two and a single .

If you have a Sword offhand equipped, you can double press to gain access to . In order to CC with this skill, you can't activate the block.

works with , and . The effects of only work if your current weapon set has this sigil. This means you’ll want to get a shield, focus and pistol with to ensure you don’t miss out on the proc. To Clarify - If you swap weapon during and your second weapon set does not have this sigil then it will not proc.

Well Placement

Make sure you place your wells within range of your team. This can become difficult when tanking bosses like Dhuum and Gorseval due to their large hitbox size. Make sure that you cover both yourself and your team when placing your wells.

Tanking & Toughness

The most important thing to note is that you should try to dodge or move as little as possible when not necessary so the boss stays in place. This will help keep the boss within an AoEs that your team currently has down. You can always take more Toughness if you feel the need for it. Taking additional Toughness is always better than being forced to dodge and therefore moving the boss.

Vale Guardian, Gorseval, Keep Construct, Xera, Deimos, Broken King, Eater of Souls and Dhuum have Toughness based aggro mechanics which causes them to always focus the player with the highest Toughness. This doesn’t mean that you should always have as much Toughness as possible, just that you need to have slightly more than your other squad members. As explained earlier, you don't ever need to take a large amount of Toughness but just make sure that you have the most out of your squad members during these encounters. Most importantly, you need to take enough Toughness to survive. A dead Chronomancer is useless, so take as much as you need.

When tanking, don’t turn to your party and move the boss only when absolutely required. Only do this when it is unavoidable, like during Deimos when moving out of blacks. A prime example of not turning to your party is during Dhuum, turning this boss towards your party will most likely cause your light classes to be one shot by his auto attack.

  • On Vale Guardian you should run slightly higher Toughness to be able to tank his auto attacks. Minstrel gear works perfectly here, so consider using the "Toughness Variant" when tanking this boss. Technically, you do have enough blocks from , , and to be able to survive in the normal gear variants.
  • If you are the Tower Chronomancer for the Escort event, it helps to be as tanky as possible. This will allow you to be solo in the towers when waiting for your team to move Glenna to the next claim point.
  • On the Broken King you should also play as tanky as possible. High personal DPS will do nothing as your party is limited in total DPS anyway due to the nature of the fight. Taking higher Toughness will mean that the Druid doesn't need to focus you as much with healing and can focus on the rest of the group instead. In case you have problems surviving him up close you can just range tank him as well.

Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000

Tank Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration since your Druid will help you survive. You should take Sword and Shield as your offhand weapons. This is because you can use and to avoid being teleported by . You can also use or to avoid being teleported.

You can also save your to avoid taking damage from , this will help relieve some of the pressure from your Druid.

Inbetween the green explosions, make sure to block or Vale Guardian's auto attacks and . If you need to dodge and are doing wall, dodge into the wall. If not, then try to side-step slightly to avoid moving Vale Guardian.

Support Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration with offhand Sword for the additional personal DPS and take Shield for the CC it provides via . Seeing as you aren't tanking, you can happily move out of the AoEs to avoid getting ported.

General Chronomancer Tips

Make sure to auto attack the Blue Guardian during the split phases to remove its buff - Blue Pylon Power.

Keep up your rotation even during the split phases to ensure you maintain permanent Quickness and Alacrity.

Both builds can use to avoid the hit from the green circles when they explode. This will help alleviate some of the pressure from your Druid. With some lucky timing, you might be able to get inside your .

Take so you can quickly break the Blue Guardian during the split phases. Coordinate with the other Chronomancer as to which of you goes to the Blue Guardian first and which to the Red Guardian. Only use on the Blue Guardian. The Green Guardian will get CC'd by , hopefully.

Spirit Woods

General Chronomancer Tips

Coordinate with the other Chronomancer to determine which one of you will portal at each point. One Chronomancer needs to immediately use on the first wall. One of you should to skip the second capture point after you kill the first wall. From the first wall, you need to double towards the second wall. This will put you past the trigger point, allowing your team to skip this capture point via .

One Chronomancer needs to use inside their so they can use twice. The second needs to be opened in the capture point after you have killed the second wall. You can then use inside your and open your on the third wall just before you need to glide. This way, you will have up again and for the third and final time.

