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General Gameplay Tips

Introduction to Scourge
Introduction to Life Force

Life Force is used to spawn your and it is used for any of the shade skills.

You gain Life Force through the death of enemies or allies that surround you. You can also gain Life Force through a selection of different skills:

Your biggest sources of Life Force are: and .

Your Life Force reduces for every sand shade skill that you use.

You have three traits that help you with Life Force generation and size:

  • increases the amount of Life Force you gain from skills by 10%.
  • increases your maximum Life Force pool by 20%.
  • will grant you 3% Life Force per second to a maximum of 66%.

Life Force issues are reduced on encounters with adds or split phases. These breaks or adds will help you top up your Life Force.


Minions are specific to the Necromancer class and can have a few uses in the Heal Scourge build.

Minions have high base health and will not easily die, unless specifically targeted by an enemy.

Once a minion is summoned, you will gain access to a secondary skill. This skill will vary depending on which minion was summoned.

You will encounter two minions with the Heal Scourge builds:

  • is a utility skill that deals physical damage. The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill will grant you 11% Life Force and will not destroy your minion.
  • is an elite skill that deals fairly high physical damage and inflicts Cripple. The secondary skill for this minion is . This skill deals 232 Breakbar damage.

Shade Skills

grants you a large, single Sand Shade due to the trait . Your lasts 20 seconds and will give you a bonus 15% Condition Duration and 15% Boon Duration. Using will trigger .

will convert a single condition on allies into a boon.

will grant Barrier to allies that are close to any shades.

will give Fear to enemies around your shades. It will also Pull in Downed allies. Check the section below called "" for more information.

will give you Barrier and pulse Torment around your shades for seven pulses.

Garish Pillar

This skill should be used off Cooldown. Never save this skill just for pulling in Downed allies.

You can have ~90% uptime on this skill which, surely, is proof that you never need to delay it as the uptime is almsot permanent

It is your main source of healing and will constantly tick. Having this skill permanently on Cooldown will help to buffer against lots of the passive tick damage in raids.

You do need to be careful that you don't pull Downed allies into stupid locations. This relies on you always having good positioning!


Barrier can be considered as a second health bar. The Barrier that you produce will be displayed as a yellow number above your health value. Regardless of how much Barrier you apply, it will dissipate after five seconds. Barrier is also capped at 50% of the recipients health.

This build is made around giving Barrier to your allies. Here are your sources of Barrier:

Use these skills when you know an attack is coming that your subgroup might not be able to avoid. is on a 6.4 second Cooldown, assuming Alacrity, so you can use it pretty much off Cooldown.

and are your "big" Barriers. Try not to waste them on something insignificant. covers your squad and covers your subgroup.


You can provide a small amount of Might with this build. Always make sure you have your up as well to grant you the additional + 225 Concentration. You gain this extra Concentration due to .

Your Might comes from three sources:

Whenever you give Barrier you will also give Might thanks to , a trait in the Scourge Trait Line. In addition to granting Might, this trait will also remove a condition whenever Barrier is given. See the section above about Barrier to see its sources.

General Scourge Tips

Important: This build does not produce any boons apart from Might and some Regeneration. Make sure you have another support class in your subgroup that can produce Fury and / or Protection. You also offer no offensive buffs.

You lack direct heals when playing Heal Scourge, in fact the only source of direct healing you have is . This heals due to the trait which you can find in the Blood Magic trait line. This skill will also teleport Downed players to you when used. You also have a small amount of healing from . This will heal your subgroup and revive Downed players by 10% when you exit .

Finally, you have . This trait will cause you to cast when you revive a fallen ally and it will speed up revival and heal nearby allies.

Obviously, you do have a small amount of healing coming from the sixth bonus of . This will trigger whenever you use .

Utility Skills & Variations
Utility Skills

is pretty vital to this build so you should always keep this skill. If for some reason you need more direct healing, you can run instead.

should be run if you can use it to cleave down mobs. This will hit pretty hard when you are running a hybrid build.

grants you Life Force and provides your allies with Might. It will also convert boons on foes into conditions. This utility will be the first one that you drop when you need something different.

is an irreplaceable utility skill. This can be used to resurrect a squad member, at range, assuming you don't have access to . Using will also trigger ! It also helps you maintain high levels of Life Force which lets you spam your shade skills more!

is a great elite that offers you passive DPS and Breakbar damage on demand.

Utility Skill Variations

will help you to maintain a high level of Life Force which, in turn, will let you spam your shade skills.

can be used as a Pull for add control and for some CC. This can really come in useful at Sabetha, Slothasor and Xera.

can help out during events or at any encounter which requires good mobility.

or can be used if boon strip is required.

can come in useful at encounters with large amounts of conditions.

