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General Gameplay Tips

General Herald Tips

Important: This build gives Regeneration, Fury, Might Swiftness and Protection to your entire squad. It does not, however, produce 25 stacks of Might. This will need to be covered by other support classes. You do offer as an offensive buff to your subgroup.

Boon Herald now can share boons to your entire squad due to the traits and . You can find these traits in the Herald Trait Line.

will give your subgroup Superspeed for five seconds. Use this when Protection uptime is not as important as speed. It's important to note that will not be back off Cooldown when you swap back to after going to , assuming you swap off Cooldown.

Herald Specific Mechanics

Aside from your utilities and weapon skills giving boons, your traits also give boons. will give Might to your entire squad whenever you apply a boon to an ally. has a one second internal Cooldown.

Your Facets will now be spread across your entire squad due to and the passives will continue to tick after consumed. This means you can use your Facets, swap to and still have them tick for six seconds.

In order to benefit the most from , you will want to use the active of , and just before you swap back to . They will all be off Cooldown before you get back to . will not be off Cooldown if you use the active form.

You should always have activated. Make sure that you don't run out of energy, as this will cause it to go on Cooldown.

  • Your in will increase the duration of boons applied to your squad. Due to the trait , boons will last for an additional three seconds.
  • Your in will causes your entire squad to life steal with their attacks. This comes with a 0.5 second internal Cooldown.

Useful Things You Should Be Aware Of

List of Stun Break skills:

Don't forget that you have an extra Stun Break on Legend swap while playing Invocation from .

Movement Skills:

Utility Skills


provides Regeneration for your squad. will convert all incoming damage to self-healing.

provides Fury for your squad. is a Stun Break, Reveals enemies, Blinds enemies and provides 10 stacks of Vulnerability.

provides Swiftness for your squad. is a Ground-Targeted AoE skill that deals decent damage over three pulses. The first pulse causes Weakness, the second Chill and the third Burning.

provides Might for your squad. deals moderate damage and provides you with a 15% damage modifier for five seconds.

provides Protection for your squad. deals damage, provides Superspeed and deals 232 Breakbar damage.


, your heal skill, will allow you to siphon health from enemies that you hit. It is a fairly weak heal.

is a very useful movement skill that can be used to jump back to a boss after dealing with mechanics.

can be used to move away from a boss. This utility acts as a Dodge, replenishes endurance, grants Fury and acts as a Stun Break. It will also remove any movement-impairing conditions.

will cause you to strike enemies an additional time after you've hit them. This comes at a 0.25 second intervals. This utility will also grant you Superspeed.

is a 300 Breakbar damage elite skill which also applies Vulnerability.


Traits in the Invocation Trait Line

is a flat 7% modifier when your health is above 75%.

is a flat 7% modifier for both physical and condition damage when you are under the effects of Fury.

causes you to grant boons to your subgroup when you legend swap. This will help upkeep Protection for your subgroup when you swap to and Might when you swap to .

is a free Stun Break whenever you legend swap.

increases the effects of Fury from 20% to 40%. This is what allows you to reach 100% Critical Chance so easily.

Traits in the Devastation Trait Line

grants you access to a stacking modifier. This modifier will increase your damage by 3% per stack with up to three stacks maximum. You gain stacks by landing a critical hit or by hitting with a Sword skill. Each hit landed by a Sword skill will apply one stack, can get you all three stacks if you land all three projectiles.

causes you to deal 0.5% more damage per stack of Vulnerability.

grants your subgroup + 150 Ferocity.

will cause you to life steal when you strike a foe with Vulnerability.

is a flat 20% modifier when you strike a foe with less than 50% health.

Traits in the Herald Trait Line

causes to extend the duration of boons by an additional second. Incoming boons will be extended by a total of three seconds.

causes you to apply Might to your squad whenever you apply boons. This comes with a one second internal Cooldown.

grants you + 120 Concentration and causes you to deal 1% more damage per boon you have.

is what makes this build, it is the defining feature. It causes all of your Facets, including to affect your entire squad.


Take care when using as it will push you through the bosses hitbox. This might end up with an interesting result if you're at Xera...and on the edge of the platform...

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