The third should be used after you have glided across the gap. Once you land after gliding, your team will need to capture this first point. One Chronomancer can then skip ahead using to twice towards the final wall. This allows you to your team to the final wall. Ensure that one Chronomancer drops a at this wall, as you are slightly in a race against time to kill it before the capture circles explode.

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500

Tank Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Focus and Shield offhands. Save your for after the CC phase, so you can pull in the adds. The adds will CC your squad members and strip their Aegis and/or Stability if you don't pull them in quickly.

Gorseval has a Toughness based aggro mechanic, so make sure you coordinate with the other Chronomancer to make sure you know who is tanking. You do not need high Toughness in order to tank Gorseval, all you need is more than anyone else to make sure that you have the aggro.

Make sure to move slighly towards your group when using to provide Aegis to avoid the Knock Back from Gorseval's stomp attack - .

Support Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Pistol and Shield offhands. Pistol is taken for the extra CC via .

General Chronomancer Tips

is taken here so you can quickly CC Gorseval. Coordinate with the other Chronomancer and decide which of you will use it during which phase. If you use on the first breakbar phase then it will naturally be off cooldown for the third phase. If you use it on the second breakbar phase then you must use it inside so it is ready for the third phase. This way you can quickly break Gorseval during the last phase as you have two ready. Regardless of which you use, you should use , (and ) on every breakbar.

Breakbar Phase

In order to break Gorseval even faster during , there are a few things you can do;

  • Take and make sure you have it on both offhands. This sigil will proc on , and .
  • Try to have up 3 clones when you use
  • Walk backwards slightly before using to make sure you get the maximum number of hits off. You want to have the end of the projection on the ground to be inside of the hitbox to achieve this.

During the last phase, Gorseval will use which will create eggs on the floor and trap you within them if you don't move out of the orange AoE circles. If you don't want to dodge, you can use or to avoid being trapped.

Spectral Impact

If you have High group DPS, you will only get one per phase. Except for the first phase, where Gorseval will always use twice. Gorseval will use it either immediately, or after one auto attack and then again after the CC phase. You can use to provide Aegis to your subgroup for every . For the first phase, you will need to use inside your . If you have bad RNG and Gorseval decides to use instantly, instead of using an auto attack first, then it's just bad luck. The reason shares Aegis is due to in the Inspiration trait line.

If you have Low group DPS, Gorseval will probably use multiple times per phase. This means using will not be enough. You can gain stability from using your shatter skills due to which you can then share with . Consider delaying your CC skills during if your group DPS is low, so your squad has longer uninterrupted DPS opportunities.

Split Phase

Keep up your rotation even during the split phase, but make sure that you always have ready for the CC phase. Slow CC will most likely result in dead DPS classes. When you place your wells, during the split phase, make sure to do it on your squad members and not on the spirits. Most will max melee the spirits so they don't get the Weakness debuff.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48

General Chronomancer Tips

As there is no Toughness aggro mechanic here and no CC required, both Chronomancers can play Dueling - Illusions. This is the highest DPS build for Support Chronomancer, but this means that you absolutely have to take a Shield to cover Alacrity.

You need to take when playing Dueling - Illusions to help maintain permanent Quickness. Drop when your squad members come back from doing cannons so they can instantly get Quickness.

For your second offhand weapon it depends which team composition you are playing. If you are running with a Scourge, then both Chronomancers can take Sword offhand as will take care of the bandit adds. If you are running without a Scourge, then one Chronomancer should take Focus to pull in the bandit spawns.

The Chronomancer in the group with the Scourge Kiter and the should play Dueling - Inspiration. This is to help maintain their boons even when they are away from the stack doing their respective roles.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000

General Chronomancer Tips

Slothasor has no Toughness aggro mechanic. On this boss you will play Chaos - Inspiration, mainly due to the fact that this boss favors Weavers and Deadeyes. allows you to share Stability after the CC phases to void the Fear that comes after. It also gives you access to to help reflect some of the projectiles from the Slublings and reduce your cooldown of . As the fight is very CC heavy, you will use Shield and as second weapon Focus to pull in the Slublings.