Traits & Variations
Traits in the Blood Magic Trait Line

causes you to cast a when you revive a Downed ally. This will pulse five times and revive the Downed squad member by 7% per pulse.

will cause you to heal your subgroup when you exit .

causes Downed allies to not lose health when you are near. It also causes you to gain more Healing Power as your health decreases.

causes your to pulse heal your subgroup and teleport Downed players to you. You can have a 90% uptime on this trait so you should use off Cooldown.

Traits in the Soul Reaping Trait Line

is amazing. This trait improves your Life Force gain from all sources by 10%.

causes your sand shade skills to have a lower Cooldown. This will allow you to spam them more freely.

increases your Vitality which will increase your Life Force pool.

increases your Life Force by 20%. This will help you spam your shade skills more.

will grant you 3% Life Force per second up to a maximum of 66% Life Force.

Traits in the Scourge Trait Line

causes your skills that grant Barrier to remove a single condition and grant Might. This means that your , and will be affected by this trait.

causes your to provide Barrier to your subgroup.

allows you to summon one, large sand shade which affects your entire subgroup. It also has a 33% reduced Recharge.

Trait Line Variations

Swap out Soul Reaping for Curses if you need a lower Cooldown on :

Swap out Soul Reaping for Death Magic when at Deimos if you are hand kiting or black kiting:


Spirit Vale

Vale Guardian 22,021,440 687 140 2,000 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use off Cooldown to help heal up your squad against the constant damage they receive.

You can use every other and every time. Using these two skills correctly will take massive pressure off your squad.

will only affect your subgroup, but will provide Barrier to your entire squad.

If somebody in your squad gets teleported by , you can always place a on them as they run back to the group to provide a bit of Barrier.

You can use on Vale Guardian to slow down the Seekers. You will most likely transfer some Chill and Cripple, but there is a chance that you could transfer Immobilize as well.

Use to help quickly CC the Vale Guardian. You can also use and to help out as well.

Split Phase

If you are confident that the other healer for your squad is capable of solo healing the Blue Guardian and the Green Guardian, then you can go to the Red Guardian.

You have a fair amount of Condition Damage through , and .

Help out with CC'ing the Red Guardian by using . If you still need to CC more, you can use and .

Gorseval the Multifarious 21,628,200 1,374 250 4,500 420

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

You can spam your Barrier, with and , to prevent your subgroup and squad from taking damage during .

Use to cleanse any Vulnerability that your squad receives during .

Once has finished, Gorseval will spawn some adds. Use to quickly kill them because they can Knockback your squad members.

During the second and third phase you can use to clear the orbs.

Split Phase

You can slow the Charged Souls by placing on them to give Cripple. You also have a very short Immobilize through .

When you get the third and final Charged Souls, you can use to bounce some conditions between them.

The Charged Souls pulse Weakness around them but you can use to cleanse it.

Breakbar Phase

You can use , , and for each Breakbar.

Sabetha the Saboteur 34,015,256 1,374 48 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

If you decide to play Heal Scourge at Sabetha you will definitely need to be kiting. You will never need the extra Life Force from Dagger as there are constantly adds dying.

Place a on Sabetha so your squad can receive Barrier from and you can provide some damage with and .

You can help top up Might, in between each , by using when you are in the stack.

You can use to clean up the adds that spawn every thirty seconds. Make sure you wait until a Sapper bomb has spawned before you use .

You can use to bounce conditions between the Champions that spawn and Sabetha. Each champion should have a decent amount of conditions by the time Sabetha returns.

You can use and to help CC Knuckles.

Use to kill the turrets that Karde spawns.

Salvation Pass

Slothasor 18,973,828 1,374 360 4,000 420

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Spam to remove Poison from squad members. You can also use to cleanse the Burning off people who face tank .

Your should always be on Cooldown to help heal up your squad from the ticking damage they receive when standing on the poisoned ground.

Use to clear the Slublings. Make sure you don't have any squad members transformed when you use , or you will disgrace the Heal Scourge name.

Conditions are cleansed completely from Slothasor as it goes into each Breakbar Phase; so make sure you wait a little bit before using , to allow conditions to accumulate.

If you're in a power based team composition and don't have enough conditions for to be worthwhile, you can drop it and take instead. This can be used to clease conditions and, more importantly, cleanse the Fear after each Breakbar Phase.

Use and when Slothasor uses . This might save people if they fail to Dodge the AoEs.

Spam as much Barrier as possible and when you see Slothasor use . People will get hit by it and this can help mitigate some of the pressure.

Breakbar Phase

You can provide a lot of CC with , , and .

Make sure you don't Pull in any friendly Slublings when you use .

Use to cleanse the Fear after the Breakbar Phase.

