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Bastion of the Penitent

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140 720

Utility Skills
Weapon Sets
General Soulbeast Tips

Important - Always check your Toughness! You have 1380 Toughness with this build!

The recommend gear for this provides you with no Toughness, the only Toughness you will recieve is from going into with your Black Bear and from . You will receive + 200 Toughness and + 100 Vitality due to the Stout archetype. You will also get another + 180 Toughness from . You can use either Black Bear or Blue Moa as they both have the same functionality.

If you feel like you can't survive with 1380 Toughness then you can always trade in some Minstrel pieces instead of Harrier trinkets.

Your main sources of direct damage reduction come from the interaction of Regeneration and Protection with a few traits.

This means that you should be using off Cooldown to maintain both these boons. You can also increase the amount of boons you have by using right after .

How to Deal with the Hands

You can happily stack five hands with this build. In order to do so you will need to make sure that you have both Regeneration and Protection.

Use Defy Pain, when merged with your Black Bear, to prevent taking too much damage.

How to Deal with Mind Crush

To deal with the one-shot mechanic from , you will need to use your F3 skill - . This will provide you with a four second invulnerability frame. will be up for every single .

is your fallback and will let you survive even if you forget to use . This trait, in the Soulbeast Trait Line, will cause you to instead of getting Downed. This trait has a 60 second Cooldown and so will not be up for every but it is a nice backup if you mess up.