One Chronomancer should delay their use of so they can take care of the first and second breakbars. If you choose to delay your then you should immediately use your wells once the boss is triggered. Use your wells first, weapon swap and then use . This will ensure that you will have all your skills up during the first breakbar and can use inside your . Delaying your is extremely DPS dependent, if you have low squad DPS then there is no reason to delay it.

If you aren't delaying your you can summon clones before you initiate Slothasor. The poisoned ground around Slothasor triggers a block and you can summon clones by triggering your block on and then swapping out Sword for Shield or Focus, do this before you initiate the fight. The advantage of this is that when the boss triggers, you will have three clones up for your first and therefore it lasts longer which allows you to use for the additional share.

You can use while jumping side Slothasor's hitbox to destroy the projectiles from .

Breakbar Phase

After each breakbar, Slothasor will Fear your squad and in order to save your subgroup you will want to either share Aegis or ideally Stability. Typically, you will want to share Stability by first shattering and then using or from . You gain Stability on shatter due to . Sharing Aegis is less ideal, as the block can easily be stripped by stepping into the poisoned ground.

The same rules apply at Slothasor as they did for Gorseval in terms of effectively CC'ing him.

  • Take and make sure that you have it on both weapon sets.
  • Take a few steps back before using to ensure you get the most amount of hits.
  • Coordinate with the other Chronomancer to decide which of you is using on each breakbar.
  • Use but ideally with 3 clones up.


The Slubling groups spawn at 6:30, 6:00, 5:30 and 5:00. Use to pull these adds ontop of Slothasor so you can cleave them down. One Chronomancer will need to pull the Slublings together and the second Chronomancer will need to pull them ontop of the boss. Coordinate with each other and decide who does what. Be careful when pulling Slublings, as you will also pull in a party member if they are transformed at the time.

Bandit Trio

General Chronomancer Tips

Realistically you can play any support build here. Chaos - Inspiration will help with providing a huge amount of boons that will help to compensate for your squad being so spread out. It will also provide Stability to help with the constant Fear spam. Both Chronomancers can take Shield and Focus. Use to help control the bandit adds by pulling them together and to help CC them, thereby mitigating damage and potential CC skills they might use.

is taken here to provide some condition cleanse to help with the constant Fear application.

If your subgroup is starting by cleaning "up" then you can place your ontop of the middle bandit and pull all three bandits together.

Take it upon yourself to throw Beehives at Berg, as the rest of your group will probably just tunnel vision DPS.

Check out This Video that will show you how to deal with the triple mortar spawn. You will need to start to move out towards the mortar spawns at 5:20, 4:20 and 3:20. The spawns at 5:20 and 4:20 are single spawns with the one at 3:20 being the triple spawn shown in the video.

For the single mortar spawns, will do the trick. For the triple spawn at 3:20 you can use on the two mortars in a line and use on the third. As shown in the video, you can also use within your and use this for all three mobs. If you use for all the mortars, then feel free to take as your elite to help with Quickness uptime.

When returning from the mortars at 4:20, the triple bandit spawn on the bridge will have respawned. You can use to pull them together again and burst them down with the help of a DPS class.

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Chronomancer Tips

Matthias has no Toughness aggro mechanic, both Chronomancers should play Chaos - Inspiration. This will greatly help for the Snowstorm phase due to the Stability from which might prevent some Knockdowns. You should be playing Shield and Sword offhands here, remember that now works on the sacrifice.

At 40%, when Matthias Gabrel phases you should wait until the bombs have exploded before placing your wells to avoid wasting them.

Breakbar Phase

Coordinate with the other Chronomancer to decide which of you will use on each sacrifice. Ideally, you will also have at least another Mirage meaning that you have one per sacrifice.

If you are seriously struggling with CC then you could delay your until the first sacrifice so you can use within it and therefore have up for the first and second sacrifice. .

Blood Shards

You will need a form of reflect for when Matthias Gabrel uses his attack. Typically, you will want a Mirage to take to deal with this. If you do not have a Mirage you could drop for , however this will seriously impact your Alacrity uptime. The last resort is to take with Focus offhand instead of Sword. This is a risky option, as you may reflect with your giving Matthias Gabrel the Blood Fueled buff which significantly increases his damage.