Bandit Trio

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Spam and win at life.

Use to Pull in adds.

You can CC the saboteurs with , and .

can be used while you are Feared to cleanse it.

Save your and to help mitigate some damage from while fighting Zane.

Spam as much Barrier as possible during the fight against Narella to help mitigate the damage from and .

Matthias Gabrel 25,953,840 1,374 140 2,500 540

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Save your for when Matthias uses . This will help keep people alive when they "forget" to Dodge.

Use during to mitigate some damage.

Spam as much as possible to cleanse the Burning and Chill.

Use to Pull people if they get Downed inside AoEs. You want to be using off Cooldown as there is a lot of constant damage during this encounter.

Breakbar Phase

All of your Breakbar skills will be off Cooldown for each sacrifice. Make sure you use them all!

You can use , , and every time.

Stronghold of the Faithful

Keep Construct 55,053,600 687 200 3,500 600

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use as the adds walk towards Keep Construct. This will help to cleave them down quickly.

Use and when Keep Construct uses . This can mitigate some damage if they don't have Aegis.

Use before the burn phase to top up on Might. It will probably get low as the Druid will most likely be pushing the orb.

After the burn phase, Keep Construct will use . Make sure to spam as much Barrier as possible with and to mitigate the damage for people who get hit by this mechanic.

If you see that people are not moving out when they are subject to , you can also spam some Barrier to help prevent too much damage when the circles explode.

Breakbar Phase

You can use , , and for each Breakbar.

Xera 22,611,300 1,374 48 2,000 660

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use to help cleave down adds. This can also be used to clear shards.

Spam as much as possible to cleanse the conditions off your subgroup.

You can use to help Pull in adds and then or to CC them.

If you see that Xera will be standing in shard AoE, then you should spam as much Barrier as possible with and .

Breakbar Phase

All of your Breakbar skills will be off Cooldown for each Breakbar. Make sure you use them all!

You can use , , and every time.

Bastion of the Penitent

Cairn the Indomitable 19,999,998 1,374 200 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

As you will most likely be kiting a at some point you should consider taking Staff - Scepter / Torch. This will allow you to keep up DPS when at range and maintain Life Force with and .

Use as soon as you land. This will destroy the projectiles from and allow your squad to safely get inside the Green.

Use to provide Stability to help mitigate some of the Knockbacks from .

After the first time you use , you can use it to make your life easier when kiting . If you notice that a squad member is getting smashed to pieces by , then you can cast it on them.

While you are kiting, make sure that you still have a on the main group. This will allow you to spam Barrier from range with .

If you are forced to share a Green with someone else whilst you have , then you should spam some Barrier with and .

Mursaat Overseer 22,021,440 1,374 160 460

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use immediately at the start of the encounter to build up Might quickly.

Use your to cleave down the Jade Scouts as they move past Mursaat Overseer.

If you see that Jade Knights will soon come in then you should save your . Use it just as they approach and then spam some Barrier with and .

Cleanse the Slow on your subgroup by using after the Jade Knights have died.

You can spam Barrier if you need to tank a tile that hasn't yet been Claimed.

Samarog 29,493,000 1,374 420 4,500 660

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

You can swap out for if you see that your squad likes to get knocked around. is only taken to clear the spears during the second and third phase.

Use and whenever you see Samarog use and . This will help mitigate some damage if anyone gets hit.

If people get Downed in the spears, on the outside of the arena, you can Pull them out with if you are fast enough.

Take care when using during the split phase as you might Fear Rigom in the wrong direction. Having said that, you can use to keep Rigom underneath Samarog if he starts to move away.

Breakbar Phase

Most of your Breakbar skills will be off Cooldown for each .

You can use , and for each Breakbar. You will probably only be able to use every other Breakbar.

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140 720

General Scourge Guide
Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

You can use to apply Cripple to the Prides and Greeds during the pre-event to slow them down.

Use and before each to top up your squad with Barrier. This will prevent people from going down if they "forget" to Dodge.

When Prides and Greeds begin to spawn, after 40%, you can use to help slow them and cleave them down.

Split Phase

Cycle between , , and to CC all of the Sauls during each split phase.

You can break all of them during each split phase and you should prioritize doing this.

When you get back from each split phase you can use from Deimos to Saul. Wait a little bit to allow conditions to accumulate before doing so.

Hand Kiting Scourge Guide
Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
Hand Kiting Scourge Tips

You can happily Hand Kite with the same gear as Heal Scourge. You don't need any Toughness as you can just spam Barrier instead.

You will need to change a few things in your build for this to work:

Make sure you keep up and at all times to ensure that you have constant healing.

Using , and will allow you to give yourself enough Barrier to stack five hands.

