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General Gameplay Tips

General Mirage Tips

This build revolves around shattering, clone generation and extremely high Confusion uptime. This build is taken on encounters with high attack speeds.

You have higher Confusion uptime from shattering due to and also reduce Cooldown on Torch skills and increased Burning due to .

You generate clones from your normal phantasm skills but also from using Deception skills. grants a clone whenever you use or .

applies Confusion per hit up to six stacks. For that reason it's important that you place it close enough into the target's hitbox so it gets all six hits.

Use the first charges to catch , walk towards the rest.

Use whenever you can. will produce four whirl finishers which can apply Confusion if done in an ethereal field.

Don't leap off a platform when using .

will give you Stealth and remove a single condition. Always try to be in melee whenever you use and for when the skill finishes to trigger the trait .

You can detarget the boss when using to aim this skill.

Axe or Scepter?

Let's start with the most important fact:

  • Axe is the superior build in all situations. A perfectly played Axe rotation will always outperform the Scepter build.

Scepter provides extremely high levels of Confusion that work well at encounters with short phases. The Scepter build can get extremely close to the Axe build at Twin Largos due to the short phases and high attack speed.

The Scepter build is also "easier" than the Axe build, which is definitely a reason to play it.

Mirage Specific Mechanics

Mirage Mirror

will drop a once the shards have come together. The will drop wherever you have cast the skill.

Collecting a will give you the Mirage Cloak buff.

Mirage Cloak

Gaining Mirage Cloak will give you access to Ambush skills:

Mirage Cloak also gives you Superspeed due to the trait .

You can also gain Mirage Cloak by Dodging due to the trait . It's important to remember that your Dodge is static when playing on Condition Mirage.

Whenever you gain Mirage Cloak your illusions will also gain it due to the trait . This means your illusions will also be able to use their Ambush skills.

Phantasms and Clones

You have a few weapon skills that summon phantasms:

Phantasms carry out an attack and then will transform into clones. The attack can be completed or interrupted, either will cause the phantasm to become a clone.

Phantasms cannot be shattered and do not count towards your three clone cap.

You have a few weapon skills that summon clones:

  • and .
  • , and due to .

Clones will persist for eternity unless they are shattered, die from too much damage or their target is defeated.

Shatter Skills

Shatters are unique to Mesmer, Chronomancer and Mirage. They enable you to destroy your clones with a variety of effects.

When you use a shatter skill, you also count as a clone. That means that if you are close to your target and you use a shatter skill, it will trigger four times.

Let's take a look at your shatter skills:

  • deals increasing damage with each clone that is shattered.
  • deals one stack of Confusion for each clone, up to a maximum of four. This is further increased by which causes each clone, and yourself, to apply three stacks of Confusion.
  • deals 100 Breakbar damage per clone shattered, including an additional one for yourself.
  • provides you with one second of... for each clone shattered.

You have a few traits with this build that influence your shatter skills:

  • causes your to inflict three stacks of Confusion per clone.
  • causes your shatters to inflict one stack of Torment per clone.
  • reduces the Cooldown of your shatter skills.
  • causes your to inflict Blind. This, in turn, inflicts Confusion due to .

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills
will help you generate more phantasms as it will reset the Cooldown of and .

improves your Condition Damage. Never use the active form of unless all hell breaks loose.

improves your Condition Duration. There is literally not a single reason to ever use the active form of .

is a ground-targeted AoE skill that grants a wherever it is cast. Always make sure that you hit with all the projectiles. You have to collect the at some point so don't use somewhere stupid.

is used for mobility when collecting and will remove a condition when used. It is also used in the Illusions build to generate clones due to .

Utility Skill Variations

is used on the Scepter build. This allows you to use more frequently and therefore have higher Confusion uptime. It will also generate a clone due to .

will need to be taken by one Condition Mirage at the Matthias encounter. Swap out for if you are the chosen one.

Trait Lines, Explanations & Variations

Traits in the Illusions Trait Line

causes you to apply more Confusion whenever you use .

reduces the Cooldown of your Torch skills and causes your Torch skills to apply more Burning.

causes your shatters to inflict Torment.

reduces the Cooldown of your shatter skills. This allows you to apply more Confusion and Torment.

causes your phantasms to deal increased damage by 1% per stack. can go up to 25 stacks maximum.

Traits in the Dueling Trait Line

causes you and your phantasms to cause Bleeding whenever you hit with a Pistol skill. It also causes your Pistol skills to rechage by 25% whenever you interrupt an enemy.

causes your phantasms to cause Bleeding on critical hits.

causes you to Blind five enemies whenever you use . This synergizes well with .

causes you to apply Blind to an enemy when you interrupt them. This trait also causes any Blind you cause to also apply Confusion.

Traits in the Mirage Trait Line

causes you to gain a clone whenever you use a Deception skill. The following skills are your Deception skills:

More clones means more things to shatter which will result in higher Confusion uptime.

grans you + 150 Condition Damage whenever you have Vigor. Seeing as gives you Vigor whenever you shatter, you should be fine!

causes you to have a reduced recharge on your Axe skills. Axe skills also produce an additional that applies Torment.

causes your clones to gain Mirage Cloak whenever you do. This allows them to use their Ambush skills.