Be slightly careful when using during his attack as it can eat some of the projectiles meaning that they will not be reflected by .

Stronghold of the Faithful


General Chronomancer Tips

You can play Domination - Inspiration or Chaos - Inspiration here, whatever you prefer. Domination can give you Distortion on passive and active signet from and . Chaos gives you Stability on shatter from and can save you from random Fear alongside the cleanse from .

Both Chronomancers should take to help with Quickness uptime.

If you are the Tower Chronomancer it helps to take tankier gear so you can survive solo on the towers. If you are the main team Chronomancer just take your normal offensive gear.

Both and are required if you are playing the Tower Chronomancer. If you want to have an easier time as Tower Chronomancer you can take instead of .

Instant Tower Cap Method

The idea behind this method is that one Chronomancer handles the towers and the entire team, aside from the Druid. If everyone takes the , you are able to instantly cap the tower. This method is safer and faster than splitting the team up.

The Chronomancer that takes care of the first three towers should run minstrel to be comfortable when tanking mobs. Before opening the first , you should use inside your . This way you will have for the first three towers.

As you used inside your you can also the second , allowing you to have available again for the third tower. By only using one Chronomancer for the first three towers, this lets you 8 man the mobs and thereby clear faster.

The second Chronomancer doesn’t need , as they only have to do the to the fourth tower by using the ley line. Since the second Chronomancer isn't running high Toughness they can take the leyline just as the group takes the back down from the third tower. The Tower Chronomancer can stand on the turret and tank the mobs to help out if you choose to. After you instantly cap the fourth turret the Tower Chronomancer stands on it tanks the mobs and as his will be off cooldown for the fifth and final turret.

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500

General Chronomancer Tips

Both Chronomancers can play Chaos - Inspiration when doing a single orb with . is taken instead when doing a single orb as will not be back off cooldown.

Both Chronomancers should take Focus and Shield offhands. This is to pull the orb with and to help CC with . This encounter has a Toughness aggro mechanic, so ensure to coordinate with the other Chronomancer to determine which one of you will tank.

During the breakbar phase you should use or , and for CC.

Use to provide Aegis via for when Keep Construct uses his jump attack ().

Middle Tanking Strategy

Make sure the two people that are Fixated both stay on the left side of the boss's hitbox. This will give your team time to cleave down the illusions as they pass through Keep Construct.

As for pulling the orb out, both Chronomancers should go to the west circle. The first Chronomancer places his on the edge of the green circle and the other one pulls out. This way you instantly pull through the rift and out of the arena.

Check out the image below to see exactly where you need to place your

Side Tanking Strategy

The Tank Chronomancer takes the aggro of Keep Construct by moving towards him and can then reposition him towards where the illusion is spawning.

After the first illusion is dead you should move Keep Construct slightly towards the second illusion.

If you get mechanic (The expanding red circles) and you are the tank, you need to stay put and not move out like the rest of your squad. It is the responsibility of the rest of your team, except the party member that is Fixated, to move away.

Coordinate with the other Chronomancer and decide which of you will use to help pull the orb through the rifts.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000

General Chronomancer Tips

Both Chronomancers can play Chaos - Inspiration. The Chronomancer from the subgroup should always play Chaos - Inspiration so you have a source of Fury. Take Focus and Shield as your offhands. Focus is taken to help pull in the adds with and Shield is taken for CC on Xera and to help with add control with .

Xera has a Toughness based aggro mechanic, so make sure that you coordinate with the other Chronomancer so you know who will be tanking.

You will need to decide with the other Chronomancer as to which group of adds you pull in. Coordinate as to whether you will pull the human adds or the illusions.

You can use your Focus and to help pull the orb on the first island. Decide with your subgroup as to which orb you will pull. Make sure that this is the last orb that is pushed through a rift, otherwise you may pull other orbs.

As explained in "General" section of the Chronomancer guide, it is very important to not move Xera or to turn her unless absolutely necessary. This is because Xera uses a broken version of called . This skill will melt your DPS classes if Xera is facing them. Assuming Xera is only facing the tank, you can time your so you use it at the same time as her . This will not only alleviate some of the pressure on your Druid but will also mean that you don't have to dodge. Recent changed to mean that it will not last for the full duration of . You can also use to block instead.

