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General Gameplay Tips

General Tips

Keep an eye on your Chill uptime. While it is usually safe to assume it will be permanent, if you notice it dropping do not be afraid to use . Chill uptime can especially be more spotty sub 50% when you are not going to be using Greatsword autos.

When entering your current health amount is used for calculating bonuses. If you enter below 90% health you will not benefit from the extra 10% damage modifier. Try to avoid taking excess damage or try to heal up before entering .

Feel free to use as soon you enter Shroud for the damage reduction.

Cleaving adds is extremely beneficial for Life Force generation. , , and all your other Life Force generating skills all scale off the amount of targets hit.

has a huge aftercast that can be canceled near instantly by either swapping weapons or entering .

Don't be selfish when it comes to which subgroup you are put in. You don't need at all so try to let other classes fill the Druid subgroup.

Reaper Specific Mechanics

Life Force

Life Force is a second health pool that you can dip into when you want to gain access to your .

You gain Life Force through the death of enemies or allies that surround you. You can also gain Life Force through a selection of different skills:

Your biggest sources of Life Force are: , , , and .

Your Life Force ticks down by 5% for every second that you are in . When you are in and take damage, that damage will remove your Life Force. The damage you take in is, however, reduced by 50%.

You have two traits that help you with Life Force generation and size:

  • increases the amount of Life Force you gain from skills by 10%.
  • increases your maximum Life Force pool by 20%.

You need all the help you can get when generating Life Force. Boss auras, that tick every three seconds on almost all encounters, will quickly chip away at your Life Force when you enter . You need to get that Life Force back up as high as possible before you next enter .

Life Force issues are reduced on encounters with adds or split phases. These breaks or adds will help you top up your Life Force.

Reaper Shroud

gives you access to five additional skills. When you enter your Life Force will decrease by 5% per second. This means that you will only have a limited time in before you need to exit to recuperate your Life Force.

The majority of your burst comes from due to the traits and .

You will want to time your big ticking skills to make sure that they are used under the effects of and . This is why the rotation places down , and just before entering .

Let's take a look at your skills and see what they do:

  • is your auto attack chain while in . Your final attack, , will give you Life Force and reduce the cooldown of your other abilities by one second. It reduces their cooldown due to the trait .
  • is a strong movement skill that destroys projectiles and gives Blind to nearby enemies. Use this skill for mobility when moving during split phases.
  • . grants you reduce incoming damage by 20% and grants you Stability for six seconds. causes a one second Fear.
  • is one of your heavy hitting skills. It does direct damage, applies Poison and is a whirl finisher. Make sure to use this skill inside of a boss so you know all the projectiles from your whirl finisher actually hit.
  • is a CC skill that also leaves behind an ice field that applies Chill.

Utility Skills & Variations

Utility Skills

is your highest DPS heal skill. It will constantly tick healing to you and can be sacrificed for a bigger heal.

is taken to help provide you with Life Force through . This will be the first utility that you replace if you require something different. This will come at a ~400 DPS loss and will also lose a source of Life Force generation and Chill.

is one of your highest DPS skills and should always be used just before you go into . It has a hefty aftercast that can be avoided by entering . Use inside for leeching bolts.

is a flat damage utility that gives you + 180 Power. Never use the active form of this utility as it will result in a huge DPS loss.

provides constant, low damage and can also be used for CC through .

Utility Skill Variations

is a viable heal skill choice if you feel that condition cleanse will be needed.

is another viable heal skill choice if you are starved for Life Force.

is great for bursts if you use it before in your rotation. Only use this for very short, burst fights as the cooldown will not line up for the second cast of .

can be taken if you feel the need for an emergency button.

adds a substantial amount of burst to your rotation, assuming you can precast before the encounter begins. The most practical use for this is on Keep Construct, but if you have to delay your opener or the fight lasts longer than ~70 seconds then it is not worth it.

is a great AoE CC that can be used on non-boss encounters such as Trio, Escort or River.

Traits & Variations

Traits in the Spite Trait Line

is a flat damage modifier against boonless foes. Enemies will be boonless 99% of the time in raids so this is an easy modifier to maintain.

causes you to gain + 40 stat points of Power per stack of Might instead of + 30 stat points. It also reduces your stat point gain of Condition Damage from 30 to 20.

causes your damage to be back loaded. This trait will increase your damage by 20% when the enemy has less than 50% health. This creates a nice synergy between and .

Traits in the Soul Reaping Trait Line

is amazing. This trait improves your Life Force gain from all sources by 10%.

causes you to do 10% more damage for 10 seconds when you enter or leave .

is the reason why your is so strong, along with . This is the reason why you want your ticking AoEs to be down when you enter . The Critical Chance element to this trait is somewhat useless as you will always be capped due to .

Traits in the Reaper Trait Line

causes you to gain 2% Critical Chance per stack of Vulnerability. This means that you should have 50% Critical Chance, assuming that Vulnerability is capped out.

is the reason why you want to have permanent Chill and why you should use if you see no Chill. This trait gives you 10% more damage against Chilled enemies.

is the second modifier that causes your to be strong. This trait, along with , cause you to gain a massive + 600 Ferocity while in .

Gear Variations

Armor Variations

Due to you can slot in Valkyrie gear for practically no DPS loss. Be warned, though: if you stack too much it could become an issue to heal yourself through % based mechanics. Use with caution.

Offhand Weapon Variations

Offhand Focus can be taken at a small DPS loss if additional boon corrupt is needed. Use instead of in your rotation.

Boons & Conditions

You can provide ~ 20 - 22 stacks of Vulnerability through , , and . You can provide Vulnerability through .

You provide almost permanent Poison with .

You provide roughly 50% Chill uptime with , , and . You can also provide Chill through and .

You provide roughly 40% Cripple uptime with , and . You can also give Cripple with .

You provide roughly 25% Blind uptime with and . You can also give Blind with .

You can provide roughly 15% Weakness uptime from .

You can provide a minor amount of Fear with .

provides a large spread of conditions with few stacks, however you should never use the active.

You can gain personal Might from , and .

You can gain personal Stability and 20% damage reduction from .

You can gain personal Swiftness from .

You can gain personal Quickness whenever you use due to . This trait will pulse three seconds of Quickness every three seconds.


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