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Bastion of the Penitent

Deimos 35,981,456 1,374 140 720

Revenant Legends
Weapon Sets
General Herald Tips

If you feel like you can't survive with 1000 Toughness then you can always trade in some Minstrel pieces instead of Magi trinkets.

Your main sources of direct damage reduction come from Protection, Vigor and .

  • Protection: You gain Protection from using and from
  • Vigor: You gain Vigor whenever you Dodge an attack due to the trait . You gain reduced incoming damage when you have Vigor due to .
  • : You have reduced incoming damage by 1.5% for each upkeep that you currently have. This will give you a nice source of damage reduction when you are in .

At the start of Deimos you can use two or three times to give out some Alacrity to your group.

How to Deal with the Hands

You can happily stack five hands with this build. In order to do so you will need to make sure that you have both Regeneration and Protection. Keep up Regeneration by always having active when you are on .

This means that you should be using as soon as you swap to and you can use for the additional Protection when you are on .

You can use for every other stack of hands. Use it just as the third hand stack arrives. With some Alacrity, you'll be able to use it on every stack of hands.

How to Deal with Mind Crush

To deal with the one-shot mechanic from , you will need to use or . Both of these skills last for three seconds so make sure you have your timing right!

After , if you were on and used , you can swap to and use to heal yourself up. If you were on and used , you can swap to and use to heal yourself up.

If you need additional self healing, use or .