Both Chronomancers can use their whenever a breakbar appears. Typically, you will get a breakbar in the first phase of Xera and another during the second phase.

Tanking Positions

Higher DPS

Lower DPS

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Chronomancer Tips

As there is no Toughness aggro mechanic here and no CC required, both Chronomancers can play Chaos - Inspiration. This is taken so you can provide Stability for every to avoid the Knockdown. By running Chaos, it also means that you will cover Fury for your subgroup.

If you are in a High DPS group, just having will be enough for Quickness. If you have lower group DPS then you should run instead of . My taking in High DPS groups, it allows you to drop to lower Boon Duration thereby increasing your personal DPS.

To share Stability effectively, you will want to time your and just after you use your shatter skills. will also provide some Stability in the Druid subgroup due to .

Both Chronomancers will need to take a , the red AoE circles. The idea is that the Chronomancers take the second and third and the Druid can take the first. The first spawns at 7:37 and then every 20 seconds after that. This means that the first Chronomancer will take at 7:17 and the second at 6:57.

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Chronomancer Tips

As there is no Toughness aggro mechanic here and no CC required, both Chronomancers can play Dueling - Illusions. This is the highest DPS build for Support Chronomancer, but this means that you absolutely have to take a Shield to cover Alacrity. Take Sword as your other offhand weapon for the additional personal DPS it provides.

As you are not running Chaos, you will have no source of Fury. The Fury in the Druid subgroup will be covered by and the Fury in the subgroup can be covered by or by using skil #2 on .

This is a perfect DPS golem for you to practise your rotation on. Take as little Boon Duration as you see fit without dropping boons. If you have a Daredevil in your party, this will be significantly easier due to the new stolen skill, Detonate Plasma, which provides boons to all 10 squad members.

If you have no Daredevil in your squad and have Weavers, Deadeyes or Mirages, you should consider running Chaos - Inspiration over Dueling - Illusions. Their loss of DPS due to you running Dueling - Illusions cannot be made up by your own DPS.

Coordinate with the other Chronomancer and decide which one of you will use his outside of their towards the end of the encounter. If you don't do this, you will drop Quickness.


As a Chronomancer, you will almost definitely have to take Claim. When using Claim and there are incoming Jade Knights, ensure that you delay using it so that the tiles are first claimed by the Jade Knight and then you can reclaim them.

Precasting Clones

As with Slothasor, you can precast some clones by using while standing on the orange tiles. You can summon 3 clones, which means once you begin Mursaat Overseer you can immediately use .

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500

General Chronomancer Tips

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Shield offhand. One Chronomancer should take Pistol and the other Focus. One Chronomancer takes Focus so they can use in order to pull Rigom underneath Samarog during the split phase.

When you initiate the encounter with Samarog you can share Stability which will allow your Weavers to continue casting and ignore the . You need to share as quickly as possible, which means that when you run in your opening should look like this;

  • and .
  • or to trigger which will share Stability among over boons.
  • Then go into and continue your rotation.

Breakbar Phase

Make sure that you have on your offhand weapons. On every breakbar you should have at least;

You will need to coordinate with the other Chronomancer as to who takes the first Fixated. It should be noted that if you are Fixated, you can precast your before you get CC'd allowing you to effectively help to CC yourself.

Breaking Samarog quickly during his mechanic is very important, not only will it save your party member but also Samarog is immune to damage during this period. A quick break will mean a high DPS uptime and will make your Weavers happy. During the final breakbar of each phase (70% & 40%), you will not have access to a . This is when your Warrior should use his to help CC.

Split Phase

During the split phases, ensure that you keep up your rotation. During the split phase, make sure to share Stability by shattering and using when Guldhem uses his AoE stun.

Once you have killed Guldhem and Rigom at the 33% phase, Samarog will use which is an Knockdown and will probably one shot Weavers. During this animation he is stationary, so your Weavers will probably want to free cast on him. Feel free to share Aegis with to stop them getting destroyed.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140

Tank Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Sword and Shield offhands. Chaos - Inspiration only works in High DPS groups, as in, there will only be one per phase. If Deimos will use more than once per phase, you should play Domination - Inspiration so you have access to the extra Aegis from & .