Traits Variations

If you are playing with Scepter, you will want to make two changes to your traits:

Boons & Conditions

You provide permanent Bleeding due to and . You also give Bleeding from and .

You provide permanent Burning due to , and .

You provide permanent Torment due to , , , and . You also inflict Torment whenever you use a shatter skill due to .

You provide permanent Confusion due to , , , , , , , and . You will also inflict further Confusion due to and .

You provide permanent Blind due to , and . You inflict Blind whenever you use a shatter skill due to . You give Blind whenever you interrupt an enemy due to .

You provide roughly a 25% uptime on Cripple due to and .

You provide roughly a 25% uptime on Weakness due to .

You provide yourself with Fury due to .

You provide yourself with Vigor due to and .

You provide yourself with Protection due to , if you're running Scepter.


  • = 250* Breakbar damage for the first target and 200 for the second.
  • = 100 Breakbar damage.
  • = 100 Breakbar damage per clone shattered, including yourself.
  • = 300 Breakbar damage. (Only use this in a life or death situation).

Salvation Pass

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500

General Mirage Tips

One Condition Mirage can take to reflect and to remove the Blood Shield.

While is the most DPS utility skill, is a good alternative here as it can help with mechanic dropping. The only not so downside part is that you need to combo it with mid cast to land into the boss otherwise you might end up too far from him and lose DPS.

Use to move out quickly when you are subject to or . You can use to return to Matthias after dealing with these mechanics.

When subject to , move out while continuing your rotation. Use to jump back in but make sure you don't jump too early!

Using a Dodge will give you Superspeed for one second due to the trait . Use this burst of speed to deal with mechanics if you don't have access to .

removes one condition and can be used to remove Poison.

Breakbar Phase

All Condition Mirages have access to and .

Opening Rotation

  1. Weapon Swap

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200

General Mirage Tips

Use your first shatters after swapping to Pistol and after using .

Use , , or just Dodge to avoid the circles.

can be used to avoid .

Stack as close as possible to Cairn to avoid getting hit by .

If you are forced to go to a circle then you can use to get back to Cairn quickly.

If you get do not use or as it will teleport you into your team. Try to stay close enough to his hitbox so you can still auto attack but also out of range of your allies. Make sure you are still close enough to avoid .

You can use while using Celestial Dash, the special action key, to cancel out the movement. This is useful during the challenge mote as you can cancel the unwanted movement.

Opening Rotation

  1. Weapon Swap

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160

General Mirage Tips

Make sure to stand inside the hitbox when Jade Scouts get nearby so all your hit.

Pretty much a DPS Golem, so try to do a good rotation.

Opening Rotation

  1. Weapon Swap

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000

Pay attention to your Clone amount as they can die from mechanics and you will need to respawn them ASAP.

You can over Walls or if the boss is behind one then you can to it.

If close to a red AoE, left after by a Tormented Dead, then don’t yolo with your as losing all boons can hurt your DPS a lot. On the other hand you can yolo through the Spinning Scythes quite happily because you can evade them mid cast or out of them mid cast.

Don't use if there is a Tormented Dead near as you might Stun it. This will cause your Heal Druid problems as they try to push it away.

Don't use just before or during and as Confusion doesn't trigger during these mechanics.

Breakbar Phase

All Condition Mirages have access to and .

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400

General Mirage Tips

Pay attention to when you use as it can port you in front of Dhuum or even into a .

Don't use while Dhuum has Retaliation or else your clones will die within seconds.

Use to cleanse the Torment from after the . You can also use this to jump to your soul. Using at the correct time will completely negate the Knockback from the .

You can Dodge to get Superspeed when you are subject to or . Dodging will give you Superspeed due to , a trait in the Mirage Trait Line. You can also use , if you have it. You can then jump back into Dhuum using .

Don't use when Dhuum has started using . You might get caught in the skill and get trapped inside his hitbox. The same applies when Dhuum is using and .

Your clones can get Feared by the fissures on the ground, so Dodge for them.

The Final 10% Phase

You can use to jump to the seals.

Dhuum is in a constant state of attacking. This means that you can use to "interrupt" him and trigger .

Opening Rotation

  1. Weapon Swap

Mythwright Gambit

Twin Largos

General Mirage Tips

You can use to Evade all attacks that Nikare and Kenut use.

Nikare's and Kenut's attacks happen every ~22 seconds and ~25 seconds respectively. Keep that in mind when using your big Confusion generating skills.

Use and whenever a Breakbar appears.

Nikare Tips

Save your first for when Nikare uses its dash attack.

Always save one Dodge for .

into Nikare after the third .

If the tank is on the edge of the platform you will need to stand back a bit when using so you don't fall off.

If you get hit by you can Dodge for Superspeed, use , to the end of the platform and drop it. Then use to get back in.

If you get hit by and Nikare uses , Dodge just as he is about to come through you. This will probably one shot you if you don't evade it.

Kenut Tips

Watch out when you are using and when the tornados are close.

Always Dodge because the Knockback will really hurt your DPS.

back to Kenut after .

Opening Rotation


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