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General Gameplay Tips

General Tips

Condition Reaper struggles with Life Force generation so cleaving adds becomes key in keeping your up on more damage intensive encounters. Try to position yourself so , , and hit multiple targets for maximum generation.

has a three second cooldown so spacing out your skills that give Blind is essential for the maximum Bleeding output. Try to use at the very last moment before entering to ensure an extra trigger of .

Try to activate as soon as you enter to mitigate incoming damage and keep your Life Force high for the 10% bonus from . With proper Quickness up time you should still be able to activate in time.

Try to use your slightly to the side of a boss. This will ensure that when you use you will be whirling in the ice field left behind by and not another combo field.

is also a whirl finisher and should be used inside the ice field left by . Don't forget to use twice when the boss is below 50% health.

Reaper Specific Mechanics

Life Force

Life Force is a second health pool that you can dip into when you want to gain access to your .

You gain Life Force through the death of enemies or allies that surround you. You can also gain Life Force through a selection of different skills:

Your biggest sources of Life Force are: and .

Your Life Force ticks down by 5% for every second that you are in . When you are in and take damage, that damage will remove your Life Force. The damage you take in is, however, reduced by 50%.

You have two traits that help you with Life Force generation and size:

  • increases the amount of Life Force you gain from skills by 10%.
  • increases your maximum Life Force pool by 15%. This means that your Life Force total pool will be ~79% of your total health.

You need all the help you can get when generating Life Force. Boss auras, that tick every three seconds on almost all encounters, will quickly chip away at your Life Force when you enter . You need to get that Life Force back up as high as possible before you next enter .

Life Force issues are reduced on encounters with adds or split phases. These breaks or adds will help you top up your Life Force to ensure that you are always above 50% whenever you are in . You always want to be above 50% due to the trait .

Reaper Shroud

gives you access to five additional skills. When you enter your Life Force will decrease by 5% per second. This means that you will only have a limited time in before you need to exit to recuperate your Life Force.

A high amount of your DPS comes from the interaction between . This is because of the whirl finisher that applies Chill. Applying Chill causes damage over time due to the trait .

Let's take a look at your skills and see what they do:

  • is your auto attack chain while in . Your final attack, , will give you some additional Life Force.
  • is a strong movement skill that destroys projectiles and gives Blind to nearby enemies. Use this skill for mobility when moving during split phases.
  • . grants you reduce incoming damage by 20% and grants you Stability for six seconds. causes a one second Fear which also applies Chill due to .
  • is one of your heavy hitting skills. It does direct damage, applies Poison and is a whirl finisher. Make sure to use this skill inside of a boss so you know all the projectiles from your whirl finisher actually hit.
  • is a CC skill that also leaves behind an ice field that applies Chill.

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

is your highest DPS heal skill. It will constantly tick healing to you and can be sacrificed for a bigger heal.

is taken to help provide you with Life Force through . This will be the first utility that you replace if you require something different.

is taken for the flat damage and additional conditions. This can also be swapping out freely if you require something different.

applies four stacks of Bleeding to your target, two stacks of Bleeding to you and two stacks of Torment to you. These self-conditions can be instantly transferred to your target by using .

provides a large amount of pulsing conditions. It also applies Bleeding and Poison to you. This will also sync up with your meaning that you can transfer these conditions with .

Utility Skill Variations

If you need to take a different utility skill from the standard setup will be the best minion to replace. If you struggle for Life Force generation though dropping will be the better option.

is another viable heal skill choice if you are starved for Life Force.

can be taken if you find you need additional on demand boon removal. The best way to use this skill in your rotation when the boon removal is not needed is .

is a strong choice if you need additional mob cleave. You will not have access to this skill during the part of your rotation and the self inflicted Weakness could potentially interfere with the condition transfer parts of your rotation so be wary. The best time to use this skill is the start of the Scepter part of your rotation.

can be taken at a moderate DPS loss in exchange for a large amount of CC depending on hitbox size.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Curses Trait Line

causes your critical hits to give Bleeding and that your Bleeding has a 20% longer duration.

will cause your Blind to apply Chill which in turn will do damage due to . Check the section below on "Boons & Conditions" to see which skills apply Blind. This trait has a three second cooldown.

gives you + 180 Precision which will help push you towards 100% Critical Chance.

reduces the cooldown on your and . It also causes your Corruption skills to give you conditions which can then be transferred via .

gives you a massive 20% Critical Chance, if you assume an average of 10 conditions. It also converts a percentage of your Precision into Condition Damage.

is a game changer. This trait changes your Scepter Skill #3 into . It also causes you to have increased Condition Damage while on your Scepter set. Finally, any conditions that are applied by your Scepter skills have 50% more Condition Duration. provides more Life Force than if there are multiple enemies around.

Traits in the Soul Reaping Trait Line

increases the amount of Life Force you get from skills by 10%. This is an amazing trait that will help you to survive the boss auras that tick away at your Life Force.

causes your skills to have a lower cooldown. This means that you can enter more frequently to get off your burst from .

increases your Life Force to ~79% of your health pool. Again, this will help you maintain high Life Force. This trait is also the reason for wanting to maintain a good amount of Life Force. It increases your damage by 10% while about 50% Life Force.

causes you to give Burning whenever you hit with .

Traits in the Reaper Trait Line

makes your critical hits against Chilled enemies cause an explosion that applies more Chill to surrounding enemies. This will, in turn, cause Bleeding due to the trait . This trait has an eight second cooldown.

causes your Fear to also inflict Chill. This is the reason for using . Again, any Chill that is applied also applies Bleeding due to .

allows you to maintain better Life Force. This trait will give you 1% Life Force whenever you strike a Chilled enemy. This trait has a one second cooldown.

causes your Chill to last 20% longer and causes you to inflict 10% more damage to Chilled enemies.

has already been references about 100000 times so far. Just to clarify in case you missed it, this trait causes any Chill you apply to also inflict two stacks of Bleeding. Check out the section below on "Boons & Conditions" to see your sources of Chill.

Trait Variations

If you do not have then you will want to take . This will help your cap out your Critical Chance.

Boons & Conditions

You provide permanent Bleeding through , , , , , , , and .

You provide permanent Burning from and .

You provide permanent Poison from , , and .

You provide permanent Torment from , and .

You provide permanent Chill from , , , , and . You can provide additional Chill from .

You have roughly 70% Cripple uptime through , , and .

You give roughly 50% Blind uptime through , , and . You can also provide Blind through .

You have roughly 50% Weakness uptime through , and .

You can provide 10 - 12 stacks of Vulnerability through and . You can also give Vulnerability through .

You provide minor amounts of Fear through .

You can give tiny amounts of Immobilize with .

You can provide Might to your subgroup through .

You can gain personal Might from and . You will only gain Might once from until you Weapon Swap, get out of combat, or enter/leave .

You can gain personal Stability and 20% damage reduction from .

You can gain personal Protection from .

You gain personal Fury when entering due to .


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