Deimos has a Toughness based aggro mechanic meaning that you need to coordinate with the other Chronomancer and the handkiter to determine how much Toughness you need. Feel free to run the "Toughness Variant" if that's what you need to survive.

As tank, to avoid wasting skills while your team is ported, you can use and to block . You will also need to have an Aegis available or block to prevent being one shot by . or work perfectly for this.

You will need to drop your immediately when Deimos first appears. Use it outside of your before you start your rotation. Getting Quickness up immediately is important. You can then use again during the final 10% for immediate Quickness.

Typically, the first will happen during your opening rotation. This means that you can happily use inside your . If people in your team get Knocked Back, remember that it's very important to flame them as they were probably standing in two of the pizza slices.

Support Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Sword and Focus offhands for better personal DPS. Chaos - Inspiration only works in High DPS groups, as in, there will only be one per phase. If Deimos will use more than once per phase, you should play Domination - Inspiration so you have access to the extra Aegis from & .

As off Chronomancer you should use your when you are teleported down at 50% to deal with Saul. This ensures that all squad members have Quickness as it covers everyone.

General Chronomancer Tips

We recommend Chaos here due to the insane amount of boons you produce that will ultimately buff your Weavers and Deadeyes. We only recommend this is High DPS groups as your only reliable source of Aegis is from .

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

General Chronomancer Tips

The Chronomancer in the Druid group can play Domination - Inspiration here as there is no need for a large amounts of boons. The group, however, will lack a source of Fury. This means the Chronomancer from this group should play Chaos - Inspiration. You can take Sword and Shield as your offhands. Take care when using as it can cause the Tormented Dead to be CC'd when the Druid is attempting to push them away.

This fight can be create a lot of pressure on your Druid, so feel free to take as much Toughness as you need to survive. There are no Toughness based aggro mechanics in this encounter.

At the beginning of the encounter, you should first swap the aggro when the current tank reaches 3 stacks. After this point, you should swap agro whenever your current stacks run out. Be sure to move Soulless Horror towards the wurms at the start of the fight, so your Scourge can use .

Avoid moving through Soulless Horror, as her attacks hit very hard on the rest of your party. For example, her attack deals less damage to the tanks but will hit for a lot on your DPS classes.

Try to Aegis the AoE attack, , for your team. You are Domination which means you can use , or . You can also trigger the passive trait to share Aegis. If you are playing Chaos then you will only have access to Aegis via .

Try to keep Soulless Horror near the centre of the platform, this will make it easier for your Druid to push the Tormented Dead out and away from the centre. This will keep it clean of the explosions from the Tormented Dead, , and make it easier for your squad to move around. By staying in the middle, it will also cause the big walls not to spawn or will it??

We recommend so you can easily CC Soulless Horror during her attack. Coordinate with the other Chronomancer and decide who will use for each breakbar. Make sure to also have available and you can even use .

River of Souls

Portal Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Focus and Shield offhands. Use to give Desmina some Swiftness.

After you and your team have killed the second Enervator you should begin to skip ahead. Drop your slightly ahead of this Enervator and use to double across to the third Enervator. You can open your which allows your team to skip the difficult part of river with multiple walls.

Your will be off cooldown just as you kill the fourth Enervator. This means you can use it to your team up to the fifth and final Enervator. Be sure to open your slightly behind the Enervator, as a wall will shortly spawn.

Main Team Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration here with Focus and Shield offhands. Use to give Desmina some Swiftness.

is used to give Desmina a block from Aegis which means you can leave the bombers to explode if you want to.

General Chronomancer Tips

Use on top of Desmina if she starts to get low. Note: Desmina will not be healed if she is currently targeted by an Enervator.

If your team is struggling to close rifts quickly, feel free to swap out Sword for Scepter.

Split Team Approach

The other approach to this encounter is to split your team up. You can send a full minstrel Revenant ahead with 4 DPS classes and a Chronomancer to provide boons.

This group can move ahead to kill the Enervators so Desmina doesn't get her shield destroyed by them.

Maximum 4 people should stay back with Desmina and escort her up the River. Ideally, you want people who can provide Aegis, Swiftness and Superspeed. The reason for maximum 4 people, is that this way Desmina will also receive boons and heals.