Keep using and to make sure you have enough Life Force to do so. You need 25% Life Force, minimum, for to function.

will save you from each . It will leave you on low health so make sure you can use after each .

Use off Cooldown to keep up Protection on yourself.

Hall of Chains

Soulless Horror 35,391,600 1,374 160 3,000 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use at the beginning of the encounter to kill off the Wurms that surround the arena. Depending on your DPS, you might be able to get off twice before you need to save it for the Tormented Dead.

Spam to keep conditions cleansed. There are a lot of sources of conditions at this encounter, so make sure that is used off cooldown.

Save for and for and .

You can use to kill the Tormented Dead. If you see it coming back in, you can use or followed by to apply Fear.

To help keep up with the Tormented Dead, you will need to swap out Soul Reaping for Curses. Your traits will look like this:

This will reduce the Cooldown of your due to .

Breakbar Phase

All of your Breakbar skills will be off Cooldown for each Breakbar. Make sure you use them all!

You can use , and every time.

Take care when using if there is a Tormented Dead nearby.

Dhuum 32,000,000 1,374 400 600

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

If you play Heal Scourge on Dhuum you should be kiting the Messengers. You can easily spam Barrier on yourself to mitigate any incoming damage and easily aggro them with . This means you should run Staff - Dagger / Torch on this encounter.

You can use on the Enforcers to give them Cripple. This will help to slow them down as they approach the Reapers.

Use to get to your Greens quickly and easily. You can also use to move out if you have mechanics.

Spam your Barrier before each to mitigate some of the unavoidable damage. Follow up with to cleanse the Torment.

You can remove all the boons from Dhuum with after each .

During the final 10% phase you can stack up some Barrier on your squad with before they run out to the seals. You can use to get to and from the seal quickly.

Mythwright Gambit

Conjured Amalgamate 52,290,000 1,374 1,670 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Save and for . This will help mitigate some damage if your subgroup and squad don't Dodge.

Use to help pull in Swords.

Use to help melt the Breakbars on the Shields. Delay your a little bit in order to allow more Shields to spawn.

Individual Shields can be broken with and / or if it is back off Cooldown.

During the burst phase you should keep up as much Barrier as possible on your group. This is because your squad will undoubtedly take damage from the purple orbs.

Twin Largos 17,548,336 1,374 120

Heal Scourge is not really viable at Twin Largos due to the lack of Might output. Check out our Team Composition Page to see what we recommend.

Qadim 19,268,760 1,374 240 780

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

You can use to Pull away a Greater Lava Elemental. If you are Pulling all three Greater Lava Elementals together, you can save for the Breakbar Phase.

Use to cleave down the Lava Elementals.

Save for when Qadim uses .

You can use , , and for each Breakbar.

Main Squad Tips

Save , , and for each Breakbar. You will probably only be able to use two or three of them per Breakbar at the Hydra and Destroyer as it is very fast. You should be able to use all your Breakbar skills at the Patriarch.

When the Breakbar comes up on the Hydra, use just in case the Breakbar fails. This will help prevent a few deaths.

Take care when using if you need to ressurect the tank as this will cause the creature to turn towards your group.

Use at the Destroyer to help kill the adds quickly.

Helping the Kiter

Stand as close as you can to Qadim. This will ensure that he is aggro'd on you and not on the kiter.

Keep spamming Barrier on yourself to avoid taking too much damage.

You can always take one of the three corners and kill a Lava Elemental. Just keep a there and auto attack to kill it.

The Key of Ahdashim

Cardinal Sabir 29,493,000 1,374 240 15,000 540

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Use to destroy the projectiles that Immobilize you during the final phase.

Be careful when using to avoid moving Downed players into sticky situations. Make sure you always pull them to the opposite side of the Tornado of Death.

Spam Barrier as much as possible during the final phase. If someone goes Down during this phase, it often means that they will die.

Spam as much as possible to help cleanse conditions that the adds give.

Cardinal Adina 22,611,300 1,374 160 480

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

Save and for the split phases. These can be used to mitigate the Knockback from the Hands.

Try to spam as much Barrier as possible during the split phases to mitigate the damage from Curse of Erosion.

If someone goes Down and falls down into the sand, you can use to Pull them back up again!

Qadim the Peerless 47,188,800 1,374 400 720

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Scourge Tips

You will need boon strip in the final phase, so the easiest way to do this is to run Scepter and use .

Your can Pull people out of the Pylon without breaking the tether while resurrecting.

Help CC the pylons in each phase with , and .

If people in your squad are dying due to the Knockback at the start of each phase, you can drop for . This can then be used to grant your squad Stability.

Use off Cooldown in the later fight to remove Boons consistently.

You can help break the Anomalies when they are in the fire fields:

  • and with .
  • can solo break it.
  • and .