Statues of Grenth

The Broken King

One of the Chronomancers will need to tank Broken King, so feel free to take as much Toughness as you need to survive without your Druid having to spend too much time healing you. is a ridiculously strong heal, so make sure to take full advantage of this and use it for self sustain whenever needed.

Keep removing his boons by using or the off Chronomancer can auto attack. If you are still struggling with boon removal, then take .

Both Chronomancers should try to place their and other wells to cover as many squad members as possible.

Eater of Souls

As with Broken King, there is also a Toughness based aggro mechanic. So many sure to coordinate with the other Chronomancer.

As the tank it is your duty to move The Eater of Souls towards the glowing platforms and keep him there. Meanwhile your team should be killing the spiders. They should then pick up the yellow orbs that spawn after the spiders die and throw them onto the glowing platform where the boss is standing.

While two party members are picking up to souls in the air you will move the boss to the next glowing platform so you can repeat what you did earlier. When your team has collected 18 Souls you can kill the Eater and the fight will be over.

Eyes of Judgement and Fate - Portal Tactic

Two party members can start above where the orbs spawn with the remaining eight party members down by the Northern Eye. One of the party members who is up with the orbs has to be a Chronomancer. Once at least 2 orbs have been thrown down, this Chronomancer can open his ontop next to where the orbs spawn.

Once the Northern Eye is at ~10%, the Chronomancer can use and then open his . Collect as many orbs as possible and begin to throw them towards the Southern Eye. The Chronomancer, again, opens another on the upper floor and follows them. After you fully kill the Southern Eye, the Chronomancer uses his again and everyone takes it.

You will need to grab another orb and head North to kill the Eye that you left at ~10%. You have a time window of 30 seconds after you kill the first Eye in which to kill the second one.

It is very helpful to mark the Eye on the Northern side. The normal key combo for that is ALT+SHIFT+1-9. You need to be Commander or Lieutenant in order to do this.

Note: Traits and Sigils that increase duration of Stun skills will also increase the Stun duration on the Light Orb skill #2. So this applies to , and .

Note: The Stun of the Light Orb skill #2 can get overwritten by any other Stun, so don't use your or on the Eye.

The second Chronomancer can take normal utilities - , , , and . Coordinate with the other Chronomancer as to who will use on either side.

Eyes of Judgement and Fate - Splitting Tactic

Ideally you want to split into three groups; 4 - 2 - 4. The group of two, being two random DPS classes who stay up with the Light Orbs to throw them to either side. They need to coordinate and decide to which side they will throw the Light Orbs. The two groups of four, being the rest of your squad equally split between the Northern and Southern Eye.

As mentioned earlier, you have a time window of 30 seconds to kill each Eye before they respawn at low health.

Note: Traits and Sigils that increase duration of Stun skills will also increase the Stun duration on the Light Orb skill #2. So this applies to , and .

Note: The Stun of the Light Orb skill #2 can get overwritten by any other Stun, so don't use your or on the Eye.

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

Tank Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration with Sword and Shield as your offhand weapons.

Shield is recommended for the extra blocks that you gain from and .

Dhuum has a Toughness based aggro mechanic, so make sure you coordinate with the other Chronomancer to make sure you know who is tanking. Also take into consideration that your kiter may have extra Toughness. As the tank you will take less damage from Dhuum's attacks. This means you don't need excessively high Toughness to tank him.

After each boon strip, , you will have your back up. Make sure you apply your boons as quickly as possible.

In the rare occasion that you are the only boon strip available, use to strip.

As explained in the "General" section of this guide, it is very important not to turn Dhuum towards your party. Dhuum will happily one shot DPS classes with his auto attack.

Support Chronomancer

You should play Chaos - Inspiration with Sword and Shield as your offhand weapons.

You will be forced into taking the second green at Dhuum. Try to share your boons just before you go up.

You can also consider running Staff instead of Sword, if you are taking greens. This way you can optimize the amount of boons that you're giving them even when you're barely there. Preferably you your whenever possible.

General Chronomancer Tips

You can use to avoid getting Torment when Dhuum uses .

You can swap out for to provide more group support. Use this just after the boon strip from to help remove Torment and provide a group